Saquen Frente- Big Mato ft. Veneno, Max Agende, Nitro, Amperaje, Botello, Big Family, Guariboa, Chavito, and Lapiz Conciente.


Max.Tan – XY

With London on fashion alert as Selfridges launch their much anticipated A-Gender clothing department, Max.Tan sets his gaze upon the ‘Post Gender’ generation for AW!5. Crafting a collection of gender-neutral garments that go beyond the concept of cross-dressing and erase the stereotypically archaic confines of gendered clothing to create the ultimate boyfriend aesthetic for his legions of female followers.

Drifting between opposites with transmorphic ease, Tan’s ‘XY’ collection reinterprets traditionally masculine garments into a state of gender neutrality. Reimagining the calculated creasing of pocket squares as asymmetrically pleated tunics or delicate origami style skirts. Reconstructing men’s tailored pieces through ‘splicing’, in order to bring the classics into a more contemporary mode of existence.

Max Agende Santos (born January 30, 1982 in the South BronxNew York City) was the bass player of the bachata group Aventura.

He began playing bass at age 12, after borrowing an instrument at school. He and his brother Lenny, now a fellow member of Aventura, often experimented together at home in duo, bass, and guitar. Lenny loves rock music and brings a touch of this genre to Aventura’s sound.

Santos also raps and is featured on the album Love & Hate on a track entitled “Don’t Waste My Time” and with Nina Sky on the God’s Project track “You’re Lying”. Max and Lenny are preparing a solo hip hop project for Max, and hope to arrange for its release later this year. He & his brother Lenny Santos have recently formed the bachata group D'Element. As D'Element, they have released one song called “You & Me”.


Big Mato Ft. Mozart La Para, La Materialista, Max Agende, Shellow Shaq - Caminos Reales (Remix)