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Maximus AU doodles

I was gonna make (Chloe) Liz’s hair pink but like, it just doesn’t work as well as blue so lol.

Max and Liz met when they were 13. Max and Mary met at 11.

Max calls Liz, Chloe, like how she calls Mary, Vic. Because it feels “right”. 

To the lovely New Girl fanatics,

New Girl is most likely to be renewed (I can feel it in my bones), but just in case, the New Girl community on Tumblr has come up with a way to bring it to FOX’s attention how much we want aka need another season. It’ll take less than a minute of your life.

Here’s what you gotta do, rooomfriends- if you’d like a S7, starting tomorrow Tuesday until this Thursday, tweet per day using #reNewGirl and #NewGirl. Here are some examples, or you can write your own:

The world needs love, laughter and HappiNess: a season 7 of #NewGirl. So #reNewGirl @FOXTV!

The world needs more laughter, and season 7 of #NewGirl! So #reNewGirl @FOXTV!

More HappiNess to the people! More #NewGirl to the people! So #reNewGirl @FOXTV!

ONLY tag @FOXTV, and NOT Liz or any of the cast members and crew; they can’t do anything about it anyway and may get annoyed instead.
If you don’t have Twitter, put it on your Tumblr blog, or comment on New Girl’s official Instagram or Facebook posts. Also, retweet all the related tweets you get in your newsfeed.
You can also add what country you are from to show FOX that people all over the world watch and love New Girl.

Remember that a S7 is very likely and we are doing this as a token of our great love and appreciation of New Girl and its creators!
We hope you join the #reNewGirl movement!

Shoutout to @msachsen for this wonderful idea to show our appreciation for this lil tv family that we love.


❝ the point is we don’t know anything about these czekchoslovakians. are they good czekchoslovakians,  bad czekchoslovakians, we don’t know they are just random czekchoslovakians. for all we know they don’t have their passports   

@michaelguerins asked: roswell or degrassi


16th Roswell Anniversary Rewatch → Graduation

I can’t tell you much more than that. It wouldn’t be safe. For you or for us. I can tell you that we’re far away and that we’re all trying to avoid the law and do good in the world. Oh, and I guess I should tell you that… Max and I did eventually tie the knot. Give my love to mom. Let her read this journal too. Then give it to Maria’s mom and after that take it and burn it out in the desert by the ruins of the pod chamber where my husband was born. So that’s the end. Our life in Roswell. What a long strange trip it’s been. Will we ever go back? I don’t know. Even I can’t see everything in the future. All I know is that I’m Liz Parker and I’m happy. [X]


What if everything Topolsky told us was true? I mean, the Special Unit of the FBI, Pierce, the alien hunter…What if he just killed Topolsky and six completely innocent people. This is serious, Max. People are dying. That list Topolsky talked about…Liz Parker’s on that list. Your sister, Isabel’s on the list, Michael, Maria, Alex… I’m on the list. You’re not the only one in danger here, we all are. We need to help each other now. And you need to trust me, `cause somebody’s out there right now. And anywhere you turn, he could be watching you.


Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: John Allison
Artist: Max Sarin, Liz Fleming
Cover Artist: Lissa Treiman
As the Christmas break looms, Susan’s endless cold refuses to go away, Daisy is in the honeymoon period of her relationship with Ingrid, and Esther is working all hours at the comic shop.


16th Roswell Anniversary Rewatch → Four Aliens and a Baby

- I saw her and all of this, energy just came out of me. I mean, all of this, like anger and hatred. I just though that that part of my life was dead and buried. - Wait a minute, no. That part of your life was never dead and buried. I mean, you’ve never truly gotten over that.