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Chara's Razor

Alright, listen.  I hate rehashing an issue, especially one as sensitive as the Chara incident.  But I feel the need to express again how I feel about it, because I feel like a lot of people are calling for Chara’s head when they really shouldn’t be.

The fact of the matter is, Chara broke no rules other than the ones concerning interference with that hit.  He did not leave the ground with his feet.  He did not aim for the head.  He did not blindside him.  It was a clean, physical hit, that occurred in an unlucky spot on the ice.  End of story.

Yes, you could argue that Chara should have the mentality and awareness to know where he is on the ice at all times.  I completely agree with you.  However it should be the responsibility of the NHL, and the owners to ensure a safe arena.  The players should not have to babysit themselves in terms of where they are/are not allowed to hit a player on the ice.

If this hit had happened 2 inches earlier or 2 inches later, the injury wouldn’t have happened.  The injury happened because of the position of the player in relation to the boards, not because of the hit.

To say or assume that Chara planned for this, that Chara wanted to injure, possibly disable, and possibly end the career of Max Pac is very ignorant.  Chara is NOT a dirty player.  Chara is not a cheap player.  Chara is a big, physical player that made a big, physical play.  13 years he has been in this league without a single supplemental discipline on his record.  A dirty player wouldn’t be able to accomplish that.  And this is coming from someone who absolutely HATES Chara, and hates the Bruins.

At the end of the day, there is no rule against what Chara did.  Should there be?  Who knows, I’m not going to give an opinion one way or the other.  But the NHL cannot be handing out suspensions based on the severity of the injury.  That is a slippery slope that could, in the end, harm the integrity of the league, and the physicality that many people love.

If the NHL were to dole out a suspension for this hit, then they would need to start suspending ALL players who cause injury to another player.  This injury was entirely accidental, and was no where near the level of malice brought by say Todd Bertuzzi just a few years ago.  If the NHL started doing this, then any time a player shot a puck and injured another player, they would need to suspend them.  Any time a player breaks another players arm after a good, clean check, would need to be suspended.  You cannot do that.  It will kill physical hockey.

I feel like I should introduce some of you hockey fans to a philosophical idea, known as Occam’s Razor.  Occam’s Razor is the idea that out of two or more explanations for something, the more simple explanation is more than likely the correct one.

There’s two ways to look at it:

A good clean hit with terrible results.


Chara intentionally waited until Max Pac was at that specific point in the ice, and decided that in retaliation for a minor scuffle between the two many games ago that he was going to purposefully and with all of his might aim specifically for that corner of the glass in an attempt to disable and injure Max Pac.

I take option A.  You guys should too.

Habs fans, and other fans around the league need to have the intelligence to remove the result from the act.  The act was perfectly legal, and within the rules of the league.  The result was, unfortunately, not a good one.  However you cannot punish the result.  You can only punish the act.

Those Montreal fans calling the police, trying to file a criminal complaint against Chara are out of their fucking minds.  The man didn’t do anything.  I don’t give a fuck about the history between the two, nothing illegal was done.  This is a contact sport.  The players play at their own risk.

I wish Max Pac all the best in his recovery, as he is a very skillful player, and has a very bright future in this league.

End of story.

Case closed.

Move on.