Day 1 of @dadvidappreciationweek

I know Max said that he “hates musical numbers” but I just LOVE the idea that he’s actually quite good at music.
And maybe David figures out (maybe catches Max playing an instrument? Who knows) and is overjoyed to see him (his son) being talented at something he cares about and offers to teach Max to play his guitar. Max rejects him at first but finally gives in and they have some real quality (father-son) bonding time! (David totally teaches him the Camp song. Max totally doesn’t enjoy it. (He does, actually, but he’d rather die than say that))

Also I know the picture is really sketchy but that’s all I can do in my limited free time. Hope you like it anyway!


It’s Dadvid Week! Of course I'mma participate in it! :)


Day 1: Max Activity

(To be honest, I never headcanoned Max with a camp because I saw the series as the Season 2 finale came out)

But I did see that whole ‘Sewing Camp’ headcanon for him so I went with it, I can see David helping Max fix Mr. Honeynuts at one point. Max appreciates it, but he’s not going to admit it

Everyone is getting Camp Camp Season 2 finale wrong

It seems that everyone has agreed that the season 2 finale is of David choosing Max over Camp Cambell.

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But everyone forgets what happened just before the gif.

David Isn’t looking at the camp and all his other happy campers.

He is looking at Cameron Cambell.

He chose the camp over Cameron.

Let me explain further.

In the first season we see that David absolutely adores Cameron. He loves him like a father. He worships Cameron. He used a child as a human shield against the FBI and David didn’t hate him on the spot.

But as Max gets to him, shows him things aren’t always happy and good, David starts to admit some truths to himself.

What he loves so much isn’t as important to Cameron.

In season two, David is forced to confront how Cameron uses both him and the campers for his own personal gains as you see in the egg episode and how he is using the camp as a cover that he wasn’t in Russia.

But parents day changed that.

David watched as Cameron lied and tried to pretend he cared and knew what he was doing.

“Wether it’s nerd camp for… Neeeil?”

“Or Adventure camp for… Girl Neil!”

Everything was about not going to jail, not making sure the campers were actually happy and having fun.

And look at how David was treated behind the stage.

David looks surprised that Cameron is talking so seriously to him. It starts off gentle. “David I know you never let me down before,”

“And I know you never will.”

Cameron aims his anger about what is happening on David because he knows time and again that David would just take it. He won’t fight for himself.

Cameron doesn’t care about anything David does. When the whole camp is in jeopardy, what does Cameron focus on?

“Or I’m going to super Guantanamo.”

He doesn’t want to face the consequences of his lies, crime and scams. And David finally saw that. It wasn’t until he sees the activity form that he realizes parents, birth or parental figures, can fail you.

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David finally understands where Max is coming from, and in that light sees that he has two choices to chose from.

1) Keep following Cameron and ignore the needs of his beloved campers


2) Turn his back on Cameron Cambell and focus on the needs of Camp Cambell.

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David had a choice in this scene. And he chose Camp Cambell, he chose his campers over the man he saw as a father.

David would never chose something other than Camp Cambell. That is his whole life. But he would chose the campers, and focus on the one camper who isn’t having fun, and give him the individual attention he deserves.


Sometimes it’s hard for people who have been in abusive homes to express their feelings in constructive ways. And sometimes we say things that we can’t take back. These concepts,in conjunction with one another are very, very dangerous.

for every bad thing I’ve accidentally said to you dad, I am sorry. I love you.