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the last time i visited my mom, she asked me to take my sister to her flute lesson because she needed to crash. flute teacher lives in this really nice house with a really adorable big fluffy white dog – teacher warns me that the dog is a rescue and had been abused by a previous owner so he doesn’t like new people and it’s not anything personal. so i’m not trying to pet or get in his space, just doing that silly pet-talk at dog level from across the room: ‘whos a gorgeous dog!! what a sweetie!’ it’s out of habit more than anything, and i don’t want to seem threatening and scare the poor thing. dog immediately bounds right over, tail ablur, licking and sniffing and leaning into my hand for pets. then he’d lap around the house and bolt back over for more pets. for my sisters whole lesson, i had a very insistent new friend who needed 100% of my attention at all times, especially in pet form. and i’ll tell you, no one’s approval has ever meant more to me than the approval of that abused dog. 

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Hello ! How would each jojo be like as an older sibling ? would there be differences in how they would treat a younger sister or brother ? (it can stay gender neutral if you want !) (i know it's 5 characters max, but i couldn't choose between the jojos ;_;)

[ Ok cos I don’t Jojolion I wont do Jo2uke haha sorry about that :’) it might also be a bit short for each of them since there’s so many :( Also ya i kept it gender neutral <3 ]

- Jonathan would be the best big brother you could ever wish for, he’d do anything for you and even take the blame from dad for you too. 
- You want a midnight snack? Jonathan is on it, creeping downstairs to steal you a cookie just to make sure you were happy.
- If you were in a bad mood Jonathan wouldn’t leave you alone until he managed to get you to cheer up again be it with some very bad jokes or small Hamon tricks. He’s the caring older brother type.
- He’s such a sucker for you too, whenever you were to compliment him or tell him how cool he was calling him the best Big Brother Ever he’d just puff his chest up with pride. Flashing you a smile.
- He’d love to play with both you and Danny at the same time too, passing a frisbee between him and you in the backyard as Danny tries to catch it. 

- Joseph would be that one brother you have a love hate relationship with. Like, all your socks mismatched on purpose, or the salt and sugar being switched up, he just like playing small pranks but would apologise afterwards.
- He’d love to teach you a bit of Hamon too, not for battle but for just for tricks to show off or maybe a bit of self defence.
- Though he won’t take the blame for you, you bet Joseph would talk back to Grandma Erina for your sake if he feels like you’re not in the wrong, this usually ends up with the both of you getting punished instead.
- If you came home in a bad mood though Joseph would definitely ask you what’s up, if its something he can help with he would, he’s still a loving brother and would want to see you smile all the time.
- If you need help with homework and Joseph is free, he’d totally be your personal tutor, bullying you if you got it wrong and congratulating you if you’re right.

- Jotaro just doesn’t interact much with you, other than the occasional Hi Bye or asking you where things are he doesn’t really bother.
- But he’ll get super protective if he ever finds out anyone is bully you, he doesn’t care who if you come home crying or beaten up the next day your bullies are magically in the hospital. He’ll never admit it but you can tell by his slightly scuffled look that day that he beat them up for you.
- He’d occasionally show signs that he does care for you quite a bit, like sharing some desert with you if he knows you had a bad day. Or nonchalantly leaving notes on your work explaining how to solve the question you couldn’t solve.
- Holly is too nice to ever actually punish the both of you but Jotaro would give you a warning if you ever stepped out of place thus he ends up being the one to teach you right and wrong.

- Josuke is the Best Friend kind of brother. Going to the arcade together, or bringing you out to lunch, maybe even being willing to spend some of his saving on you.
- He’d also bring you out to karaoke and introduce you to his friends so all of you are just one rowdy bunch of excited teens having fun together.
- Josuke would get super overprotective once you reach the dating age though, not wanting to see you get your heart broken so before dates he’d would have already threatened your partner not to hurt your feelings but you won’t ever know he did something like that because the last time you found out you ended up scolding him instead.
- Josuke would also share haircare products and tips with you, though you don’t share the same sentiments about your hairstyle like he does you still enjoy having silky smooth hair.
- You’d also never be hurt, ever cut or scratch no matter how small would be immediately healed up with Crazy Diamond the moment he notices.

- Giorno would be the Best Brother! Being bullied when he was a kid lead to you getting some of it to, but if anyone comes to mess with you Giorno would immediately step up to take the hit instead.
- He hates to see you hurt and would much rather take the fall for you. He’s the quiet brother kind, so you won’t know when he does get hurt in your place. He doesn’t want you to worry about him.
- When he gets older though he’d try to leave you out of the mafia but still use it to take care of you. If you want something expensive he’ll get it. If you want an ex to leave you alone, he’s on it.
- He’d also feel super responsible for you since you’re each other’s only family. Giorno would protect you with his life and he know you would do the same for him. So when it came to Passione in the later years, fully expect him to make sure everyone had an eye out for you.

- Jolyne would be a great older sister, she sees that since dad isn’t always here for you, she tries to fill that part of your life so you don’t feel as lonely.
- She’d be the kind of sister to lend you her makeup and music CDs whenever you wanted maybe spoiling you a little in the process.
- Instead of mom lecturing you, it’ll be her. Jolyne just wants to make sure you don’t grow up to be a spoilt brat but in all honestly she rarely does end up scolding you, but gives you the “ I’m disappointed in you” talks instead.
- If you like shopping, be sure as hell that she’s bringing you out to buy whatever you want. She herself spending a lot of time getting her own fashionable clothes and makeup.
- She’d also be super close to you, loving to hear whatever relationship updates you have. Hearing you talk about someone you like or even getting together with them is interesting to her. She’d try to give you ‘ relationship advice’ though it usually turns out horribly.

- Johnny would be the most perfect older brother, he himself having an older brother Nicholas, he just wants to be that figure in your life too. Making sure you never feel any bias against you in the family.
- If dad were to scold you he’d step up and take the full blame for you regardless. He feels like since dad already hates him he might as well take the hit for you so you’d live a better life than his.
- Johnny would also love bringing you out to the racetracks to ride with him and teach you everything about horses that your dad wouldn’t teach you [because he thinks you’re not ready.] Johnny calls that bullshit and just wants to see you happy.
- He’d be the most heartbroken to leave you after he runs away from home, secretly still getting people to write to you and update you on his wellbeing telling you not to worry or if dad is being mean you should “ Run away too! Stay with me. I can take care of you.” 

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hiii ive been trying to look into making vocal only/acapella versions of songs, and i have no clue how to go about it. most tutorials dont seem to do the trick as well as ive been seeing around, so im a lil lost. if you wouldnt mind, id love some sort of explanation !! i use audacity, if that helps any uvu

Heyy, I’m honestly not the best in explaining so bear with me.

The software I use:
Adobe Audition CC 2015

Required files:
The original song (with vocals)
The off vocal/karaoke version of the song

1) Go into Audacity, open the file with vocals and import the off vocal version of it. Once you’ve done that, you’d need to select the first track and “Split Stereo to Mono” as showed in the screenshot below. (You need to repeat this with the off vocal track.)Onc

2) Once you’ve done that, you get 4 tracks total. Delete both the 2nd and 4th track. After this you’ll see that your tracks are not running at the same pace. The best thing to do is to zoom in on them and make sure they run at the same time.

3) Once that is done, you are ready to export the tracks. For this you NEED to save them in .wav format.

In order to export the vocal track, you want to set the tracks like the screenshot above. It’s the best to save them under a name that makes it clear for you that the tracks is the one with the vocals.
In order to to export the instrumental track, you want to do the exact same thing as the screenshot, expect you set the 1st track to mute and the 2nd track to solo. Once again; it’s the easiest to give it a name that makes it clear for you that this is the instrumental track. (NOTE: It’s the best option to save them in the same folder so the software can automatically add the off vocal file.)

4) Once you’ve exported both, you’d want to open Utagoe (I’ll provide a download link to that at the end of this), you want to go to settings (the wrench button) and set the slider that I marked with an arrow to the max. After that you just press Ok as you don’t need to do anything else there.

5) The first thing that you want to do is open the vocal track like I show here in the screenshot. If the tracks are saved in the same folder, then Utagoe will automatically add the off vocal track. In the last option it will show the what the file will be named (Which you can edit of course) other than that you don’t have to do anything with the last option. Once you’ve done this, you want to press that big button with the green music note. After this you have to wait and after a while it’ll be done and then you should have your acapella track (NOTE: there is a chance there is still some static/drums/other beat in the background.)

You just need to click the Mediafire link and then you should have it.

EDIT: I use Adobe Audition to master the audio, though it’s just a preference of mine and isn’t required.

I hope this helped you in some way, like I said; I’m not the best in explaining + English is not my 1st language. So if I made any mistakes, I’m sorry.

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hi! can i please get ships for astro, svt, infinite, nct or exo? (just the ones you want to do will be ok, idk ur max #) love wearing other ppls clothes, travel, languages&new people. love skinship but hate cheesy romantic stuff. i lead a lot of teams & clubs & do well in school but im a lil wild & ask stupid questions & tell dumb jokes (+ dirty jokes & puns) I come off as cold bc i can be serious and have rbf. i show my affection through teasing (&skinship) but will do anything for my friends.

Hi there! So You ask for quite a few and I want to do my best to get your ships out. Our max is three with a blurb. However, I don’t think we’ve specified that so I’ll give you all of your ships however, they will not have written explanations.

SVT : Mingyu

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I hope you enjoy your ships! Thank you for the request!

Family Day - Camping Chronicles

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Thank you to @clarymaureen for beta-ing this for me and thank you to @shadowhuntersbetas for connecting us 💞

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!“ Alec heard the voice of his three year old son pulling him out of his sleep. He looks over in the bed next to him and notices that Magnus is not there. Alec opens his eyes just a millimeter more to see Max staring him straight in the face.

“It’s still early, blueberry. Do you know where Papa is?” Alec asked Max as he sat up and kissed his forehead.

“Kitchen with Rafe. Special breakfast for special day he said.” Max yawned. Alec smiled as he thought of his husband and his son in the kitchen together making breakfast. He pictured Magnus in his dressing gown and his hair flattened, he loved seeing Magnus like that. It was his favourite look on him.

“Oh, I see,” Alec said as he stood up and picked Max up.

Alec strode into the kitchen and was overwhelmed by what he saw. His beautiful husband stood over the stove in his navy blue dressing gown with the letter M embroidered on the front left hand side with his World’s Best Warlock apron over the top. He had flour everywhere; on his cheeks, his nose, even in his hair. Alec couldn’t understand how Magnus still looked flawless. Magnus heard Alec giggle.

“Good Morning, Alexander.” Magnus said as he skidded across the room and planted a quick kiss on Alec’s mouth. “Did you sleep well?” Magnus asked as he took Max from Alec’s arms and placed him on the counter next to Rafael.

“Mmhmm” Alec hummed as he followed Magnus over to the stove. He pressed his lips to Magnus’ cheek and then wrapped his arms around Magnus’ waist. “Special day, huh?” Alec laughed.

“It certainly is. It’s our first trip out as a family. Speaking of which, we need to find your hiking boots before we leave.” Magnus said as he poured pancake mixture into the pan.

“I know.” Alec said before kissing Magnus’ neck. Alec could have stayed like this with Magnus all morning but he was reminded that they weren’t the only two in the kitchen by two giggles from across the room. Alec untangled his arms from around Magnus’ waist and made his way over to the counter.

“Having fun are we?” Alec said raising an eyebrow at his sons. Rafael was covered in flour; just like Magnus.

“I was helping daddy make breakfast.” Rafael said.

“I can see that. I’m sure you did a great job too.” Alec laughed and then kissed Rafael’s forehead.

“Voila.” Magnus said as he set two plates down on the table and turned around to grab two more. “Breakfast is served.”

Alec lifted Rafael down off the counter and placed him on the chair. He turned back to get Max but Magnus was already carrying him to the table. Alec sat down and looked at the wonderful food before him. Magnus had made pancakes and waffles. Blue sparks shot from Magnus’ fingertips and syrup, blueberries, and bananas flew across the room and landed on the table. Max and Rafael clapped their hands and laughed. Alec loved seeing his children laugh and he loved that it was Magnus who made them laugh. Seeing this little moment where the four of them were smiling and laughing together, just made Alec fall more in love with his family.

Alec watched in amazement as the familiar blue sparks came again, this time lifting the maple syrup and pouring it onto Rafael’s stack of pancakes first and then Max’s. Although Alec had seen Magnus’ magic plenty of times before, it never got old. Alec was always astonished and rather smitten that his husband could perform such things. Using his one hand to pick up the knife next to his plate, Alec used his other hand to reach across the table and grab a banana. He peeled back the skin and cut it up. Popping a piece into his mouth, he gave some of the pieces to Max and some to Rafael.

Magnus’ cat eyes shone as he watched Alec. He could always be himself around him, Magnus didn’t need the glamour to hide his eyes and he didn’t need to use the usual level of sarcasm. He didn’t even have to be the high warlock of Brooklyn, he was just Magnus. Although the magic was a tremendous advantage.

“Are you all packed, darlings?” Magnus asked.

Rafael said “Yes I can’t wait!” and at the same time Max answered “Yup!”

“Well maybe you could help Daddy get packed because he’s still not finished.” Magnus said as he watched Alec stuff pancakes into his mouth.

Alec raised his eyebrow and tried to swallow the pancakes that were inside his mouth. “Maybe if someone didn’t keep distracting me then I would be finished.” Alec mumbled with his mouth still full. Magnus and Alec stared at each other for a few moments before Magnus burst into laughter, shortly followed by Alec and then Max and Rafael.

Alec swallowed the remains of his food and set his fork down. “I’ll go and finish off packing so we can leave soon and get there before lunch.”

“I can help.” Rafael grinned and then threw his hands up for Alec to pick him up.

“Max and I will sort this mess out.” Magnus said as he ruffled Max’s hair.

“Ok, we won’t be long.” Alec said as he picked Rafael up and walked to his room.

Alec sat Rafael down on the bed and pulled his suitcase from out of the closet. He laid it down on the floor and flew it open.

“Is it just going to be us four there, Daddy?” Rafael asked Alec.

“I think so Rafe, Papa tried to pick a day where there was little to no people so we could ensure we have the best time.”

“We better get there fast.” Rafael said and he jumped off the bed and ran into Alec’s closet.

“I’ll tell you what, why don’t you pack my clothes and I’ll pass them to you.” Alec said as he reached into the wardrobe and brought Rafael out. Alec swung Raphael around and Rafael giggled “Ok, Daddy.”

Alec passed several black t-shirts to Rafael, who carefully folded them and placed them in Alec’s suitcase. He then continued to pass him three pairs of black jeans, two leather jackets and a pair of sweatpants with a matching tee. Alec rummaged through a fallen pile of clothes and found an old, mahogany box. There you are, he thought. Alec had been searching for the box everywhere. He knew he’d bought it into the apartment he just couldn’t quite remember where he’d put it.

“You sure like to her colour black don’t you, Daddy?” Rafael giggled.

“It’ll grow on you.” Alec laughed and walked over to the bed. “Come here Rafe, I have a gift for you.”

Rafael dropped the tee into the suitcase and walked over to Alec who lifted him on the bed next to him. “Now, what I am about to give you is something every Shadowhunter needs. I was given one when I was your age, and so were Auntie Izzy and Uncle Jace. Are you ready?” Alec smiled.

“Yes.” Rafael’s eyes lit up in excitement. “I’m ready.”

“Good.” Alec said as he handed the box to Rafael.

Rafael slowly lifted the lid open on the box. He was trying his best to be calm but once he caught sight of what was in the box, he almost jumped off the bed with excitement. “Is this a stele?” Rafael asked. “My very own stele?”

“Yes Rafe, it is. Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it. I’m the first one out of all my friends to have one. Thank you, daddy.” Rafael said as he jumped into Alec’s arms. Alec hugged Rafael close to his chest and kissed the side of his head.

“You better keep it safe.” Alec laughed.

“Oh I will, don’t you worry.” Rafael let go of Alec and put the stele back in the box. “Can you keep it safe for me until we get back from camping? I wouldn’t want to lose it.”

“Of course my little bean.” Alec said as he ruffled Rafael’s hair and took the box back. “Now why don’t you go see if Papa needs any help, I’ll finish up here.”

Rafael hopped off the bed and ran straight for the kitchen. Alec got up and placed the box back in the wardrobe.

“Mags, where did you say you saw my hiking boots?” Alec called from the bedroom.

“Check under the bed, I could have sworn I’d seen them there last night while I was packing.” Magnus replied from the kitchen.

Alec nodded and headed straight for the bed. Kneeling down, he rummaged around through all of the boots and sneakers before finally coming across his hiking boots. Alec smiled in success as he stood up and set his boots in his suitcase. His bag was practically empty compared to Magnus’: Alec had only packed for a three day weekend while Magnus had packed for an entire week. There was no way he needed it all, but as he told him last night, “Alexander, anything could happen.”

“There,” Alec sighed to himself. “All done.” Alec zipped up his suitcase and wheeled it out, setting it next to his husband’s at the front door. He walked to the kitchen, leaning on his forearms on the marble counter.

“Did you find them, darling?” Magnus asked, pecking Alec’s lips before going back to filling up the blue cooler with all sorts of food and drinks.

Alec smiled, “Mmhmm.”

He closed the top of the cooler. “Splendid! Now we can get going soon.” Magnus said. “Did you pack enough in there for the long weekend?“

“I know you sure did,” Alec chuckled as he ran his hand down Magnus’ robe. “You have a bigger suitcase than I do. Tell me, is most of it your makeup supplies?”

“Alexander, you can never have too much make-up. Besides, you want me to look good, don’t you?” Magnus teased.

“You already look good.” Alec said as he grabbed Magnus by his robe and pulled him in for a kiss.

Magnus set the cooler next to their bags before wrapping his arms around Alec’s middle, his hands splayed out on his hips. Alec weaved his arms around Magnus’ neck, pressing a chaste kiss to his mouth.

“You should go get ready.” Alec said in between pecks.

“You’re right.” Magnus said. He broke away from Alec and headed to the bedroom. Alec smiled as his husband disappeared behind the door and then headed for the bathroom.

Alec turned off the tap and heard a tiny voice yell “Daddy!”

“Alec!” Magnus called out of the bedroom.

“I got it.”

Alec walked into Max’s bedroom to find a small boy sitting in the middle of the messy room. The boy’s blue hair was dishevelled; he’d ran his fingers through it constantly. He had on tan cargo shorts and a black t-shirt.

“I need help,” he said, looking down at the small red suitcase that was open on the floor. Clothes and books were thrown in there carelessly. “Which one should I bring?”

Alec sat down next to his son, looking through what all he had packed. “I see you have all of your pirate figures,” he mused. “But I think that they would all be much more comfortable here. They can watch the house while we’re gone.” He then proceeded to take out the toys and hold them up as he listed them off. “You can only take one, okay, Max? Now, do you want to take Jack? Will? Or Barbosa?”

Max sat back and bit his lip in thought. “Jack!” He finally stated, reaching up, grabbing the toy and hugging it to his chest. “He’s the best pirate ever. I’m going to be a pirate like him one day.”

“Yes you are. Right, it’s settled then. Jack is going camping with us!” Alec smile, “Now let’s fix this suitcase.” Alec turned around to where the suitcase had been lying open just moments before. But it wasn’t there.

“How’s it coming in here?” Magnus asked. He leaned against the door frame with the packed suitcase next to him.

“How long have you been there for?” Alec laughed.

“Long enough to know that we need to get going and you are the worst person to help someone get packed.” Magnus chuckled.

“Well I won’t argue with you on that.” Alec laughed. “Come on Max let’s go see if Rafe is all done.”

“Oh he is.” Magnus laughed. “He’s waiting by the bags. Now are you ready to get going?”

“Of course.” Alec smiled and walked towards Magnus. He pecked him on the lips and carried Max’s suitcase to the door.

“Papa!” Max said as he ran towards Magnus, who then lifted him up and carried him to the front door.

Max- ‘busts into Chloe’s room’ CHLOE ! Holy fuck!

Chloe - OMG Max ! What is it ?! I didn’t think I’d hear from you for a while after our fight ……

Max - Chloe listen. I was really upset after our fight, and I went to look at our old photos together…..and I think I can travel back to the time we took the photo’s

Chloe ‘super serious’ Max

Max- I know Chloe, this is too much responsibility for two teenage girls to bare….

Chloe - ‘excited’ Nah that’s stupid. This is one hella great toy for us to use 

- flashes back in time - 

William - Ok girls, I’m leaving….No secret Max and Chloe wine tasting sessions while I’m gone ;D

‘Max hides Williams car keys’

Willam - Now where did those darn car keys go ?

Max - ‘grabs William by the shoulder’ Mr. Price can I talk to you for a moment….it’s important

William- Sure Max, what is it ?

‘sits down on couch with Max’ 

Max- ‘ puts on best distraught 13 year old face’ W-well, Mommy and Daddy have been talking a- and ‘wails’ I think they want to MOOVE ‘slams face into open palms and cries’

Chloe - Max ? What’s the matter ‘ rushes over to comfort Max’. Dad ‘suddenly serious’ I think this is serious, she never calls her parents Mommy and Daddy…..

William - Girls, I’m sure they have their reasons. It will probably be good for Max…..

Max- ‘hugs Chloe, voice cracking ’ But Chloe’s my best friend ‘lip quivers’

Chloe - DAD.’ getting upset’ Could you please talk to her parents D= 

William - ‘sighs’ Fine, I’ll see what I can do…… just let me call Joyce so she can take the bus…I’m sure she’ll understand…….

-flashes forward in time- 

Unknown Voice - Max ? Max ? Are you ok ?!

Chloe - Rachel , I told you that she shouldn’t smoke the joint 

Max - Rachel ?!

‘falls over’ 

Rachel ‘concerned’ I’m sorry Max, I shouldn’t have pushed that on you, especially after you saved my life yesterday from that psycho teacher ….’ gently helps Max up from the ground

Chloe - Yeah Max, you always do so much for us. ‘kisses Max’  Without you as my voice of reason, I would have gotten expelled from Blackwell , but now I’m on my way to TEACHING there myself

Max- Could you excuse me ? I have to go to the bathroom…

Rachel - Go ahead, It’ll give us some time to discuss where we’re all going for our date together ‘winks’

‘walks to bathroom’

Max- No way that’s all it took to fix their problems….something has to be wrong with this universe

‘checks texts’

  • Victoria - Hey Max , Hurry back to Blackwell so we can watch the new episode of Blooberry Space-Pirate. Taylor and Courtney won’t wait forever you know…..


Max-  No FUCKING way. 

‘looks at another text’ 

  • Kate - Thank you SO much for volunteering to go feed the homeless this weekend. You’re truly an angel Max Caulfield

'opens photos to find various shots of her at school, working with Juliet at the school newspaper, cheerleading with Dana, watching Chloe graduate with William, having tea with Kate, and nerding out with Victoria. All of them happy, every problem erased.

Max- Wait a second….

‘searches Warren Graham on phone’


Max - ‘takes photo out of satchel’ No words can describe the beauty of this day I find myself in….‘tears photo in half’ 


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Requested by @mandasphere

“Hey! Could you please do a Niall Horan imagine where the reader is one of the youngest tennis players (she’s 18) competing in the US Open, she’s been training all her life and is a big deal and role model, so when she’s having a private practice open to exclusive members (Niall is one of them), he sees her freaking out BC of all of the pressure and her playlist is full of a couple one direction songs so he manages to introduce himself and there is lots of fluff? Thanks 💕”

Note: This is such a creative request! Love it x

“Daddy you have to hit it properly.” *yn* whined as she chucked the tennis ball at him again.

“I’m sorry sweetie I’m trying.” Her father laughed as he went to hit again and she groaned. “Daddy you’re doing it all wrong.” She moans with a little smile on her face.

“Well you show me how to do it, Princess.” Her father smiled.

 “Ok.” She beamed, leaping at the chance to show off. 

Hurriedly she got back into position and held the racket as he served the ball to her. The ball made contact with the racket and bounced a few metres into the backyard. “Wow sweetie that was great.” He chuckled in disbelief as she scampered into his arms.

“Daddy I already know what I want to be when I grow up.” She mumbled into his arms. “You do, do you? But you’re only five!” He grinned as he looked down at her and she scowled. “Just because I’m five doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want to do Daddy!” She exclaims.

“Ok, ok. Well what do you want to do?” He asked her.

“I want to win the US open! The one mummy watches on TV! Then I’m going to be the best tennis player in the world.” She grinned.

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Ok so I have a theory... What if max isn't signed up for any camp? What if his parents are a holes and dropped him off, and don't plan on coming back, but didn't tell him, so he doesn't actually have any reason to be there but David won't make (1/2)

(2/2)Him leave and won’t tell him so when summer ends David ends up adopting max, and just… Trying to raise this small jaded child the best he can???? 

Oh my gosh, I love the “David adopts Max” theory!

Honestly, I can just see Max having abusive (or at the very least, very neglectful) parents, and is the way he is because of their treatment. Plus, I can just imagine David being so supportive of the other, and while the jaded ten year old doesn’t want to admit it…he enjoys having such positive and encouragement around him. 

As for the whole no camp thing…I for some reason don’t see that.

I like the idea, but it almost seems more possible that Max’s parents just picked out a random Camp Campbell camp to ship their kid off too without really taking Max’s interests into account. I honestly think that Max is, for some reason, signed up for Gardening Camp. This is because the camp only seems to have set up “camps” that are going to actually be used by the campers, but the little gardening area never has anyone around tending to it - which means there’s a new camper we’ve yet to meet at Camp Campbell, or the area is actually for Max. Also, imagine how adorable Max would look wearing one of those really floppy sunhats. 

Useless Blatterbury’s Tutorial “Step by Step” Pt 1


First of all you must forgive me. I’m not very good with english and I’m italian so this tutorial will be very long-winded. We like to talk a lot and say nothing of important. I also need to say that I hope you will like it, I’m feelig so embarrassed. 

step 01 using this brush 

I just draw a guide for the heand and a line to help me to understand the “couse” of the body. Then I make the rough sketch. Yes, it will be a naked Nux on the same type of my naked Slit. 

step 02

Using my Nicholas Hoult’s stalking Nick Hoult’s file I took references for profile, face and expression, exprecially for his vulcan (do you now I’m also a little star trek’s fan?) eyebrows…. Usually (except in special case) I work on one layer. I love rough lines, a little piece of my heart says to leave the drawing like this XD

Of course I can’t always use actor’s face as references. When I draw an Oc I must have his  features very well figured in my mind. But I think that study expression and real people’s face like in this case is one of the best exercises.

step 03 (just the head)

alternating brush

 and eraser

 I’m going to mark the lineart I need and erase the useless lines.

So we have a pretty (I hope) Nux’s slutty face. I don’t know. I don’t like it. Ok, I’ll go to eat, I’m very hungry I want a buffalo mozzarella…..

Dress shopping

@pokemontrainerrae @trainerkit

Ilima: Just be careful ok?

Rae: Well are we ready to go?

Renee: Yes let’s go! Ladies it’s time to find our dream dresses

Isabelle: *nods* I’ll try my best Ilima. *turns towards Renee* Let’s go!

Max: *grins* Then I guess the all of us guys have to go suit shopping huh? *whispers to Renee* Tell me if you get more info or show Rae what’s on the tape recorder.

List of things I want in season 2:

  • Musical episode (ok so maybe this is the least likely but it needs to be said)
  • More Meliorn scenes because he is a beautiful mystical being
  • More Lydia because she is too good for this world
  • More scenes with Izzy/Alec involving Max!!
  • Luke being the worlds best leader
  • Clary and Simon to remain friends without benefits (pls pls pls)
  • Saphael
  • Malec’s first date
  • Raphael Santiago receiving a v good apology
  • More scenes of Clizzy being badass girlfriends
  • Magnus and Raphael being in a scene together!!!!
  • Lucelyn x 10000000000
  • No creepy incest vibes
  • More fabulous shoes for Izzy
  • Jace Wayland being a happy healthy young man
  • Saphael
  • More Luke and Simon being a father-son duo
  • Also Clary and Luke being a father-daughter duo
  • Just more Daddy!Luke ok?? (no jokes guys keep it pure)
  • Maia having a nice day, the context is irrelevant
  • More of Magnus’ shiny biceps
  • And fancy outfits
  • And hair
  • And clothes..
  • Just more of my bisexual prince ok?
  • The Jimon boat scene (you know which one)
  • Werewolf pack dynamics!!
  • Saphael
  • Raphael receiving the respect he deserves
  • Izzy feeling happy and good about herself at all times
  • And most importantly - more Gay™
should you fight this person? dc fandom edition

imcomplete and i’ll probably update it with more people later

@imrobin: do not fight rachel. shes a good person and only wants the best for tim drake. she might fight you but in the end she does not deserve to be fought against

@babybirds: fight kyla i’m giving you all my money to buy weapons just fight her she’ll probably win but i still want to see her ass getting kicked

@graysonightwing: you can try to fight max but why would you want to? max is good and pure and all he does is give us nice discourse 

@harleyhquinn: ok. try. try and fight dee. she’ll knock you down you know it. before you even know it, the fight is over and she already won. have fun getting your ass kicked

@halbarry and @batmanrogues: dont fight them. chances are they’re already fighting each other and we all dont wanna get in on that. way too messy

@starsapphire: fight fight fight but i’m pretty sure you might come out alive but not as the winner. it’s still worth it though. go get your ass kicked its gonna be a great experience

@clarklent:  i swear to god i’ll just fucking join you this person is just too nasty for their own good somebody has to stop fatima if not you then it must be me

@queensofthemyscira: you can try. listen, buddy, i want to fight kayleigh too but she’s like 7 feet tall she can knock you down to the ground in three seconds

@dicapriyos: ok. dont fight ron. hes a good person. this is a lie. you wont see him fighting anyway, he’ll probably come to fight with juice and a chair and just sit on the sideline watching the drama

@connerkent: syn is lethal i’m telling you she’s gonna knock you down and i’m not here to witness that, she’s honestly probably as lethal as dee 

@royhvrper: when has mav ever done something bad to you? i say no to a fight. you can try but… deep inside you and me both know its not the right thing

@stephaniebrowm: fight her but i’ll probably cheer for her when the fight is happening in front of me and high fiving her if she wins

@cassanrdacain: listen if you try and fight rimsha i’m coming for you and going to kick your ass personally if thats the last thing i do

@bhucewayne: no offense but kicking sandys ass has always been a dream of me so if you kick her ass you at least invite me over because i deserve to at least kick her ass once

@aquamqn: i’d fight her yesterday today tomorrow no offense but full offense if i were you its okay antonella can take it she’ll probably just scream “save me aquajuan”

@wildstorm: why the fuck would you want to fight angela? she has never done anything wrong in her life ever you’re sick dont do it

@nichtwing: fight her. i swear, just do it. chances are there’s going to be a massive crowd around her wanting to see it so why not

@suicidevsquad: go fight them. i dare you. i really motherfucking dare you. i want to fight her too but do i do it? no. i dont want to see my ass getting dragged to hell and back

@haljrdn: if you try and fight coyote you’re sick and belong in jail shes the purest person ever and if you even try to come near her all of the above would probably stand behind her

@blacxsiren: go search for elda and ask for a fight. i’m probably already there kicking and dragging her ass even though she’s really pure and does not deserve it but did i ask

@rebirthflash: stella and i drag and kick each others asses all the time so if you try and fight her she’s probably so skilled and experienced that you’ll die as soon as you even step in the ring

@rizahmad: when has aysha done everything wrong to you ever in her life? she’s nice and good and does not deserve it you should even let her kick you just because shes too good

@talialghuls: do not fight gamze i repeat do not fight gamze she is good and even if she might deserve it at some points, first rule of fight club is we do not fight gamze

@rvdhood: just fight gabriel, i encourage you. you can even win, like, chances are good, this is a fair fight, fight this fucking robot fucker its gonna be the time of your life

@dawnofjustce: fight sam if you want to feel bad about it afterwards because honestly why the hell would you want to fight sam shes good and does not deserve it

@barbaragordamn: listen if you want to fight kayla go for it but chances are she’s gonna have someone back her up or she’ll just knock you to the ground yourself so have fun with that

@hoevarr: before you can even think about fighting lauren she probably even had the idea first, just watch out she’ll come out of a dark alley and just whoop your ass into oblivion out of nowhere

@kingofthesevenseas: fighting raaga is just not a good idea i’m warning you she has fought too many fights she knows what shes doing just dont go there trust me

@niqhtwing: fucking fight her, shes is like the human embodiment of the fight emoji. fight her, you and her will have the time of your life

@midniter: oh god you sick fuck shes a good person dont fight her dont even think abot it turn around go to jail do not pass do not collect $200

@selinadinah: the fuck? dont fight mandy. just. kick her in the ass once. or twice. or like ten times. i take it back just kick her ass i dont care how many times

@catwomns​: she’d fight you back if you would try and start smth but like… the audacity… to even think about fighting jules.. i cant believe in the year of the lord

@wondertrevs: please fight me. you’ll most likely even win. i deserve it for all the discourse and url changes i get. i dare you

REQUEST 45~ accept it.

a/n: went to see deadpool today with my best mate. And I am in love with it so much, go see it, you won’t regret it! (Ps don’t see it with your parents as the amount of sex references were incredible large! 😳😂😉)

I walked up to the front door of my parents home with Dan. We had been dating for over 6 months now and we decided it was time for him to meet my parents, I had already met his and they were extremely lovely and welcoming. The only worry I really had was that my parents wouldn’t accept Dan because of his job. Not many parents would be overjoyed if their daughters boyfriends job involved them filming themselves in their bedroom. I could feel my palms start to sweat as I continued to stress. Dan must have noticed this as he quickly stopped me walking and pulled me into his comforting embrace. “Y/n, calm down, everything will be fine. They are your parents, not the fbi. Your more nervous then I am right now!” He lightly chuckled rubbing my back to calm me. “I’m just worried they won’t like you because of your job.” I confessed burying my head deeper into his coat. He pulled back and lifted my chin. “Look y/n, I get it, I know that saying, I film my self in my bedroom, doesn’t sound the best to most parents. But I promise I’ll explain to the max what my job is ok baby.” He said staring into my eyes. I nodded and leant up to give him a quick sweet kiss.

we reached the door and my mum opened it. “Darling, your home!” She said pulling my into her grip. “Hi mum, how are you!” I asked giggling at her enthusiasm. “Good. And this must be Daniel. Hello.” she said kindly, putting a part of my worry to bed. He offered his hand for a shake but my mother had different ideas. She pulled him into a hug as well, clearly taking Dan by surprise. We walked in behind my mum and set our bags down by the stairs. The three of us then walked into the living room where my mum had set out a few snacks and drinks. A few minutes later I could hear loud footsteps and then a voice from the hallway. “There are bags at the bottom of the the stairs, that must mean my daughters home!” I heard my dad say before he entered the living room. Both Dan and I stood up to greet him. “Hey dad, how are you!” I said giving him a hug. “I good, I see you still leave your stuff all over the place though!” He mock scolded me. “And who is this, Dan is it?” My dad questioned Dan who looked quite nervous. “Hello mr y/l/n, it’s lovely to meet you.” He replied being very gentlemanly. My dad shook his hand and then proceeded to sit in his chair. My mother came back in and sat in the other chair in the room. After a few minute of catching up and talking, the dreaded question came up. “So Daniel, what do you do for a living?” My dad asked, of course he had to ask it! “I create video content for YouTube.” He replied taking a deep breath. “Oh I see. And does that pay well?” My dad continued, why couldn’t he just leave it! “Yes, it does. I also get extra from sponsors, when I advertise products of theirs in my videos.” He said tensing up. My dad gave him a concerned look before continuing. “Right, and do you find that enjoyable?” I was just praying that my mum would step in and change the subject, but she just sat there listening to the conversation. “Very, I enjoy it a lot.” He replied. That was the end of the questions about his job, thank god, the conversation soon moved on to what was happening with my parents.

About half an hour later Dan got a phone call which he had to take. He quickly excused himself to answer it. As soon as he left the room my parents both turned to me. “Y/n, I’m not 100% about Dan.” My mother said and my father agreed. “What, why?” I asked beginning to become upset. “I just don’t think he has a steady job. Y/n, it’s not really a sensible one now is it?” My father said. “What difference does that make?” I replied. “It make a hell of a difference, what if he becomes uninterested in creating videos? How will he help provide for you?” I couldn’t believe this was happening. “Dad, mum. I have my own secure job, I can easily provide for myself. I know that Dan has no intention of stopping making videos, he enjoys it way too much. I love him, and he loves me. Why can’t you just overlook his job and accept that?” I said almost raising my voice. “If you can prove to me that he truly loves you, then fine I accept it.” My dad said sitting up.

Dan walked back into the room and sat down next to me grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze. “Are you ok y/n. You look a bit off?” Dan questioned putting him arm around my shoulder. “Uh, yeah, I’m ok.” I replied snuggling into his side. “Are you sure?” He asked again, I nodded and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He smiled and kissed my forehead before averting his attention to the t.v. I don’t care if my parents don’t agree with our relationship, I love my YouTube boy.

a quick shout out to @rinaris-sanctuary for helping me with my spacing on my imagines. It’s now a life saver, thank you so much ❤️

Mad Max Stuck at an Airport AU

Ok so imagine everyone from all the movies stuck at an airport because of a blizzard. Just. Everyone.
- Max sitting in the corner trying his best to avoid having to talk to all these strangers.
- Furiosa and the wives were supposed to be on their way to burning man.
- Kalashnikov and Joe being grumpy old people about everything.
- Nux, Slit, and Morsov are part of a group going to a huge car show in Atlanta but are now missing it and are handling the disappointment with widely varying levels of maturity.
- Joe gets a bright idea to hog the outlets.
- Somehow it’s come down to two groups policing water fountain usage, charging stations, and chairs.
- Toecutter is almost arrested by airport security after hissing in three people’s faces.
- Max begrudgingly joins Gate 36’s group in exchange for water fountain use and half a sandwich.
- It all seems like Gate 36’s group led by Auntie Entity and Gate 9’s group led by Joe would have to resort to violence when the snow suddenly clears up and its announced that the planes will begin taking off shortly.

Ok so time for shitty reviews with Mads
This week it’s episode 6 of Shadowhunters. (Bonus: sneak preview review)
In other words: me screaming about Malec for a couple of minutes

Fuck this shit man my heart is gone this ep was great. Harry Shum Jr and Matthew Daddario are such good actors and portray Magnus and Alec so damn well.

Magnus really didn’t need Alec, as we very well saw, and yet called for him anyway, and didn’t push things on him.

Alec finally actually sticking up for himself ?? Fuck yeah bby go to Magnus’s and don’t get engaged plz

Izzy looked hot as fuck





“I didn’t come for Jace” DAMN RIGHT ALEC




And that ^^ ladies and gentlemen goes to show how good of an actor Matthew Daddario is






Virgin Shadowhunter blood? Really Magnus? Is that the best you can do


MAX AND IZZY BONDING TIME aka tickle fights

Maryse no please don’t do that to izzy my poor daughter

Robert???? I don’t know how to feel about you at this moment


What was up with all the sexual tension between clary and Magnus?? That was kinda weird but I mean Harry Shum Jr did an excellent job with Magnus

Introducing clary’s brother (Sebastian) and Max rip there goes my heart thanks @ the writers

Hmmmm what else






Now, the sneak preview

“We didn’t sleep much” FUCK


Magnus invited Alec for one more drink and it enDED UP BEING THE ENTIRE NIGHT WHAT DID THEY DO


Izzy totally knows what’s up

@ clary what you doing

Alec was supposed to leave as soon as he got the call and he stayed all night RIP ME

Simon quit dreaming wet dreams your gonna wake up with a boner and someone is gonna see it

Chloe - Thanks for coming over to help guys, I never thought we’d get to finish that paint job

Max ‘wraps arm around Chloe’s back’  Yeah, I think William would approve 

Chloe‘wipes away tear’ Yeah………ANYWAY, I made you guys some food

Kate- Oh you shouldn’t have 

Victoria - I guess I’ll give whatever slop you have around here a try….

‘Victoria, Kate, and Max sit around the table as Chloe brings them plates of Belgian Waffles’

Max‘immediately takes bite’ Oh Chloe…these are so goooood ‘takes another bite’ When did you have time to LEARN this ?! 

Chloe - Well you learn alot in 5 years Max…….

Kate‘prays silently and proceeds to eat’ Chloe, you truly are heaven-blessed ! You’re like a professional Chef !

Victoria - Oh you’re both being ridiculous ! It can’t be that good !’takes quick large bite’ 

‘Victoria’s fork drops to the floor, a look of pure shock on her face’

Max- Victoria ?! ‘immediately gets up’ 

Kate - ‘panicking’ You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to Victoria, spit it out 

Chloe‘freaking out, pacing back and forth’ Oh my god, I killed her with my cooking, Joyce is going to kill ME !

Victoria - ‘swallows’ T-that

Chloe - I’m so sorry Vicky, I’ll never force my food on you again ! I was stupid, please forgive me ! 

Victoria - ‘breaks down and cries’ N-noooooo I should be apologizing to youuuuuuu, that was the best thing I ever t-tasted !

Chloe - W-what

‘Victoria climbs into Chloe’s arms, burying her face in her shoulder’ 

Victoria - Marry me Chloe

Max- Now wait just a second ‘gets up’

Chloe - What ?

Victoria- I can’t live my life without you now. Forget these two

Chloe - But Vicky ….

Victoria - Name your price 

Chloe - Ok that got you points


‘Max and Chloe grab onto Chloe’s legs, followed by an intense debate on how to SHARE Chloe’s marvelous gift’


Some observations from my second watching of Fury Road, in no particular order:

  • I could actually grasp more details this time since I already knew what to expect. Goddddd do I love the worldbuilding.
  • Let’s talk about one of my favorite moments. Nux attacking Furiosa in the rig and the girls just IMMEDIATELY spring into action to wrangle him off her. They insist on not killing him outright because they don’t want to become part of the violent culture that they’ve been subjected to all these years, but at the same time, they don’t go easy on him. Right after telling Furiosa not to kill him they’re like “OK TIE HIM UP TOSS HIM OUT THE RIG”.
  • Also FUCKIN’ DAG BITING NUX LMAOO. She hauls him back by the arm and just fucking sinks her teeth into his shoulder. Dag doesn’t mess around!
  • Also, all of the girls having like a philosophical debate with Nux while trying to shove him out the door. That’s the best way to have a philosophical discussion.
  • This movie just opens with a fucking bang, huh? “My name is Max. My world is fire and blood.” OK THEN WOW.
  • I really love the aggressive title display at the start of the movie. That whole intro is super intense and then BAM TITLE IN HUGE METAL AND FIRE LETTERS HELLO
  • These girls just do like whatever needs to be done, man. No matter how scary shit gets, they keep going and they keep surviving. Cheedo has a moment of fear where she falters but even she keeps on rolling.
  • I love how fast they become a weird family. They go from warily eying each other to awkward thumbs-ups real fast and it’s so great. 
  • Every single expression Furiosa makes is glorious.
  • Can I just say how much I love the fight scene with Furiosa and Max after he first meets them all? It’s such a huge clusterfuck. We have Furiosa just beating the shit out of Max, Splendid and Capable dragging Max off her by his chain, Nux waking up and thinking Max is on his side and trying to work together with him, the girls dogpiling Nux to stop him, there’s dirt and fists and guns flying everywhere and it’s beautiful.
  • Relatedly, Max showing up at the War Rig carrying a (supposedly) dead War Boy and a fucking car door.
  • Furiosa’s face when she catches Max by his ankle.
  • “And here I thought you ladies would somehow be above all that”. Dag has so much salt and she is as sharp as cut glass, I love her.
  • Toast is full of salt too. “Don’t damage the goods.” Her assessment of their ammo situation.
  • Capable being the emotional support of the group. Cheedo crying on her shoulder after Splendid dies, Capable sitting in the middle of the girls with her head upright and her eyes straight ahead, with them all huddled around her, before they get to the swamp.
  • “SENPAI NOTICED ME” also Nux honey please don’t pull the steering wheel out of your car while driving it, that’s generally a bad idea.
  • “Pick up what you can and RUN.” Furiosa is so tough but she still has emotions and she still cares so much– more than she’d like to, probably.
  • Don’t think about all the horrible shit Furiosa had to do to get promoted up the ranks high enough to drive the War Rig. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT.
  • I have so many worldbuilding questions, SO MANY.