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“A night before Christmas” read by the Montreal Canadiens


I haven’t stopped thinking about an all women Princess Bride remake since seeing @andhumanslovedstories post about it!!!
Anyway here’s my quick take so I can stop thinking about it

Jessica Henwick as Westley
Vivian Oparah as Buttercup
Valerie Adams as Fezzick
Alina Serban as Inigo Montoya
Lillias White as the Grandma
Teeka Duplessis as the Granddaughter

Pearl Mackie as Princess Humperdinck
Sarita Choudhury as Count Rugen
Miriam Margolyes as Miracle Max
Fiona Shaw as Valerie
Rhea Perlman as Vizzini

EDIT: In any remake, it would be very important to give Buttercup a bigger role imo… make her as cool and heroic as Westley: the movie’s named after her after all!!!

I wouldn’t have her doing combat or anything, I think her role as a normal person is important-

But imagine a remake that makes Buttercup the main audience insert and shows most of the action from her POV and gives us more of her inner struggle, and highlights her smarts, loyalty, kindness, and courage alongside Westley’s dashing exploits…