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Genre: Romance/ angst.
Warnings: none.
Word count: 3k
A/N: This is shamefully late and unbelievably long. I didn’t follow the exact story line so it’s safe to say that it’s my modified version of the fairytale.

Little did he know, little did she see. Black ivory and no chance to flee, what a daunting task it came to be. The corners of his mouth twisted in a mischievous grin, looking upon their little sleepy heads. Kissing goodbyes and wiping farewell tears.

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tl:dr version: i found the solution to my previous post problem

i found a solution to my money problem, i could work minimum wage for my age if i get a permit ($9.35) and work max hours a week (16 hours) and then every week i’d get around $149.60, every month approximately $598.40 . i have around 13 months to get my goal of $6,000 plus spending money for the trip (it’s a selective all state band tour to Europe I WAS NOMINATED BY MY TEACHER AND I WANT TO GO SO BADLY BUT I JUST WENT TO A DISNEY TRIP LMAOh) and if i worked min wage and max hours for 13 months i’d get $7,779.60 so like $1,779.60 for spending IM SO GLAD