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Books For The TMI Characters

Isabelle: It’s Not Your Fault, Coping With The Death Of A Loved One

Max: Emergency First Aid, Head Wound Edition

Jace: I’m Adopted! An Explanatory Picture Book and Meditation For Beginners (scorched)

Meliorn: Emergency First Aid, Chest Wound Edition

Clary: True Stories of Forbidden Love and True Stories of Patricide

Alec: How To Stand Up For Yourself (well worn)

Sebastian: Making Friends And Starting Conversations

Jocelyn: Getting Back Into The Game, Your Love Life After Divorce and True Stories of Postpartum Depression

Luke: Getting Back Into The Game, Your Love Life After A Failed Parabatai Bond

Maryse: Your Guide To An Amicable Divorce

Robert: How To Understand Your Kids

Valentine: How To Make Your Kids Understand You

Simon: Band Management For Dummies

Magnus: Grieving, An Experts Guide Third Edition and Leadership With Dazzle

All The Blackthorns: How To Overthrow The Government