max vargas



Photography Federico Fernandez
Fashion Ivana Gonzalez at Vardo Management
Model Agustina Benvenuto at Lo Management
Hair & Make-Up Sofia Rubinstein at Vardo Management
Clothes F.P., Max Vargas, Ciarlo, Made in Chola, Ampivera, Cher, Karen Choi, Deleon, Wendall, Blackmamba, Champion, 144 Shoes and Icetees


“In 1905, when the Andean photographer Martín Chambi was 14 years old, he traveled to northwestern Peru with his father, who had a job working in a gold mine there. At the time, there were no indigenous photographers in the country, and images of the Quechua people were mostly captured through the lenses of French and American photographers. But after meeting the photographer for his father’s mining company, Chambi became enamored with the camera. He soon apprenticed himself to Max T. Vargas — one of the earliest Peruvian photographers — and a legend was born.

“I’ve read that in Chile they think that the indigenous South American peoples have no culture, that they are not civilized, that they are intellectually and artistically inferior to European white peoples,” he wrote in 1936, long after he’d become a celebrated Peruvian photographer. “[My] artworks are a graphic testament that is more eloquent than my own opinion … I feel I am representing my race; my people will speak through the photographs.”” (Hyperallergic Magazine)

Chambi is most famous for his expressive, painterly portrayals of Peru’s diverse society, 



Photography Ivan Resnik
Fashion Cenizo & Fellay
Art Direction Indes Bs As
Model Linda Helena at Look1 Model Management
Hair Leandro Moreno for JC Agency using Alfaparf
Make-Up Fernando Castillos for JC Agency using Maybelline NY
Photography Assistant Evelyn Sol
Retouch DC Studio
Special Thanks Huemul Studios
Clothes Nous Etudions, Corso, Max Vargas Accessories, Jesus Fernandez, Sette, JT, Therapy + Recycle & Exorcise and Jane Pain