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Thanks to the lovely Elena, now we have the video of Yuzuru’s FS with Ambesi and Dolfini’s comments.

M: “And the first to skate is the current Olympic champion, Yuzuru Hanyu, a skater who’s won everything in his career, besides 4CC. An icon of this sport. There is great anticipation for Yuzuru Hanyu, on the eve of the world championships he was considered the favourite, but he’s sitting in fifth place after the short program. Yuzuru Hanyu, who turned 22 at the end of December, a legend in his country and not only there. He’s in charge of his own fate, because if he skates the perfect free, he can win this competition.”

A: “You’re all familiar with this music by now, by Joe Hisaishi.”

Some comments they made during Yuzuru’s performance:

Angelo: “4lo, fantastic”. Max: “+3″

A: “4S textbook.” “3F, after difficult steps, perfectly executed. ” “Now comes the pivotal moment of his program.”

“4S3T, perfect!” “4T! 3A2T with both arms over the head! 3Alo3S, and a spread eagle after it! Terrific.” “One jump left, the lutz. 3Lz! He did not make any mistakes! This is a new world record! 121 points of TES. Only this spin left.”

M: “Welcome back to planet Hanyu! Inhabitants one, only him! *to Angelo* Continue, because I can’t do it.”

A: “Impressive, the best free that has ever been skated by Yuzuru Hanyu, and that means that this is the best free that has ever been skated in history. 125 of TES are something incre- …terrific. It can annihilate anyone, I imagine it will be much more than 90 PCS, this is a performance-” M: “90? I’ve never seen anything like this! You cannot not give 100 PCS, you cannot not give 10 for everything, because there’s never been something like this. Interpretation, 10! Choreography, 10! Transitions, 10! Do you even want to talk about that, look at the others! [it means, you can compare what the others do and what he does :P]. Performance, 10! Skating skills, 10, this is the best you could see, complexity of edges and steps that we’ve never seen. I repeat, go on, because  I feel like crying, because this is an incredible performance, a historic moment for sport in general, incredible, a living legend. ” *max was really shook guys, told you lol* 

A: “A living legend, and now we expect an astounding score. It will be [literal, he’ll go] much beyond 220 points, well he’ll surpass 220 points for sure, let’s see by how much. Tremendous, we had never seen Hanyu like this, and we had already seen incredible performances by him.”

M: “He had something inside him *kind of difficult to translate this in english, sorry*, something snapped inside his head, he did not stomach that score [his SP score].” 

A: “And now he re-established the chain of command. Now it will be extremely complicated for the others to skate.” M: “yes, this will put a lot of pressure on everyone. The best Fernandez can try [to win].” A: “Yes, the best Fernandez yes…because he can achieve 210-215…” M: “Anyway I’d like to metion that the best TES that has ever been achieved is 120,92. PCS-wise he has had 98,56, but here you got to have the courage [literal, the balls XD] to give him 10, because we’ve never seen a program  like this in figure skating’s history.”

A: “True. A pity, he starts from…98. It will be difficult to see a total WR, because he managed to score 330 and he can’t achieve that here. But just because of the short program; the free will be the best free that Hanyu has ever skated and so, the highest score we’ve ever seen in a free program. Sensational Hanyu, truly sensational.” M: “I’m truly speechless, this is an incredible performance, and even in training, during run throughs he had never skated this program like this. Let’s remember that no Japanese man has won two world titles, he can try to do it. It won’t be easy because Fernandez has a huge advantage, but the roles have reversed, compared to last year. The runner-up had the perfect program. The FS record is 219,48…223,20…97.08 is a scandal, we’ll have to take note of that. 223,20 the best free that has ever been skated in history and now you can try to catch him. It doesn’t end here, five more to skate.”

“Kolyada’s  face says it all.”

Video ends here, I’ll leave the other things I caught during the commentary here, and if the video shows up I might translate those too ^^

[after Chen]

M: “But Angelo, what has he [Yuzuru] done?”

A: “Hanyu is…the best ever. There has never been one like him.”

M: “But it isn’t just what he has done, but how he has done it.” *more to come*

There’s actually more, but I did not catch everything at the moment. *I would translate everything, but again, I’m doing this while they talk, so it’s a bit impossible xD* I missed some parts, though, I’ll probably update when I have the video.

2. ESP aired the gala, again, bits and pieces here ^^

M: “His free program has already made history.” A: “He showed us something truly incredible, striking, he was the only one who could do it.”

M: “As of now, the emotions he can make us feel are something rare in figure skating. And to think that some people describe him as “cold”…it’s a heresy.”

A: “I think he’s extraordinary and the best skater I’ve ever seen, because of how he jumps, how he skates and what he can makes us feel.

This boy was born to do this.”

M: “He’s the one who’s incredible, inside and outside the rink, in spite of the results.” […] “We’d never seen in history a free skate like the one he has skated.”


It’s been an incredible year for British Cinema, I think.

we’ll make history: a fanmix for mad max: fury road   //   listen here

i have made mistakes (the oh hellos) - we have lived in fear / and our fear has betrayed us

coming home- part II (skylar grey) - i know my kingdom awaits / and they’ve forgiven my mistakes / i’m coming home

help i’m alive (metric) - if my life is mine / what shouldn’t i do

midnight moon (oh wonder) - you with the sad smile / don’t lose your courage

stay gold (first aid kit) - what if our hard work ends in despair / what if the road won’t take me there

fight song (rachel platten) - i might only have one match / but i can make an explosion

titanium (david guetta ft. sia) - cut me down / but it’s you who’ll have further to fall

legends never die (ferras ft. katy perry) - they don’t make ‘em like you and i / legends never die


(MAX) - What is wrong with you?
(NINETEEN HUNDRED) - I can’t help it. Music makes me cry.
(MAX) - The whole crew bet on you.I put a year’s pay on the line.
(NINETEEN) - Can I bet too?
(MAX) - It’s bad luck to bet on yourself.
(NINETEEN) - I don’t want to bet on me. I want to bet on him. He’s the greatest.
(MAX) - You are crazy, you know that?

Tim Roth The Legend of 1900


Article in Empire magazine, September 2014 issue. 

KRAY KRAY - Tom Hardy is Reggie and Ronnie in Legend

How do you follow Max? If you’re Tom Hardy, you do so by getting your teeth into the infamous British gangster wins, Ronnie and Reggie Kray, in Brian Helgeland’s Legend.

“When Brian was writing it we joked ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Hardy was both of them?’” says Tim Bevan, Working Title co-chief and the movie’s producer. But that nagging thought remained, so they sent the script to Hardy’s agent, and quickly lined up a meeting. “Brian and I went to have dinner with him and he said, ‘I’ll do this… but I wanna play both of them.’ Who were we to say no?”

The last time the Krays, whose reign of terror gripped London’s East End in the ’50s and, mostly, ’60s (“For me, it’s the dark side of the ’60s,” adds Bevan), were seen on the big screen was back in 1990, in Peter Medak’s biopic. Then, the twins were played by actual brothers, Gary and Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet. Hardy, of course, has never had a number one single, but Bevan wasn’t put off by the fact that he “wasn’t a pop singer? No! He’s the man at the moment, isn’t he? What’s great with a great British actor is to find a great British role for him.”

Or roles, in this case. The two Krays, one Hardy effect is being achieved by the usual mix of “stand-ins, doubles, face replacements, every trick in the book, basically”, but Bevan insists the real magic will come from Hardy himself. “Loosely, Tom’s treating Ronnie as a great character role and Reggie as a leading man,” explains the producer. “Reggie would be an old-fashioned Steve McQueen type, and Ronnie was the guy who was on pills and wasn’t so mentally stable — not that either of them were! But he’s found very definitive looks and characters for them both — that’s what’s going to stun the audience.” 

As is the overall approach. In a world full of Danny Dyer geezerfests, Bevan says that Legend — inspired by John Pearson’s books about the terrible twosome — will take its cue from across the Pond. “The intent is to make an American-style gangster movie here, based on their story,” he says. “The reference points, rather than anything British, are Scorsese and Coppola. And Brian has found a way into the material where you’re making a film about villains, who are infamously unpleasant, but in a way where it’s palatable.” 


+ edited still (ph. Greg Williams)
A YouTube playlist of songs played on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 so far

From 10A
Tradition - The Belle Game // So Good - B.O.B. // Before I Ever Met You - BANKS // Lie Or Lie Awake - Katie Herzig // More Than Anything - Rudimental feat. Emeli Sande // Down On Life - Elliphant // Cold Front - Laura Welsh // All Fall Down - Garrison Star ft. AG // White Lies - Max Front // Because of You - C2C ft. Pigeon John // You and I - John Legend // Swimming Pools (Drank) - Kendrick Lamar // Future Days - Pearl Jam // Strobes - Lemaitre // Poppin Bottles - Skully Boyz // Neon - Queen of Hearts // Come Together - Spaceman ft. Suspence // Sun - Sleeping at Last // Changing of the Guard - Holy Ghost! // We Ran Father Then - Mackintosh Braun // Change - BANKS // Inner Ninja - Classified ft. David Myles // Bravado - Lorde // Right Here - Rudimental & Foxes // She - Laura Mvula // The End - Fitz & the Tantrums // Lose It - Little Jackie // You Know You Like It - AlunaGeorge // Moon - Sleeping At Last // Until The Ribbon Breaks - Romeo // Differentology - Bunji Garlin // Sing About Me - Kendrick Lamar // Team - Lorde // Make The Money - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis // Gun - Chvrches // Best of Friends - Palma Violets // Nearly Morning - Luke Sital-Singh // Total Eclipse of the Heart - Jill Andrews

From 10B (80s covers with the exception of a few)
Total Eclipse of The Heart - Sleeping at Last // Bones - Josh Record // Man in The Mirror - J2 ft. Cameron The Public // All Through The Night - Sleeping At Last // Don’t You Want Me - Young Summer // Don’t You Forget About Me - The Wind and The Wave // Just Like Heaven - Joy Zipper // Time After Time - The Wind and The Wave // Tainted Love - Gloria Jones // Burning Up - Magic Wands // I’m So Excited - Le Tigre // Something About You - Correatown // Kiss On My List - The Family Crest // Tenderness - The Donnies The Amys // I wanna Dance With Somebody - Bootstraps // Private Eyes - Sleeping At Last // Fame - Mree // Holiday - Capital Cities // Something About You - Cary Brothers // Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Aron Wright // Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - Sleeping At Last // 

I will be adding to this playlist each week and if certain songs get uploaded onto YouTube. Enjoy!