max the sheepdog

Max, Old English Sheepdog/Golden Retriever mix (5 y/o), N 8th & Berry St., Brooklyn, NY • “He’s a rescue from an accidental litter between two neighboring dogs. He’s new to the city – we just moved from SF. He’s trading the beach for the fall leaves.”

“I really wish that the next Disney movie that has a animal companion, please let it be female and have equal amount of screen time as Max the Sheepdog or Pascal, because almost every animal companion that the protagonist is always male. When they are female they only let a few minutes of screen time. Female animal companions need more acknowledgement.”

graims  asked:

i think your dog counterparts are: elvis = one of those big russian sheepdogs, max = cocker spaniel puppy, brandon = husky, and zac = boston terrier. thoughts?

OMG Thanks soooo much! NAiled it!

Max, Old English Sheepdog (3 y/o), Battery Park Esplanade, New York, NY • “He just had his hair cut because his butt was matted. His sister was chewing on it.” @maxthesheepdognyc