max lab

the last time i visited my mom, she asked me to take my sister to her flute lesson because she needed to crash. flute teacher lives in this really nice house with a really adorable big fluffy white dog – teacher warns me that the dog is a rescue and had been abused by a previous owner so he doesn’t like new people and it’s not anything personal. so i’m not trying to pet or get in his space, just doing that silly pet-talk at dog level from across the room: ‘whos a gorgeous dog!! what a sweetie!’ it’s out of habit more than anything, and i don’t want to seem threatening and scare the poor thing. dog immediately bounds right over, tail ablur, licking and sniffing and leaning into my hand for pets. then he’d lap around the house and bolt back over for more pets. for my sisters whole lesson, i had a very insistent new friend who needed 100% of my attention at all times, especially in pet form. and i’ll tell you, no one’s approval has ever meant more to me than the approval of that abused dog. 

Lab Rats // Lexi


Max had been happy when he had found another person who could shift. Sure he turned into an owl and Lexi turned into a fox but the two still quickly formed a strong friendship. However one night while in the woods together someone had seen them shift and informed a group of scientists who caught the two while they were defenseless and took them far away to a lab. Max woke up in a cage and felt a surge of panic but was thankful to have switched back into his human form. He grabbed onto the bars, letting his eyes turn yellow so that he could see in the darkness. “Lexi?!” He whispered, trying to catch sight of her.