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Nice little Easter egg found inside Sci Fi Now magazine’s IANASK coverage. The Midnight Marauder poster picked as the WINNER of the: ‘Best Of The Billboards - celebrating the best, worst and weirdest posters out there.’

“It’s the pulp crime fiction book cover of our dreams, only in film poster form.”

Let me introduce you to our new wonderful beautiful and totally bonkers poster for IANASK. 

Commissioned by Robbie Ryan. Designed by the amazing Midnight Marauder.

With only 24 hours to go to the North American release I have no idea if anyone will watch the film! But in honour of this either reasonably big event or reasonably damp squib, I’m going to put up a sort of charity shop of bits and pieces from the last 6 years of (trying to) make this film.  Watch this space.


Redefining coasting down a hill…Max Stöckl sets a world record for the fastest mountainbike downhill speed record.