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Fucking shit, did I meet a lot of cool people at Anime Expo this year!

On top of my life-changing third meeting with Andrew Hussie, I was able to join @skullmandible and @shelbycragg for some sweet knuckle tattoos over lunch. I asked Cohen to give me a Hiveswap spoiler and safe to say, “JAKE CUMS” was a spectacular answer. Of course, none of that would’ve happened if I hadn’t run into my old friend, @jamesroachmusic in badge hell on Friday and saved him from a long line of waiting. As the con went on, I would also have near miraculous run-ins with @senorpacman, the eponymous @strider-inquire, and Suzy from the Game Grumps. Everyone was just fantastically kind and a pleasure to encounter! Thanks for putting up with my shenantics!

anonymous asked:

What are your guns named? Mine go as follows right: Mississippi Jim left: The Soviet Union

Alright, I think it’s about high time I introduced the lovelies.

Hussie and Basco

My first pair. Beautiful Beretta M92FSs signed by their namesakes.

Left: Hussie
Right: Basco

The Huss Canons

My roughed-up, yaoi-sized M1911′s signed by Andrew Hussie. 

Left: Goldeen
Right: Goldburg

The Burning Rubbers

My bulky, military, training pistols that accompany me at cons with tougher weapons policy.

Left: Jay Johnson
Right: Kyle Wang

The Twin Bandits

Colt 1851 Navy’s I got at Allcon. Non-firing, but they’re the most realistic and gorgeous pair I have.

Left: Jenna
Right: Janey

The Rambling Rabble Rousers

The newest pair of 1911′s taking over con duties for the retired Huss Canons. Smaller, but perfect flipping practice size.

Left: Pinhead Larry
Right: Dirty Dan(iel)

And finally

Maverick and Nite Finder

Dear Jake,

External image

It’s your birthday today, the 1st of December, and by gum, how far you’ve come in the three years that you’ve existed.

External image

From humble beginnings

to bitter ends,

you were always the coolest fictional character I knew

External image

and simultaneously the dorkiest.

I had never dedicated myself 100% to the portrayal of a character before

but for you,

I gave it a shot 

and boy,




External image


You have a ton of interesting outfits that were fun to wear

Some fanmade,

but all of em comfy.

You’ve gotten me into many an adventure I wouldn’t have had experienced otherwise without your inspiration,

meeting tons of interesting characters (generally awesome people of which some are my friends today),

other wonderful you’s, and of course




And lest we forget my descent into gunslinging




Of course, you and I both have had our scrapes and losses.

You’re not perfect

External image

not the brightest

External image

and sometimes don’t make the brightest of decisions, but thank God, because I’m just as flawed on all counts.

But when it gets down to it,

External image

you make it count.

External image

So thank you, Jake Englsih,

External image

for existing

for giving me hope

the coolest friends

and the best three years of my life.

External image

Happy Birthday, man.

Yours Faithfully and Ever Truly,