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I went to see a talk by Colin Gibson, the production designer of Mad Max: Fury Road, and one of the most mind-blowing tidbits I learned was that when the Green Place turned sour, the matriarchal Vuvalini took their girls and fled, but they left all the boys behind. Those boys, left to die in the poisoned bog, became the Crow People we see walking on stilts:

Gibson also said they chose white paint for Immortan Joe’s war boys because (and I quote) “fat white bastards killed the world.” The Vuvalini were conceived as the opposite extreme to this, the opposite of the “fat white bastards” - but their way and their culture is still a dead end, and their callous disregard for male children is no better than Joe’s callous disregard for female children.

This makes the ending of the film, where the wives and Furiosa take the Citadel in order to build a new society, even more important. Neither Immortan Joe nor the Vuvalini had the correct ideology, but the wives and Furiosa do. Thanks to their long journey in the Wasteland, they are placed in a position to fashion and rule a more idealised, peaceful society, one based on equality across race, class and gender.

Dag, the pregnant pacifist, took the seeds from the older, violent generation so she could build a new, peaceful one. Capable showed empathy and kindness towards Nux even though she had been abused by men her whole life, and will surely show the same empathy to the war boys and war pups left behind. Toast the Knowing, observant and intelligent and ready to lead, took the wheel from the dead tyrant at the end and eagerly helped raise up the oppressed classes at the Citadel. Cheedo the Fragile turned her fragility into her greatest strength, proving that gentleness is not weakness in this barbaric world.

Furiosa forged a relationship of complete respect and equality with Max that helped her overcome the trauma she suffered at the hands of men. She achieves catharsis by killing Joe and loving Max and the wives, emerging from it all ready to begin again, ready to leave the past behind and step into the future.

We see many different tribes and cultures in this film and are presented with many different methods for survival, but only one that is really worth fighting for. The love, trust, respect and equality that exists between a ragged band of strangers in a War Rig thus becomes the prototype for the new society that will rise from the ashes when the Citadel falls.


Sibling Assassins AU

  • Caulfield Siblings as professional assassins. (It’s a family thing.)
  • Maximus, master marksman, works best with guns.
  • Maxine prefers blades but carries a pistol for emergencies.
  • Max is also a good marksman, not as accurate as Maximus, but is a great shot. But she prefers no blood and kills with blunt blows, neck snaps, and poison.
  • Price siblings deal their weapons. Chloe handles all chemical related things, explosives and poisons.
  • Caulfield Siblings are hired to Protect the Chase Daughters. Cue Chasefields hue.
  • RIP Fifth Wheel Maxine.
  • Caulfields keep tallies on their bodies on how many kills they’ve had.

Toby’s Writing Commissions

I’m opening writing commissions be they fan fiction or original works. I’m really strapped for cash and we need to be able to buy food and other basic amenities. I’m a poor, queer, mentally ill, nonbinary person and I really need the help to be able to make sure that me, my mother, and my brother are able to eat. 

Examples of my work is here, all works will be posted to AO3 upon completion unless otherwise specified. 


They will be priced at one cent per word ($0.01 USD)

  • $5 for a 500 word fic
  • $10 for a one thousand/1k word fic
  • $15 for a one thousand five hundred/1.5k word fic
  • And so on

Fandoms that I’m willing to write for (but not limited to)

  • Transformers
  • Trollhunters
  • Dishonored 
  • Destiny
  • Overwatch
  • Max Steel (2013)/(2016)

If I’m unfamiliar I might have to go digging through the wiki and try to find some of it to get a good enough grip on the characters.

I will also do Original Works! If you want to do an original work please be specific! The more details the better so that I can get something up.

What I will not do

  • NSFW
  • Incest
  • Abuse

I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason

Contact me through the Tumblr IM or the ask box to discuss your commission and you’ll pay me through paypal.

Monkey Suit

Group/Member: EXO/Chanyeol

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 1196

Summary: . I like you Chanyeol, especially when you wear those mustard stained shorts and those awful t-shirts.  

Requested: yes! Anonymous requested: “ can i get an exo chanyeol fic where he doesn’t take anything seriously but when he sees a girl he likes he changes for her but then shes like no don’t change i hope that makes sense, thank you!!”

Author’s Note: i live for chanyeol fics tbh

-Admin Mel

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Books For The TMI Characters

Isabelle: It’s Not Your Fault, Coping With The Death Of A Loved One

Max: Emergency First Aid, Head Wound Edition

Jace: I’m Adopted! An Explanatory Picture Book and Meditation For Beginners (scorched)

Meliorn: Emergency First Aid, Chest Wound Edition

Clary: True Stories of Forbidden Love and True Stories of Patricide

Alec: How To Stand Up For Yourself (well worn)

Sebastian: Making Friends And Starting Conversations

Jocelyn: Getting Back Into The Game, Your Love Life After Divorce and True Stories of Postpartum Depression

Luke: Getting Back Into The Game, Your Love Life After A Failed Parabatai Bond

Maryse: Your Guide To An Amicable Divorce

Robert: How To Understand Your Kids

Valentine: How To Make Your Kids Understand You

Simon: Band Management For Dummies

Magnus: Grieving, An Experts Guide Third Edition and Leadership With Dazzle

All The Blackthorns: How To Overthrow The Government

Text from Nathan - It’s a good thing you saw Rachel’s present one last time. I’ll make sure she never gets it in time for her birthday 

Chloe‘puts down phone’ Holy Bologona Max. Nathan’s going to ruin Rachel’s surprise birthday bash !

Max- Yeah ! She’ll be back the day after the tornado ! We better hurry !




Chloe ‘running’  Hurry Max ! We have to find the place we buried it before Nathan shows up !

Max - That party pooper ! We still have to make it back before curfew !

‘Chloe and Max find the super secret Birthday hole’ 

Chloe - Ok Max, Hold the flashlight and be ready to rewind if someone finds us, ok ?

Max- gotcha ;D

Mr Jefferson - ‘emerges from shadows poking Max in the neck with his finger to get her attention’ Hi Max . It’s me, your completely respectable photography teacher Mr Jefferson. Shouldn’t you be doing your homework that I assigned today ?

Max‘instinctively takes out her spiral notebook and pencil’ Chloe ! Watch out ….

Chloe‘turns quickly’ What the……

Mr Jefferson ‘points at Chloe’ Shouldn’t you be in bed ? 

Chloe ‘falls to ground’ Noooooooo , I’m not tired

‘Mr Jefferson walks back to Max, light shining on face’ 

Mr. Jefferson - Let’s get you two back to your rooms before curfew. You wouldn’t want to worry your parents

Max- Yes. Curfew is important