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Max: You know something? I really hate people! They’re selfish, ignorant, loud obnoxious pricks, with basically no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I mean really, look at all they’ve achieved! Genocide, global warming, reality TV, and just a never ending parade of failures and fuck ups! They are, without question, a complete write-off of a species, and how dare you make me care about them!

  • Ninjara: Guys, I have been waiting for the right moment to tell you that I am gay.
  • Ribbon Girl: That’s okay, we still love you.
  • Spring Man: I’m gay, too.
  • Kid Cobra: Me too.
  • Max Brass: Same.
  • Ninjara: Jesus Christ, does nobody here like girls?
  • Min Min: I do.

BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birth rabbit friend :3

i’m dying scoobs this is so adorable and I love it so much

Read My Mind (Trixya) - Candy For Children

A/N: Hey! So this is my first time writing a fic in a few years, but I had this idea and wrote it all tonight in a mad dash! I’m thinking I will probably write more of this at some point soon, because I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I’d love any constructive criticism, Hope you enjoy! Also this is a AHS Coven AU, but I play a little fast and loose with the rules of the universe.

Summary: Trixie is a clairvoyant witch, sent to study at Mrs. Charles’s Academy for Gifted Girls, where she meets another young witch named Katya, and sparks fly (no pun intended).

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I’d like to note that this will probably be my last Pricefield artwork, unless somebody commissions me more. You can find the info on my front page, or just go here: I’m open!

Max and Chloe in soft fluffy embraces. Took me a while for this but I hope it’s nice. You can probably guess by now that my favorite colors are puple and bright blue.

Submitted by @artkitt-creations

What?? Nooooooo. I really love that picture and I want to see more :(. They look so happy.

  • Max: You’re scamming him?
  • Chloe: I was thinking more like flat out stealing from him?
  • Max: What? No way.
  • Chloe: Why not? We already stole a Rachel!
  • Rachel: Hey guys.
  • Max: No, we didn’t. Rachel’s a person, she can do whatever she wants.
  • Rachel: I wanna steal.
  • Natsu: I have something I want to say to you, Gray.
  • Gray: Me too. I also have something…
  • [Both boys stare deeply at each other’s eyes as their eyes are filled with tears.]
  • Natsu and Gray: (simultaneously bow down) I’m sorry! (hold each other’s hand)
  • Natsu: I didn’t know what I should do…I always…it felt deep down like you were so far away, and…thinking about that was so sad, lonely, painful…
  • Gray: Me too!