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So I saw a post about how Max is the one rapping in the end screen of each episode What if in the Dadvid!AU, David listens to Max rap in his room the lyrics and beat he made and signs him up for music camp next year???






yes honestly can we please all just

envision this???????

Okay y’all..

I have a question:

How the hell did no one know Max had a camp?

They do camp activities every day for every child, hell they even did one for Nurf. So how the fuck did they not notice Max didn’t have one when he obviously was supposed to have an activity day just like the other kids.

It’s been implied that this isn’t Max’s first time being at Camp Campbell, and if his parents are neglectful now, they probably were back when Max was first signed up for camp, so they probably didn’t put a camp activity then either. 

How were Gwen and David so incompetent to not realize Max didn’t have a camp? They have files of all the signed up campers which I’m sure they look through before the first day of camp starts, to know which kid has what and to get which camp activity props out. 

They either skipped Max’s file by mistake (Two years in a row. I don’t know, it’s obvious David cares about Max so you’d THINK David would try to find what his favorite little camper is signed up for), or Max made up some bullshit lie about what camp he has, even though that’s less likely too because during the s2 finale, David ASKED Max what camp he was signed up for, and Max said “It doesn’t matter.”

Plot holes. This is a plot hole. It better be explained. And if it has, someone tell me. Because obviously I don’t fucking know.

I like how when i very first started doing digital art, I religiously created a lineart layer, my layers had neat and tidy names, I made a layer for each new color used. Now I don’t even use the lineart tool, the layers are just numbered and there’s less of them

the signs as shit i’ve done

aries: had a nightmare that donald trump broke into my house and stomped on all of my balloons. woke up crying.

Taurus: bought sunglasses specifically for wearing in the shower, broke them after slipping while trying to do the baby bop hop from memory

Gemini: gets liam neeson and naill horan mixed up on a daily basis

Cancer: got a group of guys at school to bring me bottles of milk every day even though im lactose intolerant. drank nearly every single one to not be rude.

Leo: hid 8 satsumas in my math teacher’s classroom.

Virgo: thought mikey way was slang for mike wazowski. still not sure who mikey way is

Libra: tried to wax my legs but gave up after one strip and walked around with incredibly hairy legs and one big patch of baldness for two months in summer. constantly requested people feel the smooth patch and then the hairy parts for comparison

Scorpio: bought minion bandaids after my school stopped passing out bandaids to kids so whenever anyone gets hurt they have to settle for my minion ones. i’ve needed eight so far and nobody else ever needed any.

Caprisun: puts stickers on the back of the guy who sits in front of me in class every day. denies it every time he confronts me. one day i put a sticker with my face on it that i got from a photo booth and denied that too.

Saggitarius: never watched porn on purpose but accidentally watched someone getting a live octopus shoved into their vagina, someone else getting a human head shoved up their vagina, and someone else smoking a cigarette with their vagina all on separate occasions. is still haunted by the video of the person putting their head in a vagina because the video ended before they removed their head. im scared what if they’re still in there. they need to eat you cant just slip cheetos in there and expect it to be all fine and dandy

Aquarius: talked to cleverbot for 8 hours straight because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. the longer we talked the more threatening they got.

Pisces: bought a giant baby mask that now is strapped in to the passenger seat of my car. his name is phineas