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They want an undifferentiated global population, raceless, genderless, identityless, meaningless population, consuming sugar, consuming drugs, while watching porn on VR goggles while they max out their credit cards. Don’t deny that that is the kind of passive nihilism that so many in the elite class actually want. They want a world without roots, they want a world without meaning, they want a flat grey-on-grey world, one economic market for them to manipulate. That’s what’s happening in the world.
—  Richard B. Spencer 
hey, i hate myself, but i kinda need your guys’ help

this is dumb and i hate even asking, but i’m in a pickle and am not entirely sure where else to turn.

here’s the lowdown: i got a new job, but for that job i had to drop literal hundreds of dollars to meet the requirements, which basically meant clearing out my bank account. my credit card is maxed from moving from nebraska to california, and anyone i would normally ask for money is facing their own financial crisis and i don’t want to add to their plate with my own drama. 

as previously stated, i got a job, but that job has yet to give me a single hour, and while i’ve applied to other jobs, i have upcoming bills that are gonna come to pass before i get a solid paycheck. here’s what i need help with:

  • car insurance $120, due on the 28th
  • car payment $128, due on the 31st
  • medical bill ~$200, due (on my freaking birthday) feb 4th
  • speeding ticket from kansas (rip) for $1freaking58, due idk, i have to check, but i’m pretty sure at the beginning of februrary
  • anything else would go to my credit card, which is maxed at $2500 bc life is terrible

i would just try to defer stuff until i have money, but my car stuff is automatic, and without it i can’t do my job/get literally anywhere, my medical bill is already delinquent and is about one late payment away from going to the collection agency, and i’ve never had a speeding ticket before, but i’m pretty sure they’re unhappy if you don’t pay it, and it’s not like i can get to kansas for any sort of court date. basically, i’m fucked and really embarrassed about it, but all these unforeseen expenses have dug me into a big ol’ ugly hole, and if you would be willing to help, i’d basically owe you everything.

it also doesn’t have to be for free. i can do the following things:

  • edit any writing you need edited 
  • write you fanfics or original work, of which i’ll prioritize above everything else i’m working on (go to my fic tags on my blog to see examples of my work)
  • record any sort of audiobook/audiofic you want done (idk, it’s something i have on my profile as a skill?)
  • make you crappy gifsets
  • crochet you ugly hates or golden snitches?? (that’s kind of all i can crochet well) 
  • u tell me to do something stupid and record it and put it online, and i’ll do it. want me to cover my face in peanut butter and dance the macarena? i’ll do it, i have no dignity left
  • idk, name your price, i’m desperate!!

my paypal is literally anything helps. if all my followers donated just one USD i’d have enough to pay off my car in full. and if you can’t help, could you signal boost? ik, i hate doing that too, but i’d super appreciate it.

i also promise to return the favor when i have money myself. keep the goodwill going. 

idk. i am very embarrassed, but i love you all, even if you can’t help. thank you regardless. 

i hope you see cool cloud formations today,



Hey guys. So 2017 was going alright up until last week.

I’ve maxed out my Credit Card and used the money I had set aside for my monthly car payment to feed my family, buy wood pellets for the stoves to keep us from freezing to death, and for gas to drive my mother’s husband to his appointments in Lutherville, MD (I live 3 hours from there mind you and I have yet to receive any compensation from his Workman’s comp. people like I was supposed to).

I have no money and my mom’s husband just lost his job because Purdue is a horrible company. Her husband was making a good majority of the money and his paychecks normally left us with enough to buy enough of what we need to survive, which was very little.

I have opened commissions once more to try to make any money that will help us because I don’t feel right asking for donations.

The above works were chosen quickly and yes I did reuse my old commission info format and final image. I have tags to show what my other works are like and they are Ki Drawings and Ki Dooldes

If you are interested PLEASE contact me at so that I may go over details, cost, and so that I can send you an invoice through PayPal. Invoices are a must now so that I don’t get in legal trouble.

If you cannot afford to commission me or just do not wish to, please at least reblog this. I am at my wits-end trying to help our family of 6. 

Just This

Square Filled: Cuddling
Ship: Sam x Reader
Rating: Teen
Warnings/Tags: Smidge of Angst, Low Self-Esteem, Fluff
Word Count: 579
Summary: Sam comforts the reader when they feel worthless
A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo and for @samsgoddess as part of my 2K Kinky Celebration Drabbles who requested a Sam x Reader with the prompt “The accident wasn’t her fault”


It made you feel like a five-year-old while Dean scolded you. His gruff voice easily drowning out Sam’s polite comments to stop being aggressive with you. You knew Dean didn’t mean it, that he was just grumpy about the situation about his now maxed-out credit card.

It wasn’t a big deal, you knew that.

How were you supposed to know you’d get so spooked by a cat and knock down the entire shelf of antiques while the guys were interviewing the shop owner? It still hurt, though. How could you ever be a kick-ass hunter when you couldn’t even walk into a store without destroying everything?

You managed to keep quiet on the drive back to the motel, bottling up your feelings. When you finally entered your room, all your inner negativity screamed at you… that is until you heard the guys yelling at each other.

“The accident was wasn’t her fault!” Sam bellowed at Dean, his voice echoing through the paper thin walls of the motel. Your body froze in place listening to the brothers yell at each other in the next room.

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Look what I found for you Mister Beard! This should help next time a little does a run-by glittering :-)

and stock in mister beard wash goes through the roof as I max out my credit cards….

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Hit me up with some 47 and Jongin

47: Dogs don’t wear clothes! 

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he’s so relatable i’m crying


You sighed. “I’m stuck at a store with everyone judging me because I forgot my credit card and my emergency card has been maxed out.” 

There was silence on the other end. “Junmyeon? Hello?” 

“Uh, yeah,” he coughed. “I hear you. I’ll be there to pick you up in a few, just stay put. I need to talk to Jongin too.” 

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i hate asking for donations but my situation is really dire here. i’m an unemployed mentally ill jewish woman who has absolutely no way to pay for any of my expenses. sex work hasn’t been working since i have no clients and i’ve applied everywhere but have not gotten even an interview.

i have 50 cents in my bank account; 50 cents to my name. that is all i have.

i owe my college $850 in leftover tuition because they keep adding $75 late fees for each month i miss a payment. i haven’t been making payments because i’m jobless and my parents have financial problems of their own. i can’t afford the university charging me all these late fees.

additionally i maxed out my credit card, because you know, i had no debit funds and needed a way to pay for shit. now i can’t pay for anything because i have no credit line left.

i am fucking desperate. this is really taking a toll on my mental health and if i get kicked out of college over $800 (it’s happened to other students) i will seriously kill myself. on top of this i can’t even afford groceries.

i don’t know what to say other than i am completely fuckall broke and i can’t get a job to save my life. nobody is obliged to donate but any money sent my way would be very very appreciated so i can at least start chopping away at that $850. my paypal email is or (shows up as a business account but it’s actually me). even if you can’t donate a signal boost would be appreciated. any amount helps because i’m truly at the end of my rope here.

Wtf was with that episode of Hannah Montana when she maxes out her credit card so she has to resort to selling used Hannah Montana stuff? She literally sells her clothes but like also tissues and shit in order to pay it off before her dad finds out. Like that bitch was an international pop star and full time high school student. That’s a lot to juggle???? And like she sort of kept up her grades, as exemplified in the bone dance episode when she has to make at least straight Bs in order to go on her European tour. So like was Boby Ray Stuart just a greedy ass dad and using her money for his hair cuts and dye jobs or something??? I get that she was a teenager and it was a lot of money but did she not even have access to a little bit of it??? Did she have to ask her dad for money every time she went to the movies or went shopping???? Like she had to be a fucking millionaire but she was clearing out her closet in desperation. I think she worked hard enough and deserved that shopping spree. Wtf Boby Ray??? You want your mullet back???? Give Miley her money back first !!!

Everyone’s going to write hurt/comfort so I wrote about Netflix because I watch a lot of it. 11.04 coda, ~800 words

Once Baby’s back in one piece, which takes a lot of elbow grease and a series of maxed-out credit cards, Netflix becomes a thing they do together between cases. First things first, Sam makes Cas his own profile and connects the account to the TV in Dean’s room.

“Spoilers,” Sam says, which Dean suspects is bullshit, but he doesn’t call Sam out. He likes his privacy, and it’s not exactly bad, having Cas to himself.

Cas exhausts Orange is the New Black and Sense8 within a couple weeks and starts in on Hemlock Grove, only to give up three episodes in because it’s actually terrible. Dean doesn’t complain about his marathoning, happy to have something to look forward to when he gets home, besides his mattress and the back of his eyelids. Cas is healing but isn’t ready, not quite yet, so they crash out on Dean’s bed with a six-pack, elbows knocking as the hours pass in forty-five and fifty and fifty-eight minute segments. Cas stops asking if Dean wants to watch another episode after the first week, and Dean becomes accustomed to falling asleep next to him. Cas pauses their progress and covers Dean with a blanket. The significance isn’t lost on him.

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Sugakookie vacation au (?)

(based on the recent vapp honestly also this got long whoops ) 

  • Lots of photos like Lots they both have their own camera but end up sharing one cause Jungkook always liked Yoongi’s camera 
  • Jungkook having to carry Yoongi’s bags after a while cause Yoongi isn’t that strong and yoongi feeling a bit bad about so he gives Jungkook a massage later 

  • the two of them being v touristy but also looking like they are photographers for a magazine so in a way they blend in 

  • both of them having to point to things bc they dont english that well but still managing to make it  ( namjoon tried to teach them keyword: tried )

  • the two of them sharing clothes at some point bc they are idiots who dont properly pack (”yoongi for the love of god dont max out your credit card buying clothes” - Jin probs) 

  • Jungkook cuddling Yoongi a lot like yoongi standing enjoying the view ? you bet your ass  Jungkook is gunna wrap his arms around Yoongi

  • Yoongi have a million photos of Jungkook sleeping on the trains they take thinking its really cute 

  • Yoongi and Jungkook being able to hold hands through the streets giving each other shy glances 

  • Yoongi and Jungkook passing out one day and just lazing about the cabin they rented out being v cuddley with each other

  • getting asked when they are coming back and Yoongi is just like “i dunno” while Jungkook laughs ( two weeks turns into four weeks before Jin says he is going over to drag their asses back so they have to come back)

  • Jungkook spending forever to pick something at the store 9 out of 10 Yoongi ends up picking for him normally its a little trinket thats not common in SK

  • the two really enjoying nature and being together and they both are the happiest they been in a while cause its just them 

  • Yoongi having to wait to start the day bc Jungkook /has/ to work out (not that he minds tho cause there isnt a gym near so he works out in their room) 

  • When they get back with a bunch of stuff everyone says they looked more relaxed (cue some innuendo thrown by namjoon here) Yoongi and Jungkook saving up to do a trip like that again