max just look really cute tbh

anonymous asked:

Oh my. I thought for a minute you'd made a new character. Maybe it's just the camera angle but her glorious nose seems to have shrunk. She's still a cute space daughter all said and done. She just looks very different. You're taking the changes pretty well....I'd probably have been upset.

Yeah, I am slightly bummed about her schnoz (still on max size, still using the same preset as a base, so really this is just what I have to work with now), but tbh, I’m less upset and more…. excited? I guess?

Like, I remember the first time I played I was a bit disappointed with the CC, and now that it’s been updated (and I kinda know what I’m doing), I feel like it’s becoming what it was meant to be. With these updates, like the eye-tweaks and the implementation of a same sex relationship with Jaal, it’s starting to feel like a BioWare game, and not an EA game? if that makes sense?

Part of me wishes they had pushed the release date to now (kinda feel like we who bought the game early were doung some unpaid beta testing the first few weeks), but I’m just happy that we got here. :)

…. also the new CC can make some hot-ass dudes, I’ll have to show yall her new brother a little later because /man/