max rauch


Brick-ish Looking Mariuses.

“Marius was now a handsome young man of medium height, with thick, jet black hair, a high intelligent forehead, passionate flaring nostrils, a candid and calm look, and with something hard to define that was at once arrogant, thoughtful, and innocent shining from every pore. His profile, whose every line was rounded without ceasing to be strong, had that Germanic softness that made its way into French physiognomy via Alsace and Lorraine and that complete absence of angles that made the Sicambri so recognizable among the Romans and that distinguishes the leonine race from the aquiline. He was at the stage in life when the minds of thinking men are made up of almost equal proportions of depth and naïtevé. Given a serious situation, he had all is took to be stupid; in turn of the screw more, and he could be sublime. His manners were reserved, frigid, polite, not particularly open. As his mouth was alluring, his lips the most rosy red and his teeth the whitest in the world, his smile made up for what was severe in his whole physiognomy. At certain moments, the contrast between his chaste forehead and that sensual smile was quite strange. His eyes were small, his gaze grand.”

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