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holy crap my guy I'm Australian as well! Nice to meet someone else in the Dirk Gently fandom who lives on the same continent as me!

You would not believe how many Australian Dirk Gently fans there are, lordy may, it’s like we’ve made a decision as a continent to adopt him and Max Landis can fucking fight us. So glad you’re one of us!

*Me when I was writing that script for a class, ages ago*

*Teacher* “The lead girl is too whiny, too weak. Flawed. Annoying. Screechy. She cries too much.”

*Me* “The character I wrote was very human. If I have to give a female character Kung Fu skills for her to be cool and acceptable, then someone somewhere has failed, no?”

When you actually realize the key problem with Joss Whedon’s writing.