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So ! Since so much people liked our work on Chloe’s letters, and we loved to work on it together, we decided to do some others projects like this !

Here’s our first project ! “Arcadia Bay Pirates”, it’ll tell the story about young Max and Chloe !
To start this, here’s the cover and the first page of it ! We hope you’ll like it ! <3

(PS : If you see errors, spelling mistakes/canon mistakes, don’t hesitate to tell it to us ! We’re french, so it can be difficult sometimes :) )

Fan art : Me
Writter : @ashleyaddams

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young black sails  — max

When I was very small, I would sneak out of the slave quarters at night to the main house. I would stand outside the window to the parlour. I would stand amongst the heat, and the bugs, and the filth, on my toes to see inside. Inside that house was a little girl my age, with the most beautiful skin. I watched her dance while her father played music and her mother sewed. I watched her read, and eat, and sing, and sleep, kept safe and warm and clean by her father… My father. The things it took to make that room possible, they were awful things - but inside that room was peace. That is what home is to me.

I cant fukin draw today so I finished colouring that CC doodle from a while ago to COMPENSATE.. Max is my fave hes angry and his eyebrows r funny

Also the lineart because I thought it looked alright!

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