max magician and the legend of the rings

Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings was FABULOUS. 10/10. If you like bad things, you should definitely check it out.

I think my favorite part was that they have CLEARLY cast the same lady as the mom to both Max and Princess Elise. They just swooped her hair a different direction. But they’re credited as different ladies. And we even spent some time listening to the DVD commentary by the director and screenplay writer and they were just like, “YEAH. THAT’S JACK BAKER.” I mean, at least if they aren’t different people, HIGHLIGHT THE FACT THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME? It was pretty hilarious.

They also talked about how great all their super fast, super cheap props look, as if we’re supposed to be impressed with the “Book of REAL Magic” is clearly a binder with, like, 8 pages stuck in it. And they talk about how they looked through “hundreds” of actors to find the right kid to play Max and literally that is the worst acting I have ever seen and I have seen clips of The Room.

Very enjoyable way to kill a few hours. Now if only I could figure out my next step in this fan fiction…