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To the lovely New Girl fanatics,

New Girl is most likely to be renewed (I can feel it in my bones), but just in case, the New Girl community on Tumblr has come up with a way to bring it to FOX’s attention how much we want aka need another season. It’ll take less than a minute of your life.

Here’s what you gotta do, rooomfriends- if you’d like a S7, starting tomorrow Tuesday until this Thursday, tweet per day using #reNewGirl and #NewGirl. Here are some examples, or you can write your own:

The world needs love, laughter and HappiNess: a season 7 of #NewGirl. So #reNewGirl @FOXTV!

The world needs more laughter, and season 7 of #NewGirl! So #reNewGirl @FOXTV!

More HappiNess to the people! More #NewGirl to the people! So #reNewGirl @FOXTV!

ONLY tag @FOXTV, and NOT Liz or any of the cast members and crew; they can’t do anything about it anyway and may get annoyed instead.
If you don’t have Twitter, put it on your Tumblr blog, or comment on New Girl’s official Instagram or Facebook posts. Also, retweet all the related tweets you get in your newsfeed.
You can also add what country you are from to show FOX that people all over the world watch and love New Girl.

Remember that a S7 is very likely and we are doing this as a token of our great love and appreciation of New Girl and its creators!
We hope you join the #reNewGirl movement!

Shoutout to @msachsen for this wonderful idea to show our appreciation for this lil tv family that we love.