What does a typical day look like for a ModCloth Buyer?

Depends on the day :) Today is a big appointment day so I literally just had 8 meetings back to back with some of our top vendors picking out product mainly for late 2012 and early 2013. It’s a tricky time of year to buy for because we want to make certain that our product assortment feels fresh and new and doesn’t resemble anything too holiday-specific.

-Samantha, ModCloth Buyer

Furiosa and her women then represent an alternative model to the Hero and to the enshrined ideal of the Individual—two literary and philosophical concepts that are gendered “male” as much as the genre of action film. It’s not just Furiosa’s gender that represents a challenge to this, but more importantly her collective mindset—in this story there will be no lone figure riding victorious into the sunset. Crucially, Furiosa’s character doesn’t just represent this challenge to the patriarchal order of The One to the idea of a collective, but her character causes others to change as well.

Furiosa’s collaborative survival tactics do change Max, and even a War Boy named Nux (Nicholas Hoult), who finds himself on the side of the women when he’s abandoned in their war rig after a battle. When both these uber-masculine men experience Furiosa’s “new” way, they fall into line as her allies. (When she finds the remaining Many Mothers, they express suspicion of the men; Furiosa assuages the Mothers by saying of Max and Nux: “They’re reliable.” She doesn’t need them, but she can work with them.) Neither man attempts to take the wheel from her as one might expect—in fact, they only ever get behind the wheel of the war rig with her permission—and offer what they can to her cause. In this way, Mad Max: Fury Road is never about altering one’s being in totality but is about a process of morphing. It’s never about Furiosa becoming “more male” or Max “softening” (other common action genre tropes) but a process of transformation and fusion. It’s not about a world that denies men or denies difference, but instead is a picture of a universe where collaboration, not individual rule, opens up new conceptions of what a hero looks like.

—  Holding Out for a Hero: Mad Max: Fury Road’s new action hero[ine] by Kiva Reardon in the newest issue of cléo journal is essential reading.

I finally found the perfect colorful dress for the wedding I am going to this weekend - it is so hard to find something summery but also in a dressier material. It is a Max & Cleo dress which was originally $148, down to $39.99 at Marshall’s, and I had a gift certificate, so I didn’t pay anything!

I am going to wear it with a short sleeve coral cardigan, gold jewelry and nude heels.

You can purchase it for $41 at Smart Bargains, click through to buy!

The Aqua Are the Chances? Dress is so perfect for warm evenings and summer soirees. I am always on the hunt for a great party dress and most certainly found one in this ruffled number! Add a flirty clutch with strappy wedges and this dress will have to twirling the night away.

<3 Kelly, ModStylist

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I have this much of my outfit decided on for @annagrace220’s wedding. And I am now totally stumped as to where to go from here as far as accessories. I am thinking about doing the no-heat curls with my hair and that’s about all I know. I already have a big bow on the dress, so no big dramatic necklace. I’d love some additional color, but what goes with the baby pink of the shoes?

readingcrayon  asked:

What are your favorite cat names? And what are the names of some of the cats you've had before? I have a cat her name is Oreo because she is black and white. - xoxo, Jen

Oh jeez. Well my Grandma had a Himalayan named Ding Dong. They had a little bell on their collar which tinked everywhere they went. I would never name my cat that but it somehow fit that adorable beast. 

Papi and Gaston are my first cats that I’ve had living on my own, but past family cat names have been Max, Gracie, Oliver, and Cleo.