max the mascot


For those of you who claim Cherokee and know you’re not, please note that the tribe will not hesitate to call you out!

Minnie Cabbe and Max Capacity are a pair of transport experts - one in a taxi, one on the buses (succubusses?)
They’re best friends and best rivals and if you want to get somewhere in Dice City in a hurry, you’ve got the choice of riding with Maxie, the more cautious driver and a cheap fare or Minnie, who is altogether more reckless and expensive, but she can get you anywhere.

Minnie and Maxie are very new characters and were originally not a part of the Mascot story and would have been human.
It may surprise you to learn that they were conceived solely for the sake of the naming pun so I had no use for them, but when I was working on Mascot stuff my mind went back to them and I found a way to make them fit! That’s always a satisfying feeling.

And did you notice? Their poses are not in fact ‘Thumbs Up!’ and 'I am strong,’ they’re 'hailing a cab’ and 'pulling the cord.’

do you ever think that david is actually depressed and sad inside, but he just hides it with smiles and happiness? i mean yea hes really happy all the time, but remember in the second episode he got really mad at max for killing the mascot and then he went back to being happy? i love david, but like he seems like someone who just hides their actual feelings with happiness.