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hulk-smash-universe  asked:

Why is it that I can actually see Lois putting so much money in a swear jar that she gives up and switches to Shakespere swears? Is it because it's so believable?

It is.  Props to the Anon that wrote it.  

Lois Lane has always been ambitious and determined.  She wouldn’t be Lois if she didn’t act that way.  She was written as a very dominant person to contrast against weak, timid, mild-mannered Clark Kent.  That was part of the fantasy.  To be this weak person attracted to a stronger person all while having a secret double life where you are a superhuman.  And of course Lois is attracted to Superman and so the love triangle comes full circle.  Even in the 40s Max Fleischer Superman Cartoon (I haven’t read much of Golden Age Action Comics except for #1) Lois was depicted as somewhat aggressive and would be quick to get shit done.  While Clark seemed to be a lazy coward to his coworkers.

But anyways getting back to your point a good way to communicate that a person is dominant, aggressive, a go-getter, someone who would much rather do something herself rather than wait for someone else is to have them curse in frustration.  Especially a human in a superhuman world.  Or a human in love with a superhuman.  

In the cartoon movie Superman Unbound (a good movie I need to rewatch it) Lois Lane flips two middle fingers at Brainiac as he bottles Metropolis.  Which is so badass. Fuck you Brainiac you weird collector.  Bottling cities.  No one does that.  That’s weird.  Stop being weird.  

In Man of Steel Amy Adams’ like (almost) first lines are “So if we’re done measuring dicks…” Which like, I’m an adult.  I say “suck a dick” like 20 times a day.  Mostly while no one can hear me.  But, and maybe this is because I was sitting next to a child when I saw Man of Steel in theatres, I was not prepared to hear that in a Superman movie.  It was a little much but if one actual character is gonna curse it would be Lois.  It was Zack Snyder’s stupid way of establishing she’s no-nonsense and make sure she is taken seriously.  I have to say though in Man of Steel, Lois Lane is integral to saving the day, all throughout the movie.  But yeah it’s a part of her backstory too.  She is a military brat and grew up around soldiers. 


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