I hope Glee is one of those fandoms that lives on for years.

Like ten years from now, someone makes a Glee reference, and people still laugh cause they still get it, cause it’s still relevant.

I want Glee to be relevant for the rest of my life.

Karofsky asks what happened at Rachel’s party and Blaine owns up to the duet. “Why would I be upset that you sang a duet with Kurt?” Dave asks. “You guys don’t stop singing. That’s not it.” And then he figures it out. “Oh, man.” And as much as I’ve hated Karofsky from day one, Max Adler does some really beautiful work in this moment. […] Blaine apologizes, but Dave is cool with it. […] They hug, and Blaine kisses Dave on the cheek. One last look, and Blaine walks out the door, and once again, [Darren] Criss just nails the emotion. Considering how short the scene was (and how neat and tidy the ending was), both actors really hit some emotional high points. Cheers to them both.
—  6.07 “Transitioning” Review (
I got the scripts before Max, so I remember reading it and going “Ugh, alright, okay, it’s glee, anything can happen.” And so I called Max and I was like “Buddy, I have some good news, I have some bad news. Good news is, you’re gonna be back on the show so we get to hang out. Bad news is, huh, we’re dating.” That was very, very funny to me. And then it was though to keep a straight face because we had to do these very melodramatic scenes, and even though they turned out okay, a lot of takes were us like “I can’t look at you right now, this is so weird.” So yeah, that was pretty funny.
—  Darren on his storyline with Max Adler in season 6 (Meeting room - Gleek Reunion)