Saquen Frente- Big Mato ft. Veneno, Max Agende, Nitro, Amperaje, Botello, Big Family, Guariboa, Chavito, and Lapiz Conciente.


“Ya No”

Max Agende Santos (born January 30, 1982 in the South BronxNew York City) was the bass player of the bachata group Aventura.

He began playing bass at age 12, after borrowing an instrument at school. He and his brother Lenny, now a fellow member of Aventura, often experimented together at home in duo, bass, and guitar. Lenny loves rock music and brings a touch of this genre to Aventura’s sound.

Santos also raps and is featured on the album Love & Hate on a track entitled “Don’t Waste My Time” and with Nina Sky on the God’s Project track “You’re Lying”. Max and Lenny are preparing a solo hip hop project for Max, and hope to arrange for its release later this year. He & his brother Lenny Santos have recently formed the bachata group D'Element. As D'Element, they have released one song called “You & Me”.


Big Mato Ft. Mozart La Para, La Materialista, Max Agende, Shellow Shaq - Caminos Reales (Remix)

perverted-laugh asked:

omg... so how should i talk about agender people "max was there,yes max is a good person,max you are funny,max didnt enjoy the food" or "they are funny,they took a photo with me,they said they want to be called they even they is standing next 2 me?

Well asking sarcastically like that def is the way to go.

Just because you use they/them as pronouns doesn’t mean proper sentence structure is thrown out the window. 

“Yeah, Max is pretty awesome! They’re super nice and neat. Yeah, they prefer to be called they/them, it’s what makes them comfortable! As a good friend I wanna respect their wishes!” 

“They’re pretty funny, we took some photos! Here look! Wasn’t that fun Max? Why don’t you tell my friends you want to be called they/them, so you don’t get misgendered or feel uncomfortable? I’m sure they’ll be alright with it. If not then we don’t need to hang out with them ok? My friends can go suck it.”

“Max, you’re hilarious!” “Yeah Max was there, they didn’t enjoy the food.”

I mean really, you’re just replacing he/she stuff with they/them/their/theirs/they’re etc. Just like you would when talking about a group, it’s the same thing. Yes you can refer to them as just their name, but after a while it just sounds awful, so use their pronouns. And yeah, not all people who are Agender go by they/them either. So ask for their pronouns first! You want your friends, or others, to be comfortable around you, like any normal person would. 

You would feel gross if people called you the wrong pronouns all the time wouldn’t you? Called  you a gender you weren’t? Some people are ok with it, some people hurt when you do that. Just respect them alright?

its not cloths that make a woman a target

As you all know i am max your happy little agender baby. i was born a woman and i havent yet gotten around to get myself a binder so i have rather large breast. that fact is important to my story i am about to tell you. my lovely boyfriend took me on a little date and he got me a pair of cute undies and he took me to McDonald for dinner. i was wearing a mens batman tank top and really long basketball shorts. nothing reviling. i had actually done my makeup and my hair was pulled back out of my face but this guy at mcds kept walking by my table not saying a word but he wouldnt stop stareing at me. if looks could kill i would be dead with the look he was giving me. i seriously felt like i was about to be carved up and eaten. the guy would walk out side and stare through a vary narrow gap in the blinds at me. he told his friend to come over and sit and talk to my boyfriend and i and this guy walked over and as my boyfriend is telling both of them to leave us alone and that we really dont like random people talking to us wile we are eating and the guy just kept his eyes locked on me and he watched us leave. i was never more terrafied in my life. i have had some pretty sick shit happen to me. like my baby sitter when i was about 6 was drugging me and was trying to kill me. my aunts husband raped me. i know what its like to be stalked like that and it is the scarest thing ever. so if anyone tries to say that its the way women dress they are a sack of shit because i wasnt trying to get attention of anyone else but my boyfriend but this guy kept looking at me like i was a piece of meat. i wasnt flaunting my boobs and my ass wasnt hanging out of my shorts but i knew what that guy had in mind. he has the same look my aunts husband did. he was and empty void and i really never want to cross paths with him again.