I know I’ve made like 5 posts similar to this but like I just really want to thank everyone involved in the making of this season of Dirk Gently because it was just honestly one of the most amazing stories I’ve seen on television, the set, costumes and visual effects were gorgeous. The soundtrack was amazing. The writing was brilliant. The actors were stunning. Just thank you. To everyone involved.

Nice Jacket = Mona

Wow.. Simply wow!!! Definitely worth the hype. Kudos to Max, he did an amazing job on this show. Loved it, definitely watch it again when it comes out on Netflix.

Spoiler ahead so beware… 

I love how Friedkin become and how he finally understand everything now since he is in the backstage of reality. Good for you, Friedkin. But your kinda evil red eyes thing still bugging me… Just don’t be a bad guy again okay?

Not surprised about Suzie and also she deserved that. She deserved to be ALONE!!!

I am so proud of Dirk, he is so brave, running around Blackwing, getting shit done, bringing Moloch back to his reality, getting shot at but still doing what he suppose to do because he believe in his family. Also, they are not just his friends now, they are his family. Family by choice, exactly the thing he need. The way he ask Moloch about who he is and why he is there, break my heart. But at least now he got a family to go back to, I feel so happy and sad at the same time. 

I am super excited the idea of Amanda being the leader of blackwing subjects and help them or guide them to fix the reality. She is a badass and the rainbow monster is super cute with Rowdy 3. the way Dirk said she is not his thing, make my little broztly heart sing!!!!

Why did you do that, Bart. You can go anywhere, but you choose togo back to Blackwing? Because of Ken? He is not worth it girl. You should stay with Panto and Silas. But I cannot wait to see her slaughter Ken next season (if we got one).

Panto + Silas = Happily ever after


My house is filled with kids right now (ages 4, 8, 14, and another 4 year old) but I HAD to watch the Dirk Gently season finale. So they watched with me and they were glued to the TV! The 8 year old was so invested and asked questions left and right (Is Mona a bad guy? Who’s that? What’s that portal for? Is that red haired lady crazy?). In short, she loved it (and so did the others)! I was so strangely proud of them. Now they’re going to start watching so Max, you just got 4 new young viewers, you HAVE to make a season 3.