max the bunny

the coolest parents in arcadia bay

not the thing i set out to scribble but the one thing i needed the most  (i refuse to draw sad things, everyone else has that covered)

i think it is just the cutest that max refers to herself and kate as mothers to whats in their respective custody

“Max walks up to her room to find Dana standing uncomfortably by the door’ 

Max - Dana ? What’s going….’Dana slaps her hand over Max’s mouth’

Dana -’whispers, indiciating for Max to stay quiet with her other hand’ Your….friends are in there, and they’re all waiting for you

Max- ‘whispers’ So ?

Dana - ‘whispers’ They all seem pretty serious, I just want you to

‘Chloe’s head pops out into the hallway’

Chloe - Oh Maximus Prime, you’re here ‘walks out and grabs Max’ We’ve been waiting for you =) ‘glares at Dana, whispering’  I’m watching you

‘pulls Max into her room’

Max- Hey everyone…what’s going on

Victoria - Maxine, we’ve decided that you need a pet

‘Chloe pulls out a birdcage, holding a bluebird’ 

‘Kate reveals a bunny’

‘Victoria pulls out a carrier holding a kitten’

Max- ‘holds up hands defensively’ Look, I don’t think that those are my kind of…

Chloe  - You can’t keep a deer in your room Max

Max-  Well has anyone TRIED ?

Victoria  - Maxine look ‘gets up, placing her hand on Max’s shoulder gently’ Everyone likes cats right ? They’re proud, they know what they want….

Chloe‘mutters’ and they’re cold heartless creatures…

Victoria - THAT’S A LIE !  ‘attacks Chloe’ 

Kate - Max, you liked taking care of Alice right ?

Max- Of course Kate, she was really sweet 

‘Victoria pulls Chloe’s hair’

Kate - She was ! And did you know that rabbit’s are social creatures ?

‘Chloe kicks Victoria off her’

Max- ‘ blinks in complete surprise’ I did not

‘Victoria hisses as Chloe struggles to get to the bird’ 

Kate - They are. You can bring your bunny over for a bunny play date with Alice ^^

Max- That sounds great Kate ! I’d love your bunny ‘gently picks up Rabbit by it’s haunches’ I think I’m going to call you “Fiver”

Victoria‘stops fighting’ Are you serious ? You’re going to be bun bun #2 ? What about this fine speciman ? ‘holds the carrier out towards Max’


Max‘holds Fiver defensively’ ‘scolding’ Chloe ! You’re scaring poor little Fiver ‘turns to Fiver ,cooing’  It’s ok baby, Chloe’s not going to hurt you

Kate - Come on Max, I have a new rabbit cage waiting for you in my room ‘leads Max out of the room, flashing a smirk at Victoria and Chloe as she leaves’

‘Victoria and Chloe sit quietly in Max’s room’

Victoria ‘sighs’ Damn she’s good

Chloe‘looks at Victoria’s cat carrier’ 

Victoria - What is it Price ? 

Chloe - Nothing…it’s just that….it kind of looks like my old cat Bongo. Kind of acts like her too, she’s really adorable…..

Victoria - ‘raises eyebrow skeptically’ I thought they were “Cold heartless creatures”

Chloe - They have their charms  ‘starts playing peek-a-boo’with the Cat’

Victoria - Fine, you can have it….

Chloe - ‘looks up at Victoria, with huge hopeful eyes

Victoria ‘grabs birdcage’ But I’m taking this one ! It’s a trade !

Chloe‘gets up holding carrier’ Fine. I didn’t want that bird anyway

‘Chloe and Victoria walk to the door’ 

Chloe - So….what are you calling it 

Victoria - Why do you care ?

Chloe -  I’m calling this little baby ‘thinks’ VICTORIA, because she’s probably going to be a fussy bitch like you ‘runs out of the room laughing manically’

Victoria ‘leans out door’ W-well I’m calling the bird CHLOE, because it smells like SHIT !

Chloe -’calls out at the end of the hallway’ I know you love me baby ‘runs out and closes door’

Victoria - ‘strolling back to her room,sighing’ Damn, she’s right…..