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What's going on here? Here's what I think...

We all saw these pics and thought “Awww. My Kalagang shipping heart can’t handle this.”

Thanks to @velrudi for the hi res pics ❤

And since I’m obsessed with Max’ eyes, and in search of his ever elusive heterochromia, I zoomed the hell out of the pics when I noticed this…

What this is exactly, I have no idea, but my hyperactive imagination told me it’s lipstick (or chocolate, or coffee, or he cut himself shaving while wearing his shirt. It could be anything really)

Could this be what Tina was trying to wipe off/hide? Maybe.

Maybe she even put it there? Well, my imagination thinks she did and is sticking to this theory because it likes it … alot … despite this probably being something else entirely that actually makes sense.
'Sense8' Cast on Why Their Inclusive Show Is "Necessary" in Trump's America
The global group praised the Netflix series for its "poignant" timing at the second season premiere.

The timing of this season is particularly poignant,” Tina Desai — who plays love-torn Indian pharmacist Kala from Mumbai — told THR. “This is something we’ve experienced as people, not just as characters, that when you actually make the attempt to get to know who someone is, we’re all the same.”

She continued, “We might be culturally different, but we all think and feel the same way. If we can just respect that difference and then get over it and be more accepting, there really isn’t any problem. The problem comes around when you resist change. That’s what the show is doing: We all get past our differences and create something really amazing.”

Her on-screen love interest, Max Riemelt — who plays German thief Wolfgang — agreed with the timely message.

“We don’t like to use labels,” he told THR. “People like to understand and categorize things in order to understand. The show gives people a hope or the possibility to see things differently and also to identify and cope with people they thought might not exist. That is the power of this show.”

* Spoiler Alert*

Case in point: In the premiere episode when Lito and Capheus are being interviewed on opposite sides of the world and are each tasked with answering, “Who am I?” The question invokes all the Sensates to chime in with a unifying, interconnected answer.

“That was written a year before Trump’s election,” said Silvestre. “I completely believe the worst can bring the best of a human being and in that scene, it’s pretty clear when eight people from eight different parts of the world gather together, you can expect the best from them. The result is always better than when it comes from only one culture.”


“I think she’s fucking awesome. I think she’s incredible. I think she’s one of the most talented actresses of our generation.” (x)


Tom Hardy’s gorgeous doggo Woodstock (Woody) at the September 2015 film premiere of ‘Legend’.

Woody was six years old, and is believed to have died from polymyositis.

“To the bestest friend ever… he burnt very very bright and those that burn very bright sometimes burn half as long. The world for me was a better place with him in it and by my side.”