Director of EpilogueInManila’s son during BTS’ rehearsals for the concert!

He’s feeling the song (Young Forever) so much and even clapped at the end haha! So adorable~

The director also tweeted that she: “Found him [son] inside the artists’ room mingling, playing & jumping around with them [bts] 😁😂 I think He found his #squad”

(Mr Vernon is her husband)


Maxine “Max” Caulfield is a 12th grade student attending Blackwell Academy. After a five year absence from her hometown, Arcadia Bay, she returns to the small town in Oregon to attend a photography class and discovers she has the power to rewind time after her friend, Chloe Price, is shot and killed. Dreaming of an impending storm set to destroy Arcadia Bay, Max must discover how to save the town and the origin of her time traveling powers.

Build A Boyfriend - Yoongi

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(f/n) = Friend’s name

You don’t know how you let yourself get dragged into this. Your group of friends wanted to try a site they’d been told about, “Build A Boyfriend”, but they all had a relationship and that left you. You had been out of a relationship for about 6 months now and they decided to try this. Your friend, (f/n), had talked about knowing someone who used this site and now has the love of their life, Namjoon she said was his name. Apparently its who told her about the website. You thought it was all ridiculous but if it was true then maybe it’d be an interesting experience.

They helped fill out the series of questions and giggled when you gave an unexpected answer. They learned a lot about your type and teased you for some things. You growled when they made comments on how you wanted him to look or how you wanted him to act. You didn’t want someone who was extremely loud and hyper, like most of your friends would, but someone who could be calm yet still fun to be with. It matched you more than loud and hyper did.

“We are staying over tonight okay? If he shows up we want to be here to see.” (f/n) giggled.

“No you’re leaving. I have to get some sleep tonight.” You ordered.

The day got later and later until the sun was gone from the sky. Your friends groaned when you told them they needed to go home. After they left you laid on the couch after turning off your laptop and turning on the TV. You tried to watch the show but fell asleep after you couldn’t keep your eyes open. Your body got cold making you curl up into a ball trying to keep your body heat. After about 30 minutes a blanket was laid over you and you were pulled into someones warm embrace. You didn’t open your eyes or move from the stranger, expecting one of your friends came back for something.

“Aish, do you know what a bed is? You should be in yours jagiya.” An unfamiliar voice purred.

 You shot up trying to see the intruder but instead ended up falling off the couch. You heard a sigh and a hand grabbed your arm pulling you back into the couch. You flung your arms a bit until you heard your hand make contact with skin. Next you heard a loud hiss followed by mumbled profanity. The guy pinned your arms against the couch and climbed on you to try and stop your flailing. You looked at the man and we’re shocked to see who you were sure was the finished product of that site. He was exactly what you were expecting the outcome to look like. His hair looked soft and his eyes held a dominance in them. He just continued to glare at you, that’s when you realized the red mark forming on his cheek. 

 “A-Are you?” “Yeah, I’m Yoongi, your boyfriend. I didn’t expect to be slapped when I first showed up, but I guess nothing really goes as planned.” He ended with a smirk and a dark look. He leaned down so his lips hovered just out or reach. You whined at him causing him to let out a low growl. He finally pressed his lips to yours and released your arms. Pulling away he stood and picked you up. You figured out he was taking you to your bed.

 "This is were you are supposed to sleep.“ He stated rolling his eyes. You laughed nervously, remembering you would need to apologize to (f/n) for not believing her. Also you’d need to contact that one girl to ask about her boyfriend.


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