max from catfish

whywerecharmed  asked:

I was just wondering... Is there some kind of thing explaining the whole magical world when the muggle-born kids get their Hogwarts letters or how do you think the parents let their children attend some random "school of witchcraft and wizardry"? Like they don't have any doubts if it is some kind of a joke or evil plot?

They send an email to Nev and Max from catfish mtv and it’s very suspicious until McGonagall finally agrees to meet them in person and turns into a cat right in front of the cameras

Imagine Stiles catfishing you using Jackson’s pictures and name because he’s too insecure to message you as himself. After finally confessing that he’s not who he says he is (and then mysteriously disappearing from the Internet), you email Nev and Max from Catfish to help you out.

Please excuse my suck-ish editing skills. I just thought this was a pretty cool idea. :))))