max wolf

this makes me really sad

The Hell of Having a Crush

• The endless thought about them • The excruciating pain from just seeing them talk to another person • Saying something to them that you regret 5 minutes later • All you want to do is talk about them to your friends, but then you have to be subtle about it because you don’t want them to know you are obsessed with the person in question • Trying to sort out your feelings like “FML” • Looking at them and not knowing what to do • It’s impossible to know what they are feeling/thinking • Thinking about how much of a disaster it would be to be weird in front of them • You are weird in front of them • It’s a disaster • Then you spend 3 hours lying in your bed wondering how your 16 step plan to make them love you failed right before your eyes Then there is the worst part You realize they won’t like you back

This is me, blessing your feed with the boys of Teen Wolf. You’re welcome.