so a while back I made a post about how I 100% believe that Alec would of followed Izzy into the mundane world if she did end up being exiled at that trial so here’s some headcanons about it…

- Izzy just finds out that Clary and Jace hadn’t returned with the cup and therefore is gonna be stripped of her runes and banished to the mundane world. She’s heartbroken and seeing that look on his sister’s face sends her brother into a frenzy. Alec’s shouting at the inquisitor, Lydia’s trying to calm him down but help him explain things to the clave.

- After that, Alec and Izzy head towards her room just to take a moment to take everything in. Izzy breaks down, but Alec is there straight away, arms wrapped around her in a hug while she sobs. Alec refusing to let her be stripped of her runes.

- Izzy insists she’ll be fine, she will not let her dignity be torn away from her as well. She tells her brother that she’ll walk into that room tomorrow with her head held high. Alec is just like “well you won’t be alone, I’m coming with you” Izzy replies “no you don’t want to watch me get stripped of my runes.” “Damn it Izzy, that’s not what I meant, I mean I’m coming with you, where ever you go, I’m with you” and finally she gets it, her big brother would never leave her, just like she’d never leave him.

- Izzy gets her runes stripped but has her brother alongside her the entire time, holding her hand, whispering soothing words to her, ignoring all the clave’s protests that he shouldn’t be near Izzy. The pain finally stops. The clave tried to strip Alec of his runes too but they don’t have grounds to go off.

- Magnus actually has all of their stuff packed by the time they’re back. “You can’t be dealing with such a tedious task right now, where are you staying? my place is always open?” Izzy throws her arms around him, a few thankyous ushered his way. she only lets go when she catches movement out the corner of her eye.

- it’s Jace, dragging a few bags behind him, cursing when he stubs his toe on the doorway causing Alec to snort. This grabs Jace’s attention and he looks up. “You didn’t expect to just leave me behind did you? seriously Izzy? you’re the only family I’ve ever known, where ever you and Alec go, that’s where I’ll be”

- they finally find an apartment after a few days staying at magnus’. They find out the mundane world, well it’s not as bad as they thought. Sure they have demons chasing after them still but Izzy got her runes back (illegally, thank god for Magnus knowing a spell. “the clave are so up their own asses that they can’t even begin to fathom that their sick ritual is reversible by magic”)

- family trip to IKEA. Alec’s in a mood because “damn it Izzy, we’ve been here for 3 hours, just pick a couch out and let’s move on” Jace is for some reason sitting in the shopping cart surrounded by pillows, random appliances and a few of izzy’s favourite candles. Izzy is trying to pick a colour for her room, she’s on the phone with Clary getting help deciding.

- finally they’re apartment is all set up and you can bet that they end up falling in love with the mundane world. family movie night every Friday. Trips to the mall. meeting Max in the park (thanking Simon for bringing him there). Feeding the ducks, going to carnivals. Everything that they never got to do.

- eventually when Max is a bit older, he decides he doesn’t wanna be a shadowhunter, he wants to be with his family. So he leaves as well, moving in with his siblings. He ends up enrolling into NYU, soaking up all the knowledge. Alec and Jace get jobs as personal trainers. Izzy has carried on working as a forensic pathologist.

- one day, at Christmas, when they’re all gathered around the tree, magnus, clary and Simon are there too, opening presents and smiling and laughing, Izzy looks over at her brothers, the grins on their faces, the Chirstmas jumpers she’s managed to convince them to put on and she thinks that maybe getting exiled was the best thing that ever happened to her. because being surrounded by her family like this, the amount of joy they’ve had since they left the shadow world, is more than they would of ever got under the clave’s watch. Yeah, maybe this was exactly how it was meant to be.

Finished the Mad Max: Fury Road poster!  Also had a great time rewatching the movie a dozen times for reference.  I’ll be at Atlanta’s DragonCon this weekend, and I’ll be giving small prints of this away to anyone in a Mad Max costume, so come on by!  Table 95J in the Comics & Pop Artist Alley area.

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George Miller on violence and dreams in films

Danny Peary: As befitting the world you show [in the Mad Max films], there is much violence in your films and much dying. Yet importantly one never becomes desensitised. We are particularly affected by the single deaths. Still I’m sure that you get criticized for the violence in your films. How do you respond?

George Miller: I had censorship problems with the two films in certain countries because of the violence. And it was extremely difficult to make any cuts because, as you’d see if you looked at them frame by frame or sequence by sequence, there’s not much violence on the screen. They appear to be more violent than they are. That is deliberate. I think it’s always more effective when you’re able to keep the monster offscreen. Because the audience’s imagination can be a powerful ally of the director.

The question of how to use violence in films, or whether to use it at all, is very difficult to answer. I do know that there’s an impulse in filmmakers and other storytellers to try and confront both violence and death and shed some light on each. Of course there is a very fine line between exploiting these subjects and examining them. And I’m not quite sure where the Mad Max films fall.

One thing that has helped me try to put everything into context is the notion that movies are really public dreams. For me, it’s almost the best definition I’ve heard of movies. They’re dreams we share collectively in darkened theaters. And just as all dreams have functions, nightmares help us confront our dark sides.