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i cant find the text post that inspired this but imagine neil using names instead of ages (ex. “when i was alex” = “when i was 15” and “i was stefan” = “i was 13”) and just confusing everyone for the fun of it


history + mother and son (requested by anonymous).


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Oh France, I am so happy for you right now!  I knew you could do it.

But also, I want everyone to know what Macron’s victory (and Le Pen’s defeat!!!) actually means for the world

When my roommate, who is from Portugal, saw the news that Le Pen had been defeated, she literally cried out in joy and then said “oh THANK GOD, EUROPE IS SAVED!!  Portugal doesn’t have to go back to our previous currency now!  We don’t have to be poor again!”

But, you might say, it wasn’t Portugal’s election.  Why does this have to do with Portugal at all?

It’s because of the EU.  It’s because what France does affects an entire continent at the very least.

France, you didn’t just save your own country, you saved the EU.  That means you also just saved several other European countries from various issues that would have come to light if the EU had fallen apart.

Merci beaucoup, France!!

~ Max

The Earrings of Madame de…(1953). In the Paris of the late 19th century, Louise, wife of a general, sells the earrings her husband gave her as a wedding gift: she needs money to cover her debts.

This is a clever film, which utilises it’s iconography in a way which is ultimately really satisfying. I just found the whole thing a little too eye-winky though, and a little too aware of it’s own cleverness. So watch for the performances, and the script, but be prepared for a very lavish experience. 7/10.

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Fuck you. Support Le Pen and stop the islamisation of Europe. Even if European countries become poorer, it's fucking better than getting your head cut off, you imbecile, and being raped every day for not wearing a full on veil. Fuck you.

**Trigger warning:rape**

I suppose that you are educated enough on the topics you intend on “discussing” to know that:

- The radical Islamists are 30 000 max in France, which means that they represent 0,045% of the French population. 99,955% of a population is a lot of people to kill, only the American colonists did almost as bad, ask the Native Americans about it. 

- There are 75 000 rapes per year in France, the rapist’s main profile is a 30 years old white male, known by the victim. 

- Deaths from Islamist terrorists attacks count as around 450 per year IN EUROPE (Just for your information, we are 745,1 millions people in Europe)

These are facts and please, feel free to double-check them (so you’ll see how actually real they are). You are more likely to get raped by your sociopath cousin, regardless of your gender or ethnicity, than cross the path of a radical Islamist, it’s statistics. 

You are more likely to die of cancer (150 000 deaths per year in France), for example because of the loss of access to medical care - what happens when a country gets real poor - than to “get your head cut off” by a radical Islamist (or anyone else for the record). 

You are free to draw your own conclusions from these statistics, mine is that your dramatic hypothesis is statistically utterly wrong. 

Unlike you, I’d rather educate myself on topics to get a proper opinion, I do not blog anonymously (because I have the courage of my said opinion), and most importantly, and I defend my opinion by *not* insulting people.