max scheele


From Daredevil #278 through #282 by Ann Nocenti, John Romita Jr., Al Williamson, Joe Rosen, Max Scheele, Jack Morelli, Gregory Wright, and Ralph Macchio.

This is your standard Daredevil sorta stuff. Y'know, snowstorms in Hell, naked Inhumans swordfighting with missiles, pantsless, androgynous angels with no genitals hitting on a robot that looks like a supermodel, all the typical DD tropes, right?

Seriously, these are easily the weirdest Daredevil comics I’ve ever read and I really like ‘em. I said that the previous issues reminded me of a cross between Jack Kirby and early Vertigo books, and that’s even more appropriate here. I’ll definitely be looking for the rest of this run soon.

Daredevil Countdown: 15 Days

Karen Page’s Mysterious Past

    At this point, one of the show’s biggest mysteries is Karen’s backstory. We know nothing about where she comes from or what she was doing before she showed up in the financial department of Union Allied Construction– other than that it must have been something unsavory. This, of course, leaves the topic open to one of our favorite pastimes: wild speculation. We’ve discussed our theories on Karen’s mysterious past before, but we thought we’d take this opportunity to go into a bit more detail.

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