max's bday


maxine “max” caulfield (september 21, 1995) is a 12th grade student attending blackwell academy. after a five year absence from her hometown, arcadia bay, she returns to the small town in oregon to attend a photography class and discovers she has the power to rewind time after her friend, chloe price, is shot and killed. dreaming of an impending storm set to destroy arcadia bay, max must discover how to save the town and the origin of her time traveling powers.


”you say you’re not a hero, but, my God, you would’ve battled every star if it meant to save her, and remind me again why you can only look to your hands and see the ghosting shades of red.”

↳ for chaolwestfaal. happy birthday hanna!


Happy birthday Max! Today’s the birthday of a very special person who turns 26! You are a precious person and you are always one to make us laugh and smile. We wish that you never lose this in you and keep spreading your light all over the world. Thank you for everything that you’ve been for all of us, and we love you so much. Happy birthday Max and we hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you!!!


Happy Birthday Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons! (October 17,1985)

“At the moment I don’t see myself quitting, but I’m open minded about it. You know those kids on X Factor, and you see them and Simon Cowell goes, “What would you do to be a star?” “I would do everything! I’m born to do this!” I’m not one of those people. I think if something were to come up that really caught my attention in life that became what I wanted to do more than this, then yeah—do it. Fuck it.”