Chloe “booyeah! I told you we’d kick your asses in beer pong! Now you guys have to kiss”

Victoria “seriously, I thought you were joking about that”

Chloe “nope you agreed to the terms of the game”

Victoria “max are you going to just let her make us kiss”

Max “well… you did agree to the bet”

Steph “come on we kiss all the time”

Victoria “FINE!”

(Don’t worry it’s root beer 😉)

Why Chloe Price is amazing

She lost her father at such a young age

Then her best friend moved away the day of his funeral, leaving her all alone

And once she met someone who cared for her and understood her…

She lost her too

Yet despite all this, despite how much life has wronged her, she was still willing to sacrifice herself to save a town that she’s hated for years

Truly a strong, beautiful character <3


“Try to try again,To hear yourself again from time to time “


I’ve bought a polaroid about a week ago so I wanted to do something related. I hope I will be able to do some photos using drawings as filters upon film but I’m afraid they won’t work. 


EDIT: I saw the trailer of LiS2. Hype!! I’m a lot interested in the new characters and plot!!