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Game Game Boy (Max Meyer X Leon Goretzka imagine)


I sighed probably for the thousandth time, I just don’t know what was wrong with  me. Scratch that I did know what was wrong with me, my boyfriend of a year and three months broke up with me. It’s like I’m one of those girls who sits in the house all day wondering, “How am I going to live without him”. Nah I was way different than that. 

It didn’t really bother me but, it did at the same time. If you get what I mean, we’d been together for a long time of course I was going to miss him every now and then. But currently it was just bothering me more, the fact that we’d broken up. 

And I really wasn’t given an entire hour or even twenty more seconds to dwell on that because within seconds, the door burst open and in walked Max and Leon. The two sent smiles my way, “Hey Y/N, why do you look like that?” Leon asked walking into the kitchen

I chuckled looking over to him, “ I look like this because this is a representation of how I look on the inside” I said 

Max chuckled taking a seat on the other couch, “Nice way to describe it “ He said

I nodded, “I try honestly” 

The two laughed, and then turned on the TV getting comfortable inside of my apartment. And it didn’t take long for the two to do so either, I sighed, and Leon looked over. “Are you going to do that the entire time? Because this is actually a good episode" He asked

I rolled my eyes, “I’m sorry that you came to my apartment and can’t take my sighing” I said sarcastically

Leon chuckled before turning back around to the TV. “Oh by the way we’re going out tonight which is another reason we came over” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “Going out where?”

He shot up from his chair causing both Max and I to jump slightly and look at him. “Just get ready” He said and walked into the kitchen like nothing happened

I shook my head, and looked over to Max, “How’d we get dragged into being friends?” He asked

I chuckled shrugging, after a while I finished getting dressed and the boys had left and come back but this time they’d walked through my doors with a couple more of my friends. “Y/N!Are you finally ready to party and stop being a sore” Kenny asked

I chuckled giving him a hug, “I guess I don’t have a choice”

We all laughed, and went by the rule of clubs which is before you get there you must get your own fill of your own alcohol before walking in. “Just pass it to me” I heard someone say

When I looked over Kenny was handing Leon a cup. “How about we make this night a fun night by doing some dares before going in.”Massie said

Everyone looked over to her, “Alright lets have some” I said sitting on top of the counter

She rubbed her hands together, afterwards she began giving out dares for most of us to carry throughout the night. And to be honest some of them were pretty funny, like Kenny got dared to dance with 17 random women and as them for their numbers. 

And even though Kenny is a looker he doesn’t like looking in clubs, as he says. After a little while it came down to just Max and I who hadn’t been given anything, and I thought it was because she couldn’t think of anything but boy was I wrong. “And for you two the last pair, I dare you two to act like a couple for the entire night” She said

Everyone did their elementary ‘Ooooo’s’, and laughs meanwhile Max and I looked at each other. “Doesn’t seem too bad” Max said

Massie smiled, “Like a real couple kids” 

We both looked over to her, “What do you mean like a real couple?” I asked

She gave a smile once more, “You have to hold hands, kiss, and be cute” 

The two of us groaned, “Great now that everyone has something let’s go!” She said 

Everyone made their way out of my house, and to the club. Since it was far, we just walked and when we got their we went straight in and into our normal table. 

I’ll admit the night started off good, everyone was having fun we were all getting a little bit more buzzed. But to be honest I think that’s where it turned into something different. 

After taking one more sip of my drink, I got up from the booth with Massie and Becca and headed onto the dancefloor. We were having fun, the three of us danced on each other, but as usual and cliche as this sounds it did happen. A drunk guy came over and started getting quiet handsy, it was fine at first because of the type of song that was playing but now it was just weird and creepy. 

And of course the two girls couldn’t be found anywhere when I was searching. “Can you let me go” I said trying to push his arms off of me

But that of course didn’t work because his hands got tighter and he pulled me closer to him if that was even possible. “C’mon pretty girl I know you’re having fun” 

Just as I went to say something he was pushed off of me and I was pulled into someone. When I looked up I saw Max, and instantly something within me started speeding up and I felt happy that it was him. “Aye man, we’re just having fun” The drunk guy said

Max scoffed, “She’s not having fun with anyone besides me” He said

The guy chuckled and motioned between us, “What is he your boyfriend or something”

“Yeah I am, and that’s exactly why she’s not having any fun with you” Max said, “Stay here” Max said turning to me

I nodded, and watched as the guy continued to get in Max’s face about the entire situation before swinging and unfortunately hitting him in the face but it didn’t seem to faze Max or have any effect on him period because he just wiped the blood and decked the drunkard in the face. 

The guy couldn’t stabilize himself after the hit but still tried. When the guy was trying to stand still once more, Max grabbed my hand and we ran out of the club. When we were a little ways from the club I turned towards him. “You okay?” I asked motioning to his bleeding lip

Max chuckled wiping it off, before nodding his head, “Yeah I’m good you?”

I nodded, “Thank you for that” I said

Max smiled, “Anytime” 

It went back to it’s comfortable silence and by then we had made it to my house, unlocking the door and going in Max sat down on the couch and sighed. “I’ll go get something to clean it” I said

As I’d made my way to the bathroom, I tried to calm down my beating heart and when I finally did I was scared by Max’s voice, “You okay” 

I jumped and placed a hand over my heart, “Lord you scared me” I said

He chuckled and hopped on the counter, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to”

I shook my head, “You’re fine, but-um why didn’t you just wait on the couch?” 

Max shrugged, “I thought this would be a better height for you” 

I chuckled, and placed the first-aid kit on the counter. After taking out what I needed, I looked over to Max who was already staring at me. Trying to clear my head of whatever thoughts was in my head I sighed before working on his lip. 

When I was finished, we stayed there in silence just staring at each other. And I didn’t even have time to process the fact that we were slowly inching towards each other and before we both knew it we were making out in my bathroom. 

“Yeah I think they’re Hey Y/N-Whoa” 

We both pulled apart and looked over to our friends who stood there some in shock and others amused, “I fell-”

”She fell” 

“Oh, you are toast!” her sister screamed, making another desperate grab at the wooden toy gun. She skipped back a few steps and frowned in confusion.

What did you just call me?” she demanded. “What does that even mean?

“It means you’re in big trouble and you’re gonna get beat,” her sister shot back. “I heard Mama say it about that new boy they’ve got on the trade convoy. She said he was toast and he wouldn’t last one day out in the wastes.”

“Well, that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. I don’t even know what a toast is.” She easily evaded another one of her sister’s lunges. Grinning smugly, she pointed the gun at  her sister’s heart. Feet apart, one hand supporting the other, just like she’d seen the Bullet Farmer’s Gunners practicing. “Bang.”

Toast!” her sister shrieked again, tackling her into the dirt.


“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” Her Mama was apoplectic, red anger making her neck and cheeks even darker. “Sneaking out with the war party! What if the Buzzards had sent a hydraulic after that car? You would’ve been toast, that’s what, and I bet you didn’t think of that when you went out glory-seeking, did you!”

“But Mama, I helped! I really did!” she protested. “If I hadn’t reloaded the rifles for them, they never would’ve shot those Buzzards down in time.”

“You’re lucky the Bullet Farmer doesn’t toss you out into the wastes himself, impudent girl,” her Mama said, but some of her anger had diffused.


“Stop being so damned stupid!” she snarled over the roar of the truck’s engine. The Gunner glared at her and gripped the rifle tighter in his bloody hands.

“I don’t take orders from no Ammo Sifter,” he spat. “’Specially not a girl,” he added, raking his gaze down her body. She didn’t understand the gesture – after all, she was dressed in the same weathered layers of fabric he was – and something about it turned her stomach, but she chose to ignore the unpleasant feeling for the moment.

“In case you haven’t noticed, your trigger finger’s gone, and the Riders are regrouping as we speak. If you don’t give me the blasted gun, we’re toast, you stubborn smeg!” The insult was swallowed by the revving engines of the Rock Riders’ bikes. She growled and ripped the weapon from the Gunner’s mangled grip, turning just in time to send a bullet between the approaching Rider’s eyes.


“Get down!” her sister hollered. “Do you want a flamer to the head? I said get down!

“I can’t!” she yelled back. “My hair is caught on the scope!” She jerked her head again, wincing as the tangle pulled painfully on her scalp. Her sister’s hands fluttered, uncharacteristically nervous, as another gout of flame passed over the open top of the truck. The heat of it made her eyes smart. Her fingers wrapped around the knife tucked into her waistband.

“Cut it!” she shouted, holding the blade out to her sister.


Cut it!

After a moment of hesitation, her sister grabbed the knife and sliced through the snarled hair. Both girls dropped to the floor, breathing hard. They looked at the mess wrapped around the rifle scope, the long brown strands that had made their Mama so proud, and then at each other.

“Toast,” they said in unison, suddenly far more worried about the firestorm waiting for them at home than the one consuming the battlefield.


She didn’t understand why she had been chosen to be part of the greeting party. Immortan Joe of the Citadel, controller of all the Aqua Cola in this part of the Wasteland, was far too important to be greeted by a low-level Gunner such as herself. Her sister had seemed to share that sentiment this morning, concern shining in her one good eye as they hugged goodbye. An apprehensive knot constricted her chest, similar to the ones that formed in the silence before an ambush. The unease only increased when she was bustled into a small hut, out of sight but still close to the gates of the Bullet Farm. A handful of girls huddled inside, all of them pretty and healthy, no visible scars or tumors or twisted limbs. It all felt highly irregular.

The Immortan’s convoy was preceded with a wall of sound: shouting, the familiar deep growl of V8 engines, and loud, strange music. The walls of the hut trembled as the huge gates were pulled open; she felt an answering tremor make its traitorous way through her limbs.

The cacophony finally died down and the hut filled with a thick silence. She could hear voices talking back and forth, the Bullet Farmer’s dry, impatient tones and another booming voice that presumably belonged to the Immortan. After several minutes of conversation, a single sentence rang clear – “Bring out the girls!” – the door to the hut opened, and the girls were pushed outside into the blinding sunlight.

Immortan Joe cut an intimidating figure. He seemed… blank, somehow, without all the loops of ammo wrapped around his waist and chest – customary garb for citizens of the Bullet Farm – but power and vitality still lurked in the colorful medals pinned to his muscled chest and the long hair the bright color of a magnesium flare. His War Boys looked like animated corpses with their black and white body paint, but she supposed that was the point: what could be more commanding than your very own army of the dead?

She twitched under the weight of so many eyes, wishing she could run back to the sanctuary of the Armory and trade jabs with her sister as she oiled down the guns. The other girls seemed to be having similar thoughts. They squirmed and hunched, any pretense of courage quickly fading. She tried to straighten her spine; her Mama did not raise a coward. There was no reason for her mouth to be dry and her heart to be pounding the way it did after she had a brush with death – what her sister jokingly called a near-toast experience. Surely she was overreacting?

She lifted her head and stared directly into the Immortan’s disconcerting blue gaze. He lifted an arm and pointed straight at her.

“This one.”


The chambers were a cage. A well-appointed cage, to be sure: the beds were raised off the floor with metal frames, there were actual fabric rugs on the floor, and there were more books than she’d ever seen before. But the metal door was heavy like a vault’s, and it slammed shut with a sound like her doom.

She stood in the center of the room, trying not to shiver in the damp chill as she stared down the girls huddled on the stone staircase. They were dressed in flimsy white muslin (how impractical! Never mind that she now wore the same) and their flowing hair made her absurdly self-conscious about her own short cut. Just when she thought she couldn’t bear the silence a moment longer, the tall one, the one with yellow hair and scars on her high cheekbones, stood.

“Who are you?” she asked. Her voice was steady and there was something dangerously close to pity in her eyes.

It was too much. She dropped her eyes to her feet and muttered glumly.


So like

I ship Pricefield, if that isn’t obvious by my posts. But like

I don’t hate Warren? I think he’s a nice character, and it’s obvious he cares for Max. While the Max from my playthrough didn’t kiss him, I did have the option since while I did kiss Chloe, I also chose to go to the drive-in with Warren as a friend.

He never calls it a date, not really. Just kind of ‘haha cool you’re gonna come with me to this really cool thing.’


I just feel a lot of Pricefield shippers I’ve seen seem to hate Warren and I kinda want to know why. Like, what did he do to deserve hate? Letting Max be with him is completely up to the player, and he’s never really mean about it. The nightmare doesn’t count, since that was Max’s anxiety getting to her.

I have like 2000 reasons why it’s okay to like Warren yet still 110% ship Pricefield, but I just want to know opinions?


You know what’s the saddest thing about the “Chloe” ending?

Not that she died, forever. But that she died in though that her best friend left her and didn’t say a word to her. The fact that her another friend suddenly left her, without a word. In a though she was alone… But Max remembers it all.