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For those of you who claim Cherokee and know you’re not, please note that the tribe will not hesitate to call you out!

So I recently got my ultralight wheelchair and smart drive. And in the smart drive like, product video it shows this guy zipping through the grocery store with wheelchair and smart drive and so today I was like “I gotta try that!!!”.

So I was grocery shopping and testing this out, and it was working super well!! So I’m just zooming around the store doing my shopping with my wheelchair and grocery cart and wearing my little mermaid fishscale tights. Because they’re awesome and my favorite and when I sit in the enterprise which is the name of my wheelchair, the little seashells on my knee show up. And I’m going to point out at this point in the story that I have been approached by full grown adults asking me if they were tattoos, so yeah these tights make it look like I’ve got some scales going on.

And then there was this kid in a bright pink Minnie Mouse dress who was staring at me. And I mean SERIOUSLY STARING to the point where the kid was lagging way behind the accompanying adults. And so like, I look little Minnie Mouse straight in the eye, whisper “mermaids really can’t walk that well you know” and wink at the kid. This kid’s eyes get like SUPER HUGE and then suddenly the kid goes tearing around the corner presumably to find those accompanying adults and I’m still cracking up nearly an hour later. It totally made my day omg.


Too much sanity may be madness, and the maddest of all:
                                      to see life as it is and not as it should be.

Nature Family

@ciphernetics did a very very good thing and came up with the best AU idea ever.

I ruined it. Enjoy the ruining.


He glanced up, his eyes widening. “Yes, Nikki?”

She was one of the only campers left waiting at the pick-up spot, having wandered away from Max to explore a mysterious rustling from the bushes. (This, it turned out, was a squirrel; Quartermaster seemed more than capable of sorting it out and had pulled her away from the animal by her overalls.) But … Well, David had to admit that he’d been so worried about Max being lonely or upset about the summer ending that he’d almost forgotten about the adventurous young camper. So it was with no small amount of guilt that he met her  eyes, watching anxiously as she scuffed her toes along the ground and glanced over her shoulder at Sleepy Peak Peak.

“Well, uh … I think my parents aren’t coming?”

David sprang to his feet, leaving Max to continue drawing in the dirt and ignoring him. “Don’t be silly! It’s only noon, after all! And Max is still here,” he added, gesturing at him.

Max looked from David to Nikki, something almost like concern in his expression. “David, are you being fucking stupid again?” He stood, pouring as much resentment into the motion as possible. “What’s up, Nik?”

She shrugged, stuffing her hands in her pockets. “It’s just that Mom said Dad was picking me up yesterday because of his Sunday Golf Tournaments, and he didn’t. So …”

“What?!” David tried to keep his voice calm, but he couldn’t help wincing as it leapt up to what Gwen called “dog-whistle levels.” “Wh … why didn’t you tell us that, Nikki?” As a matter of fact, why hadn’t her parents told them that? They were in charge, after all!

“I was gonna, but then Max and Neil decided to try and blow up the Supply Shed and that sounded like more fun!”

Oh, dear. David whipped out his phone and sent a quick text to Quartermaster and Gwen: ‘stay away from the supply shed might be dangerous’ Then he narrowed his eyes at the two of them, putting his hands on his hips. “Now, kids, that was very irresponsible of you –”

“Yeah yeah,” Max interrupted, rolling his eyes. “How about you just do your goddamn job and figure out where Nikki’s parents are?”

Oh. Of course, that made sense. “R-right. Thanks, Max!”

“Fucking idiot.”

He had all the campers’ parents saved in his contacts for easy access, just in case. So he didn’t have to leave their side as he looked up Mariana Zuckerman’s number and listened to the line ring.

And ring.

And ring.

Finally there was a tiny click. “You’ve reached 555-0175. Dr. Zuckerman isn’t available right now, so please leave a message at the –”

He snapped the phone shut, shaking his head. “No worries,” he chirped to the kids; Nikki was watching a line of ants travel through the grass, but Max’s eyes were trained on him, tiny pinpricks of searing turquoise. “We’ll just try Mr. Sherwood then …”

Nikki’s dad didn’t pick up, either.

That was … well, of course it wasn’t troubling, David wouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly! But he would have to give her parents a friendly reminder that it was important to have their phones on them at all times. 

Then again, maybe they were driving. That made sense.

“Why didn’t they pick up?” Max demanded, startling David out of his thoughts and nearly making him drop the phone.

“Oh, I’m sure they’re on their way!”

He just stared for a few long moments. Then turned with a heavy sigh, shaking his head. “I’m gonna go find Gwen.”

“Max, don’t –” But it was too late; faster than he’d ever seen the boy move, Max was trotting across the small grassy clearing that served as Camp Campbell’s pick-up spot, over to where Gwen had her nose buried in a magazine about … something or other, he didn’t really understand most of what she read.

Maybe Max had the right idea, though. Gwen would know what to do, even if she was a bit of a worrywart. He straightened, feeling better already as he tried dialing Nikki’s mother again. There was no point in panicking, which meant he’d just ignore the niggling worming sickness in his stomach until it went away.

That usually worked.

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I Know A Lot Of People Are Into Mom!Gwen To Go With Dadvid, But Let Me Suggest My Personal Favourite: Big Sister Gwen

-Max Always Mocking Her Life And Career Choices While Gwen Calls Him Out For Being Young And Short

-Dadvid Trying To Find An Affectionate Nickname That Max Is Comfortable With While Gwen Lovingly Calls Him A Lil’ Shit On The Regular

-Max Meeting Gwen’s Friends In Real Life And Immediately Spilling Every Embarrassing Secret And Story He Knows While She Chases Him Out Of The Room Screaming Threats

-Gwen Holding Stuff Over His Head So He Can’t Reach, Picking Him Up And Carrying Him Around, And Constantly Pestering Him When He’s Trying To Play Games Or Watch Shows

-Gwen Teaching Max New Swears/ Insults/ Creative Ways To Flip People Off, Much To David’s Distress

-Max Ripping Into Gwen’s Friends’ Life And Career Choices On Her Behalf Whenever They Annoy Her

-Watching Trashy Shows Together Just For The Swearing And Drama (Gwen Totally Makes Max Watch Twilight And He Complains Constantly About The Characters, The Plot Holes, The Acting, Etc. But He Always Joins Her To Watch The Next One So He Can Find More To Complain About)

-Working Together To Prank David/ Share Embarrassing Stories About Him (And David Suddenly Regrets Wishing They Could Get Along All This Time)


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@quakebeats​‘ Life Is Strange 12 Day Challenge:

Day 9 - Hardest Choice: Euthanasia


Life is Gay

Edit: Okay had 2 change the caption bc people were taking it the wrong way?? I dont hate gay people my two favorite characters are gay so like?? Dont say someth abt it if u dont look at the rest of my page guys!

Dating Joji would include...

- Joji calling you “love”

-He also had a nickname to tease you

-”George stop calling me that!” “oh you know you love it”

-Watching him edit videos late at night, with the soft light from the computer illuminating his face

-You guys going out in just your pajamas to run errands was a frequent occurrence

-Mornings were spent in bed until absolutely necessary to leave

-Sometimes you’d come home to him passed out on the couch, other times you’d hear his muffled Filthy Frank voice and his pink suit on the floor

-Joji would be the king of somehow making a simple dollar store item become the most romantic thing you have ever gotten

-Comforting him in times of stress was a recurring event

-Watching him film FF videos and every time he made eye contact with you he couldn’t help but laugh

-”Y/N…you gotta stop looking at me like that” would be stifled out between laughs

“Can I borrow your Jeep?” asks Max, and Alicia says, “No, I already said I’d meet the girls in town.” Come on, Max thinks, his date evaporating in front of him. How’s it fair that Alicia’s the one with the car, just because she’s more financially savvy than him? She can get one of her friends to pick her up. It’s not much for him to ask, one evening. Come on, let me take it, he thinks.

Next to him, Alicia stiffens, her limbs stuttering rigid. She drops the keys into his palm.

Max’s stomach swoops, a rollercoaster drop. “Shit,” he says. “Lish, no. Take the car if you want to.”

His sister’s head (his sister’s head?) tilts sideways, unnatural. She blinks at him. “It’s up to you.”

“Take the car,” Max says. He doesn’t feel like going out after all.