max webb

do you ever just get lost in thought about how incredibly attractive the whole Teen Wolf cast is? because i do


“You know what? I’m getting another fantastic idea. Skirmish. Let’s have a war.

Can we just talk about the fact that there was a TASM set pic released of Max Dillon trying to light the candle on his own birthday cake…

But when you take a good look at the cake you notice something…

…like how it’s got green icing with yellow lightning bolts on it.

Kinda like…

Methinks Mr. Webb deserves more credit than he gets.


Yeah! Bloopers!


so like, i’ve seen a lot of people criticizing ASM2 and here’s the thing…I don’t want to say you shouldn’t analyze things, but you need to know how you should analyze something before you choose to, and i feel everyone’s main complaint is that the message/theme is disjointed in the film, the issue with this, the way I see it, is that the film is sort of broken into parts, maybe that’s not ideal for film critics but it makes each segment feel like well…a comic book, as if its issues of a 5 issue series/arc giving each segment a new theme/sense of closure. At least that’s the way I see it….if nothing else though, its the funnest a Spiderman movie has ever been