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Letters on Wave Mechanics. Schrödinger Planck • Einstein • Lorentz, Edited by K. Przibram for the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Translated and with an Introduction by Martin J. Klein, Philosophical Library, New York, 1967

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What type of wedding (ring, dress, venue/location) do you think Eren, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Jean and Mike would have?

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  He seems to be someone inclined to a more “rustic” wedding - what with him growing up in Shiganshina. Honestly, he couldn’t care less about what his s/o would wear - be it a simple white dress or a fluffy one. But considering the rustic theme, a flowy, white dress would suit the occasion. The ring would be something gold, not much stones. (How funny would it be if Eren used his hardening ability and took a shard from his “titan shell” to use as a ring.That sounds a lot like something he’d do. LOL)

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Mad Max AU. Immortannie. Bertolt Doofer Warrior. Ynux. Imperator FuriEyebrow. Levi is mad.

Keeper of the Bean (and Sawney). Many Momkasas. Bunny Armin, the bait.

“Thank Goodness For Crazy”


Part II: A Scene Straight from Final Destination

Pairing: Erwin/Reader; Levi/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death and violence

[A/N: Hey guys! So far, askbox is stuffed with headcanons and match ups. Honestly, that’s more of mod Mari’s field. I’m more into fics, so since there’s no request for that, here’s something I wrote. Part 1 is linked :D - mod max ]

Summary: Reader is just your regular gal from our world, but that changed one day when she woke up in the world of Titans. Giving a fake name to Erwin Smith who found her, she tries to understand the world she’s thrust upon and to survive in it. And try she did.

This is one hell of a horse ride. I am a breath’s away from this stranger, and without anywhere else to hold on, I’m forced to cling on his waist for dear life. My anxiety level is shooting up, too. I’m in my unicorn-patterned pajamas, barefooted and on a horse with a stranger in a strange land. Oh! And with my suitcase dragging behind – forcing the horse to tread a bit slowly – we kind of weren’t making much progress.

And before you point and scream “stranger danger!”, I am aware. But seriously, I’m in who-knows-where, and there was a freaking giant, and so far, I saw not a single soul aside from the man on the horse with me. This reminds me, I don’t even know his name.

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It’s been a very rough week or so, and art (inspiration and the like) has been in very short supply.  This ask was something I’ve really been meaning to address for a while now though, so with my few free hours before bed I finished this one up. 

I pondered with the fiance for a while over what ‘role’ Levi fit in, with the Mad Max universe.  We came to Imperator;  actually, in the same position as Furiosa.  Yes, female and all.  We envisioned Levi as transgender for this role.  A survival mechanism;  a tool to help them climb the ranks as quickly as they possibly could.  Feasible?  I’m not sure yet;  we’re thinking a lot about this, but I feel like it would fit them.  Their drive and beliefs.  I apologize if we’re way off base with this one, but it was the first headcanon we came up with regarding Eruri and the Mad Max universe.  Erwin would discover their secret only after their escape, en route to the “Green Place”.

Tried to get some bulk on them in this piece, as I envision their wardrobe would be a highly functioning disguse;  while they are built solid and masculine in appearance the clothing chose would help to accentuate that build.
Erwin will be up next;  likely a Lancer, or even another Imperator.  If the War Boys can have one, I figure so can they.  Erwin would have the same goals in mind, of course, but with the sole intent to return and overthrow the current Dictatorship.  Levi may not necessarily be aware of Erwin’s ulterior motive until it’s staring them in the face.  

ANYWAY.  Thank you Anon, for helping me dissapear for a while with this one.  Sorry that Erwin isn’t in it (yet).  Promise, he’s coming.

Image © Brennan “Bonez” Strong 2015 | lovelybonezproductions


Just scored this deck. Super delicious concave.