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I need you to get the crew on the evac shuttles. I’ll take care of Joker.


Ashley… Go. Now.

Little do they both know that this will be the last time they will be touching as Shepard gently pries Ashley’s hand away from the console.

But Ashley lingers with a bit of hestitation, feeling a dreadful feeling in her stomach.

Everything in her screamed to stay, but her commander gave her an order.

And she is an Alliance soldier through and through. So, she goes.

But that dreadful feeling will remain there in her stomach – for the next two years and more.





Do you think I haven’t already thought of this?! Sovereign is a machine, it thinks like a machine! If I can prove my value, I become a resource worth maintaining – there is no other logical conclusion.

I have mentioned this before, but it is worth noting how scared Saren is of being a faliure – of being eradicated.

In his world where only black and white makes sense and was constantly shown to be an effective method to deal with things, he has no concept of how to look at the in-between.

Reminds us of someone else, doesn’t it?

If only Saren had someone to show them that grey is a valid path, if only Saren was not crowned as the youngest Spectre in history by his extreme methods and perspective, he might have been saved from this fate.

He is so motivated by his fear of failing and being useless, he couldn’t see he literally walked himself to his own failure.

-takes a deep breath-


So, last night, I talked about Kaidan.

This time… I want to talk about Ashley. Because their first conversations are so… correlated, so back to back.

In Kaidan’s conversation, Shepard approaches Kaidan for his professional opinion. Kaidan professionally, and without hesitation, asked if his opinion would be off the record. It was very smooth, very clear, very thorough.

Kaidan knows how to navigate these sort of political minefield and he sure navigates them well.

Ashley though. ASHLEY.

Ashley has her own concerns of similar roots. However, she doesn’t know how to express her concerns without feeling she will get political backlash from it. For all she know, she has to be extra careful because of the grand old William curse.

So, she approaches Shepard with hesitation. The conversation starts with Ashley asking for Shepard’s time – an opposite of how Kaidan’s conversation went.

Commander. Do you have a minute to talk?

It was so apprehensive.

And when Shepard voices that he keeps an open door policy and that Ashley is welcome to voice her concerns. SHE TAKES A DEEP BREATH, HER SHOULDERS BOWED AND YOU COULD SEE HOW NERVOUS SHE IS ABOUT DOING THIS.

Then she breathes, “alright” in one of the most timid voices you’ll ever hear from Ashley Williams.

I don’t doubt for a second that she is probably thinking she is kissing her one chance good bye. That one chance to work on something that will redeem her family’s name.

But what kills me isn’t that part. What kills me is that despite knowing how dangerously she is treading those lines, she will still speak her concerns.

Because the Alliance comes first.

The mission comes first.

Shepard comes first.

And for that, she will gladly give up any form of pride because she knows that’s the right thing to do.

I escaped with my life. But not before I sank my dagger deep into my father’s chest. That. That is why I left. And that’s why I’ll never go back.

From the sound of things, it sounds like Jarrod comes from the time before the genophage truly kicked in and Wrex is part of a struggling generation. The generation that will have to cope with the aspect that the krogan race might actually die off.

Wrex saw his race weaken when he was just a wee-krogan. Wrex saw the value of family and breeding. Wrex, who probably has lost a lot of potential sons and daughters to the genophage. An upcoming battlemaster of the krogan race, and he has no potential to exert in terms of offspring. And krogans were meant to breed easily. That’s what his ancestors have always told him.

He finds out the hard way that some things in life doesn’t last forever.

Throughout the entire conversation, he distantly refers his father by his name and almost refused to call him his father. It was only when Shepard asked, Wrex told.

Wrex was betrayed. It was the first line he spoke about this topic. It is the reason why he couldn’t refer to Jarrod as a father.

His father might not have considered Wrex as an important son, but Wrex felt the burden of fatherhood before he could even become a father.

Jarrod did not act like a father in Wrex’s eyes.

And it was the deepest betrayal he has ever felt.

eleneripenneth replied to your photo: “Work on Genophage… was more than just study. Gideon hates this big…”:

Oh, this is so true. So painfully true. And it’s an important part of Mordin’s redemption arc. But it still hurts, dammit. Poor Gideon.

Mordin’s character arc is just so utterly painful.

I mean, especially considering how through out Mass Effect 2, it is all about him trying to reason his actions in continuing the genophage. He might not have created it, but he continued it. And Mordin never stops struggling with it.

He talks about using numbers and stimulations – all very scientific methodology – to justify it first.

This is literally the very first conversation you get with Mordin. He gloss over with it being about his capabilities rather than his regrets.

But in that one moment, when, or if, Shepard asks if it was truly the best option. Mordin loses it. His speech goes faster than even normal and he is so desperate to say, “look the numbers don’t lie. this is the best for everyone.”

He paces, his arms wave, he needed to believe that the numbers never lied to him.

Then as it turns out, in his loyalty mission, you realized he never really believed the numbers anyway. That he actually turned to other form of faith outside of his species to find the answer to his action. He actually had to explore realms that is not his expertise to continue justifying the genophage to himself.

He kept trying to believe that modifying the genophage was the right decision.

Then Eve rolled around and he actually got a chance to talk to someone that was severely affected by his action. There was no escaping and no reasoning he could crawl himself into anymore.

Then it all crumbled and in the end, if the right circumstances are met, Mordin -is- willing to defy even Shepard, even when his body is failing him, and he is bleeding out. His last actions is to desperately crawl to the terminal.

I think, maybe it is knowing he was going most likely going to die old age anyway. And that he also know that he is famous enough for an autobiography.

And that maybe instead of seashells, he dreamed that instead of the book being titled as “The Best Kept Secret and Genius of the Salarian STG”… it might be titled as “The Salarian That Gave the Krogans a Second Chance”.

The Salarians might not write it.

But I think the Krogans and their shamans will.


Shepard. Don’t try to move. Just lie still, try to stay calm.

I… have so much words for Miranda here.

I simply have so much words to how misunderstood she is.

It is simply amazing how so many people misunderstood her just because of her conversation prior to Freedom’s Progress.

This is your first experience with Miranda.

Not the conversation later, but THIS.

She gently putting your hand down as you panic.

She soothingly telling you to not panic.

Even when she is panicking and pure angry at Wilson, she has to make sure you are okay first.

You could see it, at one second, she is glaring at Wilson for putting you at risk. On the next shot, she is looking at you with such care.

I have a lot more words for this.

When we get the “I am not here to be your friend” conversation, you can bet that I will talk about Miranda and this duality right here.

Because she deserves so much than her “Ice Queen” title.