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Lab Rats AU. in this au all of the kids have unique powers that they were “born” with and are kept in Campbell corp Labs to examine their powers and behaviors to determine if they will be a threat to mankind or save it.

Subject M-1-24 :   Pyrokinesis - sets things on fire with the smallest hint of contact. heat increases if angered or confused, so much so the heat is close to that of the sun. to calm his anger give him his teddy bear or contact with his “friends” . but if all else fails let him continue his rant in the “cooling” station. when done with exhausting himself out after throwing his tantrum. give him plenty of water , food (preferably spicy) and rest. 

Subject N-5-9-12:  Electrokinesis - has the electric power of 5 cities combined. but needs to recharge when done demonstrating his power. give him a good book,food and isolation from the other subjects.  

Subject N-9-9-11 : Enhanced Speed - can run faster than the eye can see. enjoys jumping around so make sure there are pads to cushion her fall. and give her 3X the recommended amount of food to replenish her energy as she goes through it very quickly.

(i thought i t was a cool idea idk)


Hey everyone, apologies in advance for the shameless plug, buuuuut…

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For those of you not in the know, you may remember Jinkx Monsoon as the lovable season 5 champion of RuPaul’s Drag Race, or more recently as the villain Emerald on this week’s episode of Steven Universe!

Day Two: Lights, Camera, Family!
In which I draw too many David’s and Max’s

(Dadvid appreciation week ain’t over for me till i finish them all folks cause. I’m. Too. DETERMINED.)

So for some reason my brain just went, “Hey, instead of just one AU, why don’t we do three!” So I did it and procrastinated way too much too, hopefully y'all like it ✨🐔👍🏼

Camp Camp AU’s:
LabRats!AU - @mysterysmiley
Camp of Rock - @soaptears


Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3736

Author’s Note: I LOVE this. All that needs to be said ;)

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Momma Bear Steve.

Description: Reader is a very tough girl but she’s actually the biggest dork. (oops I suck at descriptions, RIP)

Character(s): Dustin (platonic), Steve (romantic)

Word Count: 2044 (I got carried away, oops)

Warnings: potty mouth tbh, sorry. Fight between some characters… Uhhhh, shitty writing?

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When the name (Y/n) was whispered through the halls, all that would be picked up would be the words ‘bad-ass’ or 'bitch’. (Y/n) was not a force to be messed with, she was a fighter, (Y/n) knew how to protect herself. Everyone seemed to know of her but no one ever seemed to talk to her.

The pretty girl with the (y/l/h) (y/h/c) always was seen alone, either writing in a notebook or listening to her Walkman. Steve Harrington never really payed attention considering his constant pining for Nancy Wheeler but that would soon change for him and ultimately all of them.

“Really, everyone dressed up last year!” said Dustin as the three rode their bikes quicker, whilst you skated. You had promised Claudia that you’d keep an eye on him when Will went missing in the Upside down. Even though Will had returned, Mrs. Henderson was still worried so you continued babysitting. Not that you minded very much, they could be a handful at times but the boys had grown on you.

“It’s a conspiracy, I swear.” he continued making you snort. “Really, Henderson? A cons-” you were cut off by the sound of a rumbling engine which made you promptly turn your head, Billy Hargrove.

“Guys, turn!” you yelled almost falling off your skateboard while making sure the boys safely got off the road. As Billy’s car swerved slightly, you helped Dustin get up, seeing as he had fallen off of his bike in a panic. “Was that-”

Billy.” “Mad Max.” you and Lucas said simultaneously.


The next day you made your way to where you knew Billy would be. The parking lot.

“(Y/N), really, you shouldn’t. He’s gonna…”

He’s gonna what? Hit me? I’d like to see him fucking try.” you scoffed at Dustin. You were angry to say the least. Sure you had all night to cool off but you only became angrier, barely even getting sleep. No one tried to run innocent kids over and get away with it. Not on your watch.

“He could, (y/n)! You don’t know what that asshole is capable of! I mean, damn it, he tried to kill us yesterday!” he yelled catching the attention of a few students.  "That’s exactly my point, Dustin! I’m not okay with some douche bag coming into our already shitty town and trying to kill my friends. Over my dead fucking body.“ You hissed turning and making your way to Billy’s car.

Smoke was coming from the drivers side as Max slammed the door shut behind her, only to become confused when she saw you walking angrily towards her.  ”(y/n)?“ She asked quietly but you ignored her.

You pulled the drivers side open and pulled Billy out by his jacket, "What the fuck?” he growled pushing you back. “You think it’s fucking funny to try and murder some kids? You think that’s okay you fucking asshole?!” you yelled catching the attention of everyone in the parking lot, which included Steve Harrington.

“Yeah, I do actually. What are you gonna d-” you didn’t let him finish because you had swung your fist back and proceeded to punch him in the nose. Hearing the loud crack made everyone watching cringe but you weren’t done, not even close.

“You do anything to hurt those kids again and you’ll be dealing with a lot more than a broken nose. You hear me, asshole?” you hissed before grabbing both Dustin’s and Max’s arms and dragging them to their middle school. Before you left you turned to them and said, “if he bothers you let me know. I’m more than willing to kick his ass again.”


Steve, the kids and yourself had stayed at the house as El, Hopper, Jane, Will, Nancy and Jonathan were out trying to get the Demo-dogs, Mind Flayer and the Gate under control. Mike seemed anxious and desperate to help though, which made you slightly worried considering he was adamant on helping. It was a gesture you welcomed but something felt wrong. It was as if a big storm was coming, you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

“Right, y- so my point is-” stammered Steve, the kids and yourself stared at him expectantly as he looked around. “-Right, yeah, we’re on the bench so, uh, there’s nothing we can do.” he finished.

“That’s not entirely true…” stated Dustin. “I mean, these Demo-dogs, they have a hive mind.” He paused looking around at us. “When they ran away from the bus they were called away.”

“So if we get their attention-” began Lucas, “maybe we could draw them away from the lab?” continued Max. “and clear a path to the gate…” finished Mike.

“yeah, and then we ALL DIE.” stated Steve throwing his hands in the air.

“That’s one point of view.” Said Dustin making you roll your eyes. “No, that’s not a point-of-view, man, that’s a fact.” muttered Steve. “I got it!” said Mike walking towards the other room.

The kid’s gathered around Mike as he explained that maybe they could set a fire and what else could arise from it. “Hey!” you yelled since they had continued to ignore Steve’s protests. He thanked you and continued his speech about keeping them safe which made you giggle softly to yourself. When did “King Steve” become such a mom?

“I need a yes.” he huffed but before anyone could agree a loud engine prompted you all to turn your heads towards the door.



“Am I dreaming or is that you, Harrington?” asked Billy as he leaned against his car. “Yeah, it’s me. Don’t cream your pants.” Steve muttered while putting his hands on his hips. You would’ve laughed if you weren’t so pissed off.

“Oh! And your little boyfriend is here too? She’s obviously the man in this relationship right?” he chuckled while shrugging off his jacket.

“Fuck off Hargrove.” you hissed taking a few steps toward him only to have Steve hold you back softly.

The following events had passed by too quickly for you to fully process. Billy asked about Max and saw them watching which prompted him to kick Steve and push past you. You ran to Steve and helped him up as you heard the door slam behind you.



When you had managed to get into the house again, Billy had Lucas pushed up against the wall. You watched him, anger bubbling inside of you as Billy yelled at Lucas.

“you’re dead.” huffed Billy after Lucas kicked him, which kicked your anger into high gear. “No, Billy, you’re dead.” you growled before kicking him in the balls which made him yell angrily and grab you by the hair. You managed to get him off of you as Steve stepped in punching him in the face.

“Get out.” muttered Steve pushing Billy back slightly. Billy paused before throwing a punch, which thankfully Steve dodged but since you were standing right behind Steve, Billy had managed to punch you instead. You fell backwards hearing the kids gasp.

You were dizzy but still conscious as you watched Billy beat up Steve. You looked around desperately and saw the needle used to sedate Will. Max was trying to help you up so you grabbed the needle and gave it to her. That was the only thing you remember.


“We have to get them together. I mean look at them, they’re practically on top of each other.”  Dustin whispered looking down at you and Steve. “Yeah, they’d be the parents of the party.” muttered Mike as he brushed a strand of hair off of your face. “No, they would both be the mom.”  Max said from the drivers seat. “Yeah, Steve is a total mom, I mean have you met him?

You and Steve were laying with your limbs tangled together with matching band aids on your faces as Max drove you all to the pumpkin patch. You stirred slightly making the kids stop talking.

"No, don’t touch it…” you heard Dustin whisper which confused you seeing as you hadn’t moved. It was then that you felt movement from under you which prompted you to open your eyes and groan. “You’re awake too, good… You put up a good fight… He kicked you’re ass, Steve, but you put up a good fight, buddy, okay?” you heard Dustin whisper again. You turned your head slightly and saw Lucas telling Max driving instructions. Driving instructions?!

“What’s going on?” both you and Steve asked moving slightly away from each other. Panic overcame you and you started to try and get up but Dustin was holding you back slightly. “Oh my God.” both you and Steve mumbled while simultaneously turning to each other.

As Dustin tried to calm both of you, you started yelling to stop the car but they weren’t listening.

“I told you they’d freak out!” yelled Mike as Steve yelled at Max to stop the car and you tried to push Dustin off of you.

“EVERYBODY SHUT UP! I’m trying to focus!” yelled Max glancing at you guys which made you even more nervous but it got both you and Steve to shut up. Only for fear to bubble up in both of you and scream when Max turned a little too sharply for your liking.

When you both arrived at the pumpkin patch Steve was still trying to convince the kids that they were not going into the hole but they were not having it. “Steve, forget it, they’re being brats and they’re not going to listen.”

“Hey!” Yelled Dustin to which you only rolled your eyes and flicked his forehead, “am I wrong dipshit?”

Finally, the gate was closed and everything seemed relatively normal. You had managed not to get the kids hurt or killed and Billy had seemed to get the message that you were not a force to be messed with.

“Farrah Fawcett spray?” you asked leaning on Dustin’s against Dustin’s door frame. He jumped half a foot and glared at you. “Shut up.” he muttered making you giggle. “Let me guess, Steve Harrington let you in on his little 'hair secret’.” you muttered arching a brow. A small blush spread across his face making you smile softly at him. “Let me help?” you asked.

The  three of you sat in Steve’s car on your way to the Snowball talking about nonsense. As Steve parked the car, Dustin moved the rear view mirror to look at himself. “Hey… C'mon” Said Steve, turning to Dustin. “You look great okay?” Steve muttered and as he comforted Dustin you couldn’t help but smile. Steve Harrington had gone from “King Steve” to “Momma Bear Steve” and you couldn’t help but think that it suited him ten times better. Showing this side of him, the soft side, made your heart swell in your chest and the way he comforted someone who you could technically call your brother made tears swell in your eyes.

“Yeah, uh, don’t do that, okay?” Steve muttered, after Dustin had purred, making you giggle. “Good luck, Dustin… You look great.” you said kissing his cheek softly. He blushed slightly and smiled at you, “thanks, (Y/N)… You guys are really cool…” he stated before waving and closing the car door.

You couldn’t help but feel proud as he walked into the school and you also couldn’t help feeling a bit ridiculous as tears escaped your eyes. “Hey, you okay?” asked Steve softly, you realized he was looking at you and you hastily wiped your tears away.

“Yeah, I’m grea-great.” you sobbed.  

“Hey, hey, hey! C'mere…” he whispered helping you into the passengers seat before hugging you. He felt warm as you cried into his chest feeling silly for crying but not being able to help it.

“I’m just so proud of him.” you cried into his chest, smacking him when you felt his chest shake with laughter. “It’s not funny, Steve!” you cried sniffling and wiping your tears away. “You’re such a dork, (Y/n)!” he chuckled keeping his hold on your hand which made you blush. “It’s cute.” he whispered a soft smile on his face. You didn’t know who had leaned in but you could care less as your lips molded together perfectly with his in a warm and short kiss.

“So, guess we’re the Parents now, huh?”

“Eh, I’d say we’re both the mom.”

So, uh this is my first Steve imagine? It’s also the first writing i’ve done in a while and I apologize, I just have finals coming up so I’ve been a bit busy, but I will start writing more soon! Hope you enjoyed! This was requested by @lil-aesthetics-n-hope so I hope this is what you wanted! I did change it a little bit, I hope you don’t mind!! Thank you for your request btw!

Badass (Steve Harrington x Mayfield!Reader)

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Sequel to Dangerous

Summary: Ever since you were little, people tended to underestimate just how dangerous you were. You never expected that moving to Hawkins, Indiana would be the thing to convince people that you were more than just a pretty face. But your badassness is put to the test when you’re up face to face with demodogs and your asshole of a step brother.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Mayfield!Reader (kind of)

Word Count: 5,315

Author’s Note: You guys. I wasn’t planning on writing a sequel to “Dangerous” but then I got some validation, and I couldn’t resist. It’s not much, but I had fun writing it. P.S. Comments make my world go round, so let me know what you think :)

Warnings: Language. Physically violent fight (choking). Abusive dickhead Billy.

You weren’t entirely sure what you were expecting when you followed Max out of your house.

To some small extent–minuscule, really–you had been mentally prepared to run into a small alien looking plant or rock. Maybe a hunk of glowing metal from a UFO.

And then, when you’d been promised a lizard, you’d expected a lizard ranging from gecko to iguana size. Something that would be easy to lock away in a box and keep contained until some safe government agent could pick it up.

At no point had you expected to actually walk up to a government facility and find it overrun by interdimensional demon dogs.

Nor had you expected to be dragged into the backseat of the Chief of Police’s car and hauled off to one of the weird kids at school’s house. And if you thought Jonathan Byers was weird—his house was covered with scribbled images, taped from the floors to the walls and forming some sort of map. If it weren’t for the fact that you were convinced that these people may die without your help, you and Max would have been out of there like that.

Even after some middle school punk girl with blood dripping out of her nose sent a demodog through the living room window–which had led to a confusing tearful reunion–you resolved to stay. Because just as soon as she had come, the plans were for her to go again. Her and all of the adults and the other teens. Except for Steve, leaving just the junkyard party plus one to hold down the fort.

“This is great, Max, really great,” you muttered under your breath from where you had sunk down at kitchen the table. She looked up at you from where she stood with Lucas. “You are never sneaking out of the house again.”  She smiled lightly, turning back to Lucas, and you narrowed your eyes. “I’m not smiling, Max.”

Next to you, Dustin was pulling all of the shelves and food out of the Byers’ fridge. You had been too exhausted to make more than a minimal effort to stop him. Especially when Steve started going along with it, wrapping the gross demodog in a beautiful old quilt to help shove in the fridge.

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Mike Wheeler: Not a baby

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader (female)

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A/n: sorry for not posting in such a long time, my life has been hectic and sophomore year is super stressful. I’ll be uploading more frequently from now on out though, and I also plan to make a master list soon!

Warnings: none

“Hey (y/n)! Get out of the bathroom, you’re hogging it!” Dustin yelled and loudly rammed his fist against the door.

“I’m just gonna take longer if you bang on the door!” You yelled back and continued to brush your hair even slower than before. You normally weren’t the type to care too much about your hair, and would normally even usually just put your hair in a messy bun and wear overalls. However, yesterday Mike had mentioned that he though your hair was “pretty when it’s down”, and you had been thinking about it ever since.

“I’m gonna burn your adoption papers!” Dustin called through the door.

“Dustin!” His mom yelled at him from another room, indicating that he had gone too far.

“Sorry mom!” He yelled back, but continued banging on the door.

You sighed, and put the hairbrush down as you made your way out of the bathroom.

“Finally, I can piss.”

“Ew Dustin, I didn’t need to know that.” You say to him and he closes the door to the bathroom as he makes his way in, apparently to pee.

For the past month, things had been hectic. Your parents had died in what you had believed to be a freak accident. They worked at the lab, and it had been horrible for you when they died. You had no clue where you would go, what you would do. You had no family.

However, at a funeral for those who died at the lab’s freakish accident, you’d met your now legal brother, Dustin, and his mom. She was a kind sweet lady, and you got along with Dustin, so the soft spot in her decided to adopt you.

Then, you learned that what had happened wasn’t a freak accident. Dustin told you everything, and at first it didn’t seem realistic in the least, but the more you thought about it, the more it made sense.

Like, why hadn’t your parent’s bodies been the the funeral? Why was it ashes instead, when they always talked about a proper burial if things came down to it? Why was the lab evacuated, but not the town? Why was the lab still standing, but all its inhabitants dead?

And so, after settling in with Dustin and his much too kind mother, you were adopted. It all happened so fast, and it still shocked you just how fast Dustin’s mom has accepted you and just how easily you and Dustin got along. Dustin explained that part of the reason for your adoption was because his lack of a father made Claudia feel lonely, so she had hoped for a daughter to help her family feel more full. You’d just happened to be super lucky.

You began going to Hawkins middle school with Dustin, and even though you were only months younger than him, you felt years younger. For a while, you simply hid behind him and followed him like a shadow.

However, despite feeling like an alien amongst most of the kids in Hawkins, there was one boy (besides your brother that is) that made you feel at home. It was Mike. Your feelings for him had first originated when you had scraped your hands up after falling off of your bike, and he had gently cleaned them up and put bandaids on them.

Most of the kids in the group had figured out that you liked him, it’s not like you hid it at all. Everyone except for Mike knew, because he was just too oblivious. That’s what Dustin told you at least, but you assumed that he didn’t realize it because he didn’t want it to be true.

Once you and Dustin had finished getting ready, you left the house together on your bikes and headed over to the Wheeler house. The entirety of the AV club were all sitting in Mike’s basement, and playing some random card game. The boys had all wanted to play dungeons and dragons, but since neither you nor max knew how to play it, the group had opted for a card game. Max was currently kicking everyone’s ass, because apparently she was a protigy at Texas hold'em poker for some reason, so she knew her way around a card deck easily.

You were sat next to Mike, and had almost completely tuned out what he was saying, because you were busy staring at his face. He apparently said something embarrassing, because everyone started to laugh and tease him, and he blushed and became very flustered. While waving his hands around in exasperation, he had accidentally knocked a cup of water over, and a lot of it had landed on you. Without thinking, he did the cliche move of randomly grabbing a towel and rubbing at the area that had gotten wet on you, and that just happened to be your inner thigh. This only made him more flustered as he apologized after realizing how weird it was for him to run your thigh. You simply laughed it off, and muttered a soft comment about how it was okay, and about how he was cute.

While most people would be shocked by someone calling them cute, Mike acted super causal and simply smiled and messied up your hair in a brotherly manner. You became extremely discouraged. He was treating you no different than how Dustin treated you. You were only 5 months younger than him! You were in the same grade as them! Why did they always treat you like a baby?

In an attempt to not wallow in self-pity, you started listening to the conversation Mike had been having before. And unsurprisingly, it was about Eleven. That was the final straw, and you suddenly stood up, fighting back tears and excused yourself to go sit outside. You muttered something about getting fresh air, but only Dustin seemed to care, everyone else was either listening to Mike talk about El, or distracted by the card game.

You slipped out of the basement and into the backyard, sitting on a brick and pulling your knees to your chest. You mindlessly began tracing circles on the part of your thigh that Mike had accidentally spilled water on before.

“What’s wrong (y/n)?” Dustin asked and sat down. You almost jumped, you’d been too caught up in your own thoughts to notice that Dustin had come outside after you.

“Why doesn’t Mike like me back?” You asked and sighed. You felt like you didn’t need to be subtle to Dustin, he had known for a while now just by observing how you acted towards Mike.

“Maybe he does-”

“Don’t give me bullshit… it’s probably because you guys all see me as a baby sister. Or maybe because he’s in love with Eleven or something. For fucks sake I’m in the same grade as you all, when will you guys quit babying me? I just wish that Mike would just see me as me and not as I’m his baby sister you know?”

“I guess… I’m sorry I didn’t know that I was doing that. But I seriously think that you should tell him that you like him! You can change things around yourself you know?” Dustin said apologetically, but had a smirk on his face (one that had been permanently pasted to his face ever since he started hanging out with Steve).

“But what if he doesn’t like me back Dustin? I might ruin your friendship, or mine! I like him so much, and I’d rather have him as a friend then not at all.” You paused to think for a second. “It’s just that I always feel like I don’t belong in your group. I feel like you guys are all living as friends and I’m just watching from the outside. But Mike made me feel like an insider. He was the first one of your friends to accept me. And not to mention he’s freaking adorable and-” you cut yourself off so that you wouldn’t ramble anymore. A couple of second of silence ensued between you and Dustin before someone behind you cleared their throat.

You slowly turned around, hoping and praying that whoever it was was anybody besides Mike Wheeler. However, the universe apparently wanted to laugh at you in the face today.

“H-hey.” Mike said and waved awkwardly at you.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Dustin said, and made the awkward growling noise he was fond of as he walked back inside, leaving only you and Mike.

You stood up and crossed your arms in front of your chest defensively. Mike walked over so that he was standing in front of you.

“So… uh” he started, unsure of what to say next.

“Do you think that maybe we can pretend that this never happened?” You said, glancing up hopefully.

“No.” He deadpanned, and you felt your heart get crushed inside of your chest.

“Oh.” You said and you could hear how deflated your own voice sounded.

“Uh- I mean that… I don’t want to pretend like it never happened.” He rephrased, trying to sound less emtionless this time.

You glanced up, a little hopeful now, and was shaken to see that he was blushing severely. You shyly smiled up at him, and returned the shy smile.

“So does that mean that you…” you said and trailed off, taking a step towards him.

“Yeah.” He said and stepped forward too.

“Since when?” You asked and looked up at his eyes.

“Since the first time I talked to you. I’m sorry for not telling you, I just figured that since you are techanically Dustin’s sister it’d be weird. Or like that you didn’t like me or something.” He said, and you put a hand on his arm to signal that all was forgiven.

“What’s in the past is in the past, right?”

“Yeah.” He said, and your staring switched from being fixated on his eyes to his mouth as his rose colored lips formed the word.

Before you lost the courage, you leaned forward, and gently wrapped your arms around his neck and lay them on his shoulders. You leaned your chest against his and he leaned back, so that eventually your lips touched briefly for a soft kiss.

“So.. is this like a thing?” You asked him hopefully and leaned your head back to look at him again, your and his arms still around eachother.

“I sure hope so, otherwise it would’ve been awkward to kiss you.” He says playfully and grins back at you.

“Nice” you say awkwardly, unsure of what to say next, but refusing to move away, hoping that the two of you could stay entangled like this forever.

From the basement door, you hear Dustin’s growling noise, and your face turns even more red and you press your head into Mike’s chest out of embarrassment. You hear Max and Will scold Dustin for spoiling the moment, but to be honest you could care less about that when Mike lay his chin on top of your head and you smiled into his sweater.

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