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“No offense, but Kingston's condition isn't exactly the first thing on my mind right now.”

Name: Darren Lovett
Age: Nineteen

Title: The Jailbird
Date of Birth: 10 December
Occupation: Unemployed
Inspiration; Hear Me, Imagine Dragons (x)

“One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” - Michael J. Fox



You never know what goes on in the household of another no matter how good or bad it appears from the outside. Some people have it bad, but there are always others who have it much, much worse. That was the case for Little Darren Lovett. Though he couldn’t remember much before the age of five, what Darren could remember was his mother and how heartbroken he was when he woke up one morning to find she was gone. Did he do something wrong? Being too young to understand why the woman he loved most in the world could just up and leave, he simply blamed himself - and so did his father. For the years after his wife’s departure, Bernard Lovett clawed open his son’s flesh and soul, quite literally. Whenever he wasn’t passing out from too much alcohol, he was rattling off profanity in Darren’s direction. There wasn’t more than a day or two that went by where there wasn’t a fist colliding with his bones. Once school started, it didn’t seem like things were getting much better, despite the less time he had to be around his father. There, he was known as the “freak”. He was known as the boy with the drunkard father, the boy who kept to himself and never spoke. Darren was either bullied, or painfully ignored, and he wasn’t exactly sure which one he preferred over the other. As the stress of his school life mixed with the fear of his home life, the teenager, he subconsciously became increasingly withdrawn and aggressive, culminating slowly. 

Over the years, his brewing anger was starting to seep out, little by little, until it all came out at once. He remembers the day clearly - more so than any other memory that plagued his young mind. Why? Because it was the moment that changed his life forever. It was a quiet afternoon and Darren had come home from spending the day at the library. Immediately as he stepped foot in his front door, his father was at it. His father began yelling, screaming and berating Darren for not sweeping the driveway like he apparently was supposed to . Usually, he would just take it and then retreat to his room for the rest of the night. However, something inside of the Lovett boy snapped, and he couldn’t just let it alone. The moment Bernard lunged at him, he finally fought back. He hit his father again and again and again; throwing him into the glass cabinets, slamming him onto the dining room table, knocking it on its side and sending chairs scattering. He pummeled the man until both his fists bled profusely…until the explosive rage that flowed like acid through his veins concluded that not enough blood was spilt. So, he left the barely conscious man momentarily to go fetch the iron, and in turned smashed it right over his head. It was only after he finally calmed down did Darren realize what he’d done. Thinking his father was dead, Darren made a panicked phone call to his father’s only sister, his aunt, but she didn’t come to help him. She called the police, pressing charges on her young nephew. Within the hour, Darren Lovett was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He was only thirteen. 

The trials in court lasted for a few months though it seemed like years to Darren. Before his final sentencing, the District Attorney put a deal on the table that he could take or leave. Since evidence for or against his self-defense plea was difficult to prove due to bruises on Darren’s body being older and he’d been in an unharmed state the night he fought with his father and the police were involved they offered him a bargain: do a determined amount of years, and in exchange, Darren would plead guilty to assault and battery. It was either this deal or potentially be screwed over in court on attempted murder charges. Because who knew? His father was such a nice guy on the outside despite his rumored drinking habits. As far as the town knew Bernard Lovett was a generous, stand-up kind of guy. If he’d been abusing Darren, why hadn’t the boy told someone sooner —before suddenly blowing up after all of these years, beating the man senselessly that he’d be confined to a wheelchair and need 24/7 assistance? Why should he be believed over a man who could now barely communicate full sentences? If he didn’t take the deal and was found guilty of attempted murder, he could have faced life in prison. There was no other choice that Darren felt he had  so he took the deal. For six years, he was holed up inside a county jail in upstate New York, hours away from his hometown of Hopeview. Only two weeks ago, he was let out — and he had the scars to show for it. With no idea what to do with his life, he’s forced to start over in back in his hometown. Presently, Darren lives with his handicapped father and his aunt who has since held a dark torch in his name, hating him now more than ever since he’s gotten out. Now, he’s trying to fix his life and himself in the face of his losses. The problem is, how do you fix yourself when you don’t even know who’s in the mirror looking back at you?


Frankie Kahn: They used to be pretty good friends in middle school for the sole fact that neither had anyone to sit with at lunch. Darren didn’t really like Frankie, but sitting with him was better than being by himself. He finds his hot-headed attitude difficult to put up with, but is surprised to learn how much he has calmed down since, seeing him now. Though, he’s not sure how long it will last.

Jax Prewitt: The kid has been following him around ever since he got out. For some reason, Jax thinks is okay to follow Darren around like a lost puppy, asking him questions a million miles a minute. “What was it like in there? Did you beat anyone up? Were there serial killers you made friends with?” He tries to avoid Jax whenever he can, but doesn’t think that he’ll be getting rid of him any time soon.

Bette Kill: Darren had the biggest crush on Bette when he was younger. In a town where everyone knew one another, it’s obvious that people knew of her very well. He found her cut-throat style and no bullshit attitude to be really attractive. Now that he’s out, Darren is glad to see that she hasn’t changed much.

+: observant, independent, empathetic 

-: blunt, aggressive, unforgiving

Max Thieriot portrays Darren Lovett and this is not negotiable. They are taken and played by Philly.



Alex Lopez | 18 | Max Thieriot | OPEN. 

  • Alex may come off as rude, but the truth is he simply keeps to himself. He doesn’t talk to /anyone/, so that makes it extremely difficult to make friends, which explains why he doesn’t have any. He’s incredibly shy and doesn’t like to express his emotions, whether they are negative or positive, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them.
  • He enjoys video games and frequently finds himself staying up all night to play them, never getting tired of the thrill it brings him.
  • While both girls and guys flirt with him on a regular basis, Alex is always politely turning them down, simply because he isn’t looking for a relationship. However, he does feel a void in his heart, but he doesn’t know what exactly he’s missing.
  • He’s a very studious person and is at the top of his class in his grade.

It’s 2016 and London is most definitely the place to be! Around every corner is a celebrity, be it an actor with a hot new project, a singer who needs to start anew or a sportsman with more baggage than Heathrow, and we want yours to join them!

Celebrity London is an active, para-based roleplay group with over fifty members. Set two years in the future, the group gives you a level of creativity that other groups simply don’t have because what happens between present day and in-game time is entirely up to you. Roleplaying as your celebrity of choice, you can explore the wonders of London with a diverse group of characters who promise to keep the drama coming both in and out of the limelight. So book the next flight for your favourite, living celebrity and join us here in London!

But why should you join us, we hear you ask?

  • We have monthly writing tasks to encourage solo paras and beat that pesky writer’s block that we all know so well.
  • Our bi-monthly events help avoid clique problems and ensure that you are always writing with a variety of people and characters.
  • Our group has one of the most diverse character lists within Hollywood roleplay groups! With such a wide range of characters, we’ve created a welcoming environment for any celebrity, regardless of age (given that they’re over 18, of course), profession or past misdemeanours and ensure that your character will never have a dull moment in London!
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“No offense, but Kingston's condition isn't exactly the first thing on my mind right now.”

He was kicked when he was down, he was pushed until he broke, and with years and years of tolerance there came the day when Darren snapped. He couldn’t hold back anymore and everything that had bottled up inside came out. People thought him to be a monster after that and he isn’t quite sure how to change their views of him. He doesn’t even know what kind of person he wants them to think he is. He has no idea what kind of person he is. (x)


The year is 2022, and another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in full swing. However, things have drastically changed since the times of Harry Potter and his friends. Hogwarts is still an institution for magic and learning, but with an entirely new staff on board, Hogwarts students are being recruited into the ranks of what Muggles call ‘superheroes’.

Another Gleeful Hogwarts is a new chemistry-based roleplay combining Glee characters, Harry Potter next gen characters, and pre-made OCs from the Harry Potter universe. Next acceptance Friday, April 18.

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Welcome to London; Celebrity London.

Celebrity London is a celebrity roleplay group set in 2015, where the streets of London are filled with the hottest actors, singers and sportsmen. Some have come home to rest while others work on their latest project; whatever their reason they’re back in London and it’s up to YOU to keep them busy. Come join our growing RPG as your favourite actor, singer or sportsman and discover the wonders of London 2015. You will be roleplaying as the celebrity, you will not be creating an original character.

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I do apologize for my absence, loves. Alice and I have been talking about a few admin-esque things, and I haven’t actually stopped to think about updating the actual group page!

With that said, the role of Stephen Rhett Anderson will be closing in twenty four (24) hours! If you’re interested in the role, please let us know! Sending in an application would be even better! We would also love to have a few more applications in our inbox for the other characters!

It would be lovely to be able to fill up all of the parents (or at least most of them) so that we could get our main plot up and running!


Robert Whittaker - 19 - Max Thieriot - White Rabbit - Taken

Robert Whittaker had spent his entire life up to this point over worked and underappreciated. Ever since he can remember he has been running back and forth from his father’s ceramic shop to the castle, delivering goods to the Queen. No matter how fast he went however, he always happened to be late. This disappointed his father, a man who prided himself on punctuality, Mr. Whittaker (a rabid drunk) had beaten his son many times in order to attempt to solidify the idea of being punctual. Mr. Whittaker even went as far as to beat Robert when he discovered that he was friends with the traitor, Eddison. Mr. Whittaker even gave Robert the family pocket watch, but alas, Robert still managed to slip behind time and was continuously beaten because of it. Robert soon escaped those beatings when his father died in a mysterious kiln fire in the ceramic store. No one knows what caused the fire, but many people are suspicious that Robert himself did it in an attempt to escape his life of abuse. As for Robert, he refuses to talk about the incident, shooting people death glares when they ask. 

After his father’s death, Robert was left with just his mother, and in order to help pay the bills, he started to work for the Queen full time as her personal assistant, running her errands for her. Although he still lacked punctuality, and could practically hear his father’s screams as he ran up to the castle minutes late, Robert somehow managed to keep his job. He loved his job, until his mother was caught smuggling tea and executed right before his eyes. Familyless, Robert became bitter.  

Robert eventually worked up the courage to explore the world of Wonderland outside the castle. There, he was introduced into a whole new exciting world of tea smuggling  via his childhood friend, Eddison. Eddison had always been what Robert was not. Outgoing, confident, and as much as it bothered Robert, punctual.  Once Hatter discovered Robert’s affiliation with the Queen, he quickly enlisted Robert to help with the rebels. Robert, although hesitant, agreed, wanting to avenge his mother’s death and do something that felt right for a change. Something that didn’t leave him numb and apathetic. Although he is a loyal friend, those that know of Robert’s double standards aren’t sure if they can trust him. Robert is quiet and reserved, rarely speaking his mind unless frustrated or asked. Sometimes even Robert questions what side he is truly on.

Gif Hunts: x - x - x - x - x - x

WELCOME TO CLEMMENT COUNTY [ st. clair a e s t h e t i c ]

Dust and Blood is a brand new small town crime strongly plot driven Bio RPG set in the made up town of Clemment County, Nevada. We pride ourselves on twists and turns that will keep every single player, and especially their character, involved and engaged for the long run.

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Name: → Roizer Teller
Gender Identity →  Identity; he/him/his/himself
Age → 29
Job →  Manager of The Runway
Power →  No Powers
FC → Max Thieriot


(+) Determined, Loyal, Hard-Working
(-) Brutal, Unmerciful, Spiteful  

“A liar needs a good memory.”


Growing up and constantly being reminded you were a mistake can really put a downer on life. This is how it was for Roizer growing up. His birth wasn’t planned, and it seemed like he entered the world at the wrong time. His parents were always harder on him, than his older brother. But thankfully, his older brother Roscoe, took him under his wing and made life a little more bearable.
From the beginning he always looked up to the older sibling. He followed in his footsteps, and always wanted to be like him. When Roscoe was in high school, Roizer in middle school, he noticed that his brother started to run with a different crowd. Curious, he began to follow the older boy. He never knew that following so closely would harm him in the long run.
His brother never knew, but one night Roizer was arrested. He was watching his brother and his friends make a drug deal, and when it went south, he noticed that one of the boys dropped some of the goods. Thinking that he was doing his brother a favor, he snuck out the shadows and grabbed the package. Moments later cops arrived, and he was the only one on the scene.
He never told his brother that he took the fall for him and his friends, and he never told his brother that he spent some time in jail. In all honesty, Roscoe never even knew that his brother was in on his activities. Roizer kept it a secret, because he was afraid that his brother would disown him like his parents had.
When he was released from jail, he met back up with his brother and gave him some excuse as to why he was gone for a while. He heard about his brothers plan for a business, and was instantly in on it.


When the event happened, Roizer was completely unaffected. He noticed that people were acting a bit strange, and that the town wasn’t the same. It wasn’t until his brother came to him and told him that he had powers, that everything clicked. He started to get angry, even jealous. He had done so much for his brother, yet he was the one who was left normal. He started to feel as if he wasn’t meant for this world, but he didn’t let anyone know that. He kept working for The Runway, and kept everything he was feeling hidden.


Roscoe Teller: Roizer’s older brother, who for years he looked up to. Now that his power has been exposed, Roizer is unsure how to feel about it. He doesn’t want jealously to take over, but he fears it may. After all, you can only take so much before you break.

Daisy Taggert: A regular to the bar, Roizer enjoys her company. She has become one of his good friends, but something still makes him uneasy. He isn’t sure if he can trust her, or if she is just trying to use him and his brother. 


It’s 2017 and London is most definitely the place to be! Around every corner is a celebrity, be it an actor with a hot new project, a singer who needs to start anew or a sportsman with more baggage than Heathrow, and we want yours to join them!

Celebrity London is an active, para-based roleplay group with over fifty members. Set two years in the future, the group gives you a level of creativity that other groups simply don’t have because what happens between present day and in-game time is entirely up to you. Roleplaying as your celebrity of choice, you can explore the wonders of London with a diverse group of characters who promise to keep the drama coming both in and out of the limelight. So book the next flight for your favourite, living celebrity and join us here in London!

But why should you join us, we hear you ask?

  • We focus heavily on para roleplaying and use monthly tasks and prompts to encourage interaction as well as character development and help to beat that pesky writers block we all know so well.
  • Our bi-monthly events and welcoming group ensure that you are always writing with new people and help to avoid clique issues!
  • Our group has one of the most diverse character lists within Hollywood roleplay groups! With such a wide range of characters, we’ve created a welcoming environment for any celebrity, regardless of age (given that they’re over 18, of course), profession or past misdemeanours and ensure that your character will never have a dull moment in London!

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     C R E A T U R E S   O F   H A B I T  ♞
             Original Character Supernatural Roleplay

For centuries, the city of Charleston, South Carolina was known as a supernatural safe haven. Vampires, werewolves, witches and even hunters and humans all lived amongst one another in harmony. However, it was also a game of power and those who were stronger eventually took control. Three of the five founding families crafted a world that aided to supernatural creatures, and gave them the chance to roam freely without fear. But with blood on their mind, and power in their hearts, hunters couldn’t control themselves when it came to the supernatural. Wanting to push those with special abilities out of, the hunters began killing off different members of the families, and even those who came to Charleston, thinking it was a safe place to live as a supernatural creature, eventual began to die off. Species were being extinct in the town they once called home, and before they knew it they were all dead, or left out of fear. After that, the hunters became the superiority of the town. They wanted to make a safe place for their people, and the humans, and in doing so they swore to kill off any supernatural being that was left, or decided to return. Some supernatural were able to stay hidden, and live in peace, while others fled as quickly as possible. But after years of ruling, things have began to change. More powerful than ever, members of the original founding families, as well as others who once called Charleston their home, are coming back. They have no desire to stand down, even if it means killing innocents in the process, Charleston was once theirs, and they have plans on taking it back again. In their mind, the hunters will become the hunted, and they won’t even see it coming. The supernatural population is filling back up in Charleston, shapeshifters, vampires, witches and even mermaids have decided to make this place their home once again - and they are prepared to fight for it, if need be.

                           ♞{plot arc; inquire; bestiary; navigate; apply;}♞

22 (75) ✧ Seeker ✧ Dark Warlock ✧ Terrakinesis ✧ FC: Max Thieriot

User can create, shape and manipulate any “Earthen” elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, stone, glass, lava, and the like.

Jinx has always lived up to the definition of his first name. Born on September 8, 1940, the Seeker was well known to those around him as being a mischievous trickster. When he was younger, it would be simple hexes and jinxes as pranks—mostly harmless. It was some way to deal with his single father who, alone, was physically abusive to his only son. Thankfully healing also was something Jinx practiced just as much as hexes and jinxes—he needed it. When he was eighteen, he had had enough of his father and cursed him. With every beating, his father’s life would shorten and shorten—even with healing—until he was dead. And that day had come when Jinx was 21. Still, Jinx carried the truth that he killed his own father, despite everything, and it changed him forever.

Something that used to be fun and harmless had grown up along with Jinx—his magical pranks. His jinxes and hexes would hurt many Nytheorians when the Seekers took over, and with every cause of pain, he became more and more dark. Jinx had always relied on his magic since he was different from everyone—he had no affinity. That is, until the Seekers followed the Nytheorians to Earth. It was then when he found he could manipulate earth. The excitement he felt was something similar to how he felt when he was younger when a prank would be successful and there’d be kind laughter everywhere. Though, this was power, so he could see himself using this to his advantage with killing Nytheorians. 

With his lonesome life on Earth, Jinx finds a lot of time to make sure his affinity doesn’t get out of his control. For the most part, he’s easy to get along with—very laid back, but can be stoic every now and then. Jinx gets very angry if something doesn’t go right, when he has no control of some aspect of his life. The anger usually fuels up his magic and affinity, and can make him pretty lethal. Even then, he tries not to get so anal with everything, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Because of his newfound affinity, Jinx thought he should learn a thing or two about Earth. Currently he’s learning what he can about it through the library and occasionally going to college. Not as an official student, though. He threatened a science professor if he didn’t teach him about Earth, and the professor is the only person he’s told about himself so far. Jinx works as a bartender at Belladonna’s Brew, where there, he tries to mix magical herbs found on Earth that could be used to hurt a Nytheorian as they drink, but he hasn’t found the right ingredients yet.

+ Relaxed, Honest, && Outgoing
- Stoic, Power-hungry, Aggressive

The role of Jinx Hawthorne is OPEN


I know it’s all getting away and it comes to me as no surprise. I know what’s coming to me is never going to arrive.

Shawn was brought up in California’s very own San Diego, and through his work he has since then relocated to Los Angeles. His family was nothing but kind to him as he grew up, though in the process of becoming an adult he took little to no interest the average options in life. Such as the college path, or joining the military — Shawn wanted something more, some risky, even. At the age of nineteen he began dabbling into the drug dealing business, particularly with cocaine. It didn’t take him an awfully long time to become a well known dealer in the San Diego area, but he was becoming too known for his liking. Therefore, he found himself in the heart of Los Angeles with a nearly clean slate to his reputation and enough cash and supplies to get him back on the top of the drug dealing chain — this time, he plans to do it carefully so he can stay in the area for longer than two years without getting himself in to trouble… [ cont. ]


Northpoint, Maine.

A town made up of no more than 7,000 people and winding, historic streets. It is a beautiful little town, a common stop for tourists whether to appreciate the historic lighthouse and beautiful beach in the summer, or the gorgeous foliage in the fall - but what of the people who live there year round? It is not uncommon for children to grow up within the city limits, only venturing out to attend Winthrop University a few towns over. Adults and teens alike can be found browsing through the Waterfront Shoppes, enjoying the salty sea breeze at the beach, or even losing themselves in the wild beat spilling from the speakers in Banshee. Northpoint may be a small town by definition, but it holds more adventures than what meets the eye.

Despite the calm shores, each and every one of Northpoint’s inhabitants is capable of brewing up a storm within themselves - and storms, once started, are not easily stopped. Friends will be lost and found, love will die and begin again, tears will be shed and laughs will be shared, blood will flow, and all chaos will be let loose - and peace will be found. No one knows how long the inhabitants of Northpoint can keep their skeletons buried in their closets and their storm winds at bay.

Only they can decide whether to sink or swim.