max the bunny

  • alec: [about max's lost stuffed bunny] okay, well, do you have a better idea? you're the one that lost it.
  • magnus: no, you lost it!
  • alec: he who tossed it, lost it.
  • magnus: don't try to clever your way out of this!
  • max: daddy lost bunny
  • alec and magnus in unison: he means you.

anonymous asked:

So, what do you think of Rabbids and Mario now?

I’m still not fond of the Rabbids…

BUT… I have to admit the game itself actually looks pretty damn fun, and the Rabbids seem….tolerable in this actually.

It was a friend of mine who was watching E3 with me who sort of pointed out why the dynamic works:

In most comedic teams, you NEED a straight man. 

Bugs and Daffy
Batman and Joker
Sam and Max (Although Sam is just as nuts as Max just a more subdued)

Back when the Rabbids were still a Rayman franchise, Rayman was the straight man reacting to the Rabbids. 

Then the Rabbids became their own thing and their shtick quickly got old.

The Rabbids when left to their own devices are just Minions (Even though the Rabbids came first) 

The Mario cast are the perfect straight man for the Rabbids to play off of. I honestly did laugh a few times while watching it, especially Rabbid Peach reacting to the real Peach.

Heck, even the Minions need a straight man; that being Gru for the most part!

I didn’t know what kind of game we were getting with this. We knew it was some kind of RPG but I was expecting something more in line with the old Paper Mario games; instead we got XCOM

I’m dying to see what Arlo makes a video of about this.

Overall… I actually want to play this game, and I’m actually willing to give it a chance. WEIRD HUH!?

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yo, what do you think would be the weirdest thing the fighters would do while half asleep at 3 in the morning? bc thats me rn--

Honestly, I’ve been constantly half-asleep at 3 in the morning multiple times these last few weeks and it is both funny and scary– 

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plot bunnies ↠ Tamara Moore, Landslide

The Daedalus was supposed to be perfect. It had the perfect crew, the perfect technology, and most importantly, the perfect mission - colonize Mars. Tamara Moore was one of the six astronauts selected to build humanity’s new home. It was all she’d ever wanted. For Tamara, getting to Mars was one of the only things that kept her going, aside from her half-sister, Brooklyn.

Tamara had waited her entire life to step foot on Mars. She’d spent years training. She’d given up everything to be on the Daedalus. But before she could achieve her lifelong dream, everything fell apart in a perfect storm. Their ship landed 75.3 kilometres away from their planned location, leaving them stranded with a malfunctioning space craft and a dead crew member. Life on Earth was easy. Surviving on Mars was not.

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the coolest parents in arcadia bay

not the thing i set out to scribble but the one thing i needed the most  (i refuse to draw sad things, everyone else has that covered)

i think it is just the cutest that max refers to herself and kate as mothers to whats in their respective custody