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Does anyone remember that movie Max Keeble’s Big Move, where Josh Peck’s character wore a robe everyday, to the point where everyone started calling him ROBE, I don’t think they ever mentioned the kids real name… But also in this oscar worthy film there were guest appearances from the guys who play Eddie in That’s So Raven, Reece from Malcom in the Middle, and Gordo from Lizzie McGuire. I think about this movie a lot.

Hey remember that one movie on Disney called Max Keeble’s Big Move

ya know, the movie about the middle school kid who was moving so he fucked up the entire oppressive system for the rest of the student body before he left to make everyones lives better

where he had the icecream man and the corporate bully fight over their stuff and then dumped i don’t even know how many gallons of melted icecream on them

and had Lizzie McGuire’s dad in a cheese costume

and he unleashed a petting zoo on his dickwad douchenugget fucktruck of a principal

and for almost no reason had Lil Romeo in it and Reese from Malcolm In The Middle 

and a bully who wrote the name of his victims on his shirt and was terrified of a giant green frog mascot

and he caused one of the best food fights I’d ever seen on film back in the day and did a backflip off a table during it (and idk if you’ve even been in a food fight but they’re literally started out like this basically and it was the most accurate depiction of mine, minus the backflipping and hitting teachers but they’re fucking great like 10/10 would recommend)

and yes thats right thats Josh Peck he was one of the two best friends and he never took a robe off so he was called Robe and they was tight

and then caused a major rebellion including the fucking marching band headed by Josh Peck and included his band geek other friend that was crushin hard on him

I think about this movie a lot

If you don’t understand why I fucking loved this movie I don’t know what to do with you. If you don’t love this movie I’m still not sure what to do with you. If you haven’t seen this movie I know even less what to do with you so go watch it.

This movie helped make middle school somewhat mostly bearable for me and not quite as much of a hellhole as it was for other people and I’m sorry if you didn’t have with you what this movie gave me

but yeah it was a great movie

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by your estimation which Black Sails character is the biggest mess, and which is your favorite mess?

i’m only three episodes in but literally the dynamic here is this

captain flint: *breathes* I–

gates: shut the fuck up you fucking fuck,,,

‘Max rewinds to the beginning of Episode 1’

Max- 'wakes up in bathroom’  FUCK NO 'gets up and shuffles to doorway’ Nope,nope,nope,nope,nope

'Max shoves herself through the doorway , just as Nathan turns the corner’

Nathan - Caulfield ? What the FUCK are you doing here ?

Max- 'crosses arms’  I can ask you the same question Prescott  

Nathan - I don’t have to answer to you  'shoves Max ’ You’re just some poor scholarship kid !

Max- 'shoves Nathan back’ And you’re a punk ass who begs like a little girl, and talks to himself !

'crowd starts to form’

Nathan - 'starts sweating 'hisses’ Move…out…of the way….CAULFIELD

Victoria - ’ walks up to Nathan’s side’  What do you think you’re doing Maxine ? Leave Nate alone

Kate - 'emerges from the crowd, and takes up a defensive position in front of Max, looking like she’s on the verge of tears ’

'Chloe walks around the corner, spots the commotion and turns around’

Max- 'turns Kate around and hugs her’ Thanks Kate, but could you go stop that blue haired girl ? I need to talk to her later

Kate - Are you sure ?

Max- Yeah, I’ll be fine ^^

'Kate looks between Max and Nathan several times before glaring at Nathan and running away’

Nathan - You know what, fuck this you crazy bi…….

Max- 'takes a deep breath’ 'yells’ NATHAN’S GOT A GUN !

Nathan - What ? !

David - 'in the distance’ 'spits coffee’ What ?!

Victoria - 'instinctively throws Nathan over her shoulder, knocking the gun out of his jacket , and  slamming him into the ground’ What ?

David - 'runs around the corner;’ BLACKWELL ACADEMY IS A GUN FREE ZONE !

Nathan - 'groans’ No wait, I can explain’

'David jumps on Nathan, knocking the wind out of him before handcuffing him’

David - 'lifts Nathan to his feet’ We’re going to have a long talk at the station PUNK

'David walks Nathan out of the school’

Victoria - 'holds head in worry’ I can’t believe  Nathan brought a gun to school 'notices Max gaping at her’ 'glares’ What are you looking at ?

Max- 'stars in her eyes’ 'breathless’ I didn’t know you could do that

Victoria - Well  'blushes momentarily before regaining her composure, adopting a smug expression’ there’s alot you don’t know about me Maxine 'pecks Max on the cheek, and winks’

Max- =o

'Victoria walks away’

Mrs. Grant - 'walks up to Max’ What just happened here Max ?

Max- 'determined face’ True love just happened

Mrs. Grant - 'What did you just say ?

Max- I know what I said

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Amberfield please?

Anon ? Hellooooooo. I hope you’re still checking up on me, because I’m done =) I hope you like it =D

‘Rachel slams the door’

Rachel - It’s been a few weeks since I met you Max, and you’ve refused to talk to me….

‘Max shifts uncomfortably on Chloe’s bed’

Rachel - ‘walks closer to Max, looking her over’ Do you think you’re better than me Max ?

Max- ‘whispers’ I don’t think I’m better than you Rachel

Rachel - Then what is it Max ? Are you judging me because of Frank ?

Max - It’s just……

Rachel - What Max ? Tell me, I just want to be your ….

Max-  ‘blurts out’ I’m jealous of you ok

Rachel - ‘taken aback’ Jealous ?

Max- Yeah I’m jealous. You’re smart, you’re friends with like everyone,You have this whole history with Chloe that I’m not even aware of., you’re pretty and…

Rachel - ‘laughs hysterically’

Max- ‘hurt’ You know what ? If you’re just going to laugh at me , I’m just going to…’Rachel’s hand grabs her shoulder’

Rachel - Max wait, I’m sorry ‘wipes away tear’ It’s just that I’ve had the very same feelings about you.

Max- What do you mean ?

Rachel - Come on Max, you have to know that Chloe didn’t just start talking about you the week you returned. She always had some sort of childhood story about you, and the adventures that you had with her.I always felt like that I’d be second place to a girl I never even met before. It always felt like I was just keeping your seat warm while you were gone……

‘Max sits next to Rachel, a slight frown on her face’

Rachel - And don’t be silly Max,  you’re super popular. Everyone LOVES you

Max- Only because I used my powers so much….

Rachel - Max. People make mistakes, but friends take the time to fix what they’ve done. I don’t know how time travel fits into this, but I DO know that you cared enough to try.

Max- ‘meek smile’ Thanks Rachel

Rachel - and you’re super cute.

Max- ‘immediate turn’ Rachel Amber. Are you hitting on me ?

Rachel - ‘leans over, pecking Max on the cheat’ What do you think ?




‘Chloe walks upstairs’

Chloe - Max ! Rachel ! I’m home, and I brought DRUGS =D

‘opens the door to find Max and Rachel hugging each other furiously’

Chloe - What’s going on here

Max- Chloe, you were right. Rachel is wonderful ‘places hand on Rachel’s cheek, looking into her eyes tenderly’

Rachel - Not as wonderful as you Bambi ‘sighs dreamily’

Chloe - Oh my god,it’s like I’m watching one of those sappy romance movies ‘backs up against the door’

Max - Chlo-bear ‘sympatheitc look’ Are you feeling lonely ? There’s plenty of room for you

Chloe - ….you better not be fucking with me Caulfield

Max and Rachel simultaneously- No promises

Feel free to request more. I’m up for most things

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who are some cool people I should follow

Okay I’m guaranteed to forget people but here goes. These are mostly people I’ve known and interacted with for a super long time

@nosleeptilltacos @lemondifficult @alaskastardust @isabelalugosi @teekayfourtwoone @severalbadpunslater @tvsfrankswildyears @romanticzomedy @carlyreyskywalker @jesusismyhostage @jesus-loveswinners @freelancecrybaby @thisguyknowswhatimtalkingabout @thisisteal @solarwiind @advancewars2 @alliterated @ambassadorawful @anhedonia-in-4k @ayesiwmae @beaversbearsleeches @benfoldsone @blackling @bluebird-skyy @relivemymind @wizardoftheblack100s @breakerofstuff @bubblegumtwee @cashforyourwarhol @catfacemeowmers @cewn @champagnehoneybee @chaoticdirt @clubdevo @creepytwin @crybabybee @cryingtosufjanstevens @cybercosmos @danceyrselfdean @davidbyrneofficial @davidfbello @dead-finks @dreadnoughtus @drechyng @elviscostco @fauxmeats @flatluigi @friendsandfiends @futurefurnace @glisteringanus @hellobuddypal @holditin @hpslutcraft @hyruleyourule @i-will-walk @interstate-k8 @jeffgerstmann @jimmy-mckill @jonbutter @lizardroom @martinscorgayse @max-peck @menoclause @millerflintstone @miniskirtordeath @moohampshire @moondoggo @moscowisburning @nancyishappy @nonthreateninggirl @npcworld @ominous-synths @porksweats @queenpiss @shawtyandgarfuckel @shrekyourself @arthureverest @takelotswithalcohol @terriblerealestateagentphotos @usbdongle @verifiedaccount @who-bahstank @yuppies

Really just anyone I reblog. Look around. See who’s good. I’m definitely forgetting people

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Write down your Top 10 Shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same.

(This is in no particular order, just as they come to my head)

  • Stargate SG1
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • Defiance
  • Babylon 5
  • Star Trek: Voyager
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Star Trek: Enterprise
  • The Walking Dead
  • Downton Abbey
  • Madoka Magica

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Pricefield Fic: Popcorn (Part 3)

Part 1 [X] Part 2 [X]

A/N: It has arrived.

After posting the chasefieldprice fic you asked for more smut from me, but with just Max & Chloe this time, and i kept getting asks about Popcorn. So I killed two birds with one stone and this was born. 

Rating: M (NSFW) 

Word Count: 889

Summary: Max and Chloe have a scary movie night in Max’s house; they get sidetracked. 

Chloe crawled suggestively towards Max, an impish smile spreading across her face. As soon as she reached her, she put her hands on either side of the brunette; all Max could see was Chloe’s face & body on top of her. She saw how Chloe’s blue locks fell into place and framed her face perfectly, how her blue orbs gazed at her intently; hypnotising her. It played like a movie in Max’s mind.

“Enjoying the view Caulfield?” Chloe said with a sneer.

“You’re just so beautiful, Chlo…I could watch you all day. ” Max said whilst stroking one of the punk’s blue locks with her hand, a blush spreading across her face and neck.

Chloe’s sneer disappeared, and was soon replaced by a dazzling smile and rosy cheeks.

“Thank you, but you are hella stunning, Super Max. I’ve always thought so.” She replied dreamily, giving Max small pecks on the lips every few words.

The brunette smiled into it each time. She really does love how affectionate Chloe can be, it makes her feel needed and loved.

The small pecks soon turned into heated kisses; Chloe deepened the kiss and searched with her tongue for an entrance, which Max obliged. She massaged her tongue with hers, turning Max’s brain to putty.

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Let’s Watch the Tourists

Everyday is a gift if you know it’s the only one you’ll get. Max doesn’t know how long this will last but she’ll make damn sure to make the most of it. Pricefield. Oneshot.



Started writing this a few days after episode 4 and only now was I emotionally dead enough to finish it lmao. I also apologize for not being able to write fluff like a normal human.

ps thanks to surroundedbybluestars for helping me out

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A Friend for Me

Grace is trying to clean up the house and when she enters Max’s room, it’s almost like a hurricane has hit the toy box. There are things everywhere. “Max?” Grace calls. No answer. She goes to find him, thinking he may be in the living room with more toys. “Max? I need you for a second” Grace calls. Still no answer. When she gets to the living room Max is no where to be found. Panic sets in for a moment and then she gets an idea of where he may be. She goes into her room and opens the closet door. Max is laying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling with Thomas in his hand. He looks at Grace but doesn’t budge. Grace sighs. His hiding spot was the closet. They would play hide and seek in there and she would find him there they now and then when he was pouting.

She lays down next to him and stares up at the ceiling. “What are you doing in here, bud?"She asks. Max is silent. "You’re not gonna tell me?” she says. Max stays quiet. “Is it a secret?” She asks. Max nods. “Can I know the secret? I won’t tell” she says. Max looks at her and sighs. It makes Grace’s heart sink to look at his sad eyes. “I want a friend” he says. Crack. The sound of Grace’s heart breaking. “You have friends. You just came back from a play date with the boys” Grace says. “Yea but they have each other cause they’re brothers..and I have nobody” he says. Crack. “Can I have one?” he asks, looking at Grace. Grace doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t want to tell him yes because she’s not sure she’s ready but she can’t take looking at his sad little face. “We’ll see” she says. Max sighs and hugs Thomas to his chest. Thomas’s button eye is starting to fall off but he won’t let her fix it. He likes him that way. “How bout we get out of here and go do something fun?” she says. “Like what?” Max says. “How bout we go see dad at work?” Grace says. Max nods. “C'mon” she says, getting up. Max follows behind her.

They go visit Chester at his office. “Knock knock, I brought someone to see you ” Grace says. Max steps from behind her and Chester’s face lights up. “Hey buddy!” He says coming to greet his son. He picks him up and starts to tickle him. Max laughs so loud and it makes Grace smile to see him happy again. Chester sets Max down. He softly pecks Grace. “How’s it going?” He asks. “Fine. Just cleaning. I gotta talk to you though” she says. “Oh wait” she says. She kneels down and whispers into Max’s ear. “Can I tell daddy the secret?” she whispers. Max nods. “Okay” she whispers. “Hey come sit at my desk. You can play a game on the computer” Chester says. Max goes to the desk. Chester puts a game on and kisses the top of Max’s head before he leaves

“Whats the secret?” he says as they step outside the door of the office. “Max told me that he wants a friend” Grace says. Chester looks confused. Grace raises an eyebrow. “Ohhhh..are we ready for that?” Chester asks. “Well see i don’t know but I don’t want him to be an only child forever. I think we can do another one..maybe two more” Chester raises an eyebrow. “Okay maybe not two but definitely one” she says. Chester thinks for a moment. “Okay. But I think it’ll be better if it’s…spontaneous. I don’t want to get on a schedule” he says. Grace laughs. “Okay, we dont have to get on a schedule” she says. Chester smiles and pulls her into him. He kisses her softly. “Ready?” he asks. “Right here!?” Grace says in shock. “No!! I was just saying. Oh my gosh Grace” Chester says. He starts laughing at her. “Well I wouldn’t know. you’re crazy sometimes” she says. Chester winks at her and she rolls her eyes.

They head back into the office and grab Max. They say goodbye to Chester and head to the park and a couple other places so that Grace can cheer Max up. When it’s time for Max to go to bed, she reads him a story and he begins to drift off. Before she leaves Max holds onto her hand. “Mommy?” he says. “Yea, what is it, love?” She says.“You’re my best friend” he says. Grace starts to smile. She thinks she may cry even. “You’re my best friend too” she says. Max smiles and closes his eyes. She kisses him on his forehead. “Goodnight, I love you ” she says as he drifts off to sleep.