max green

The signs as Escape The Fate songs:
  • Aries: 10 Miles Wide
  • Taurus: You Are So Beautiful
  • Gemini: Issues
  • Cancer: Just A Memory
  • Leo: Gorgeous Nightmare
  • Virgo: The Flood
  • Libra: Situations
  • Scorpio: This War Is Ours
  • Sagittarius: One For The Money
  • Capricorn: Until We Die
  • Aquarius: You're Insane
  • Pisces: Ashley

This is a collection of Lexus Amanda with All her boyfriends or one night stands. This is the reason why Chris motionless hates Lexus Amanda because she is a band whore and just dates/fucks band members. She has Bret Von dehl, max green, Ronnie radke, nick Mathews, Andy Biersack,Ashley Purdy, Dave Navarro and Matt good