max just look really cute tbh

beautiful sinner @marcuskanc tagged me <33 ily

rules: list ten of your favorite people from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people! (I’M NOT REALLY IN 10 DIFFERENT FANDOMS BUT I WILL TRY)

1. Bellamy Blake (obviously what else were you expecting)

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look at him. so precious

2. Warren Graham (it’s hard to choose between him and max tbh but i love my son so)

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3. Nancy Wheeler (she’s just,, so wonderful honestly i love my girl)

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4. Stiles Stilinski (again it was really hard to choose between him and Lydia but i’ve loved my son from the start)

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6. Carl Grimes (again,, i love my son)

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esp little carl honestly he’s so cute

7. Dean Winchester (i haven’t watched supernatural in forever but i still love my boy ok)

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8. Veronica Lodge (i love her)

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9. Emma Swan (again i haven’t watched OUAT in a while and i’m not caught up but <333333)

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10. Goku (lowkey a throwaway but i love db sooooo much)

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I MADE IT kind of okay

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