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I went to see a talk by Colin Gibson, the production designer of Mad Max: Fury Road, and one of the most mind-blowing tidbits I learned was that when the Green Place turned sour, the matriarchal Vuvalini took their girls and fled, but they left all the boys behind. Those boys, left to die in the poisoned bog, became the Crow People we see walking on stilts:

Gibson also said they chose white paint for Immortan Joe’s war boys because (and I quote) “fat white bastards killed the world.” The Vuvalini were conceived as the opposite extreme to this, the opposite of the “fat white bastards” - but their way and their culture is still a dead end, and their callous disregard for male children is no better than Joe’s callous disregard for female children.

This makes the ending of the film, where the wives and Furiosa take the Citadel in order to build a new society, even more important. Neither Immortan Joe nor the Vuvalini had the correct ideology, but the wives and Furiosa do. Thanks to their long journey in the Wasteland, they are placed in a position to fashion and rule a more idealised, peaceful society, one based on equality across race, class and gender.

Dag, the pregnant pacifist, took the seeds from the older, violent generation so she could build a new, peaceful one. Capable showed empathy and kindness towards Nux even though she had been abused by men her whole life, and will surely show the same empathy to the war boys and war pups left behind. Toast the Knowing, observant and intelligent and ready to lead, took the wheel from the dead tyrant at the end and eagerly helped raise up the oppressed classes at the Citadel. Cheedo the Fragile turned her fragility into her greatest strength, proving that gentleness is not weakness in this barbaric world.

Furiosa forged a relationship of complete respect and equality with Max that helped her overcome the trauma she suffered at the hands of men. She achieves catharsis by killing Joe and loving Max and the wives, emerging from it all ready to begin again, ready to leave the past behind and step into the future.

We see many different tribes and cultures in this film and are presented with many different methods for survival, but only one that is really worth fighting for. The love, trust, respect and equality that exists between a ragged band of strangers in a War Rig thus becomes the prototype for the new society that will rise from the ashes when the Citadel falls.

Season 4 and other things

I’ve been so busy writing the chapter 3 of Cornerstone (which is almost ready), that I completely forgot to mention that I had a marathon of The Thundermans season 4, 10 episodes in a row! It was a month ago but let’s pretend I did it yesterday.

Now I know what Barb and Hank felt when they watched all the episodes of Real Super Wives of Metroburg xD

Anyway, I had to watch them in english with subtitles because I had the episodes in my itunes account since last year and I finally fall Into temptation.

Now, there’s a lot of things I have to say about this season:

It’s really interesting how they showed us a fiction world where Max is a cold bloody vampire who just wants to bite Phoebe’s neck and say “She’s mine!”

It’s good to know that Max and Phoebe are finally working together as a team, I mean, we all knew they would end up doing it but hey… now it’s canon.

It’s interesting how Max tried to have a special and “private” place for him and Phoebe.

I liked the way Phoebe considered her own abilities as “their stuff”, when she saw Max was so worried about the Z-Force application.

Seeing Max and Phoebe in a look-alike wedding scene, was just priceless, there should be tons of edits about this moment.

It’s good to know that Max and Phoebe have been so occupied with their “stuff” that they forgot about their family. It’s like they’re finally recovering all the time they lost.

We could see that Mallison is now a reality, and so is Phoebe’s jealousy. Who would’ve known?

We can be sure that Phoebe is so scared of losing her twin brother if he ever gets back to his evil ways.

Max has demonstrated that training with his sister is important enough to stop the band he created with his friends.

After Max admitted he needed Phoebe to save the day, we can be sure that he would never liked to lose her trust, like he almost did in Floral Support.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Thundertwins. I really like the “Thundecest Season” I mean… Fourth Season.

I already saw a Life is Strange Pokemon crossover, so why not Digimon? I mean they help their tamers grow as people and if anyone needs to do some growing, its the LiS characters LOL

Heavily reffed from an official digimon picture with Davis. I was gonna do Chloe Digimon style but changed my mind halfway through .

I got a little carried away making this work. Based more off the Tamers universe since thats my favorite.

Reaching a low point in her life after Max leaves, Veemon emerged out of her phone while she was playing around on her digimon app. She gave Veemon the nickname Deckard, and eventually gives him her bullet necklace.

Deckard was there when Chloe met Rachel so he knows how much she meant to her. Altho he has a mischievous personality and loves to prank, he also has a strong sense of justice and will do anything to help Chloe find Rachel.

Chloe has the crest of Courage but has a hard time getting Deckard to evolve because she confuses Courage with aggression, and justice with revenge. Its only until Max is in trouble that lets Deckard evolve into Veedramon.

Run Away Home, 3: The Long Term

Okay I don’t think I have too much to say before this one… I guess this is the chapter where you start to see me experimenting more with perspective. The first couple chapters didn’t have much space for it but I really enjoyed writing more from Max’s POV in this one! Hope you enjoy it too.

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Gwenvid, David & Max, Gwen & Max | 14 404 words total | T | Max was the last person Gwen expected to find standing outside her apartment early on a Wednesday morning in September. But he had nowhere else to go. And the only logical next step was to call David.

The Long Term | 5 069 words | David and Max begin to settle in at Gwen’s place, and David’s mom arrives with the contents of David’s apartment and a familiar determination to win Max over.

Gwen emerged from her bedroom the next morning in one of her shorter nighties, freezing halfway out the door when she remembered there were people in her living room. She glanced at the pull-out bed, saw that they were both still asleep, and ducked back into her room for her housecoat, luckily close at hand. That would be something to get used to. She had only ever had female roommates, and had never shied from wandering around in her skivvies when she was home.

She was digging in the cupboard for a clean bowl when she heard the springs in the living room mattress squeak as someone sat up. Immediately there was movement, and she knew it had to be David. He could go from asleep to wide awake faster than anyone she’d ever met. It was mystifying. She heard him go past the kitchen to the bathroom, and a few minutes later he joined her, fully dressed. “Good morning!” he greeted cheerfully. “How are you?”

“Still tired, David,” she told him as she poured her cereal. “Turn it down a notch.”

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Imagine...Getting injured on a mission and Eric freaks out.

Pairing: Eric/Sky Rating: M Warnings: swearing, some fluff. Enjoy :) It was supposed to be easy. In and out. No problem. But that didn’t happen. One stupid soldier had to “accidentally” let off a shot. Which sent a huge group of Factionless towards the group. You don’t know what real fear is until you are left alone in an alley badly injured without any reinforcements or shelter. This just had to happen to me my first year of leadership. I should have fucking listened to Eric. First year, paperwork, second year, initiate training. But no, he had to fucking bet with me. That asshole. I love him, but he is an asshole. Well, my asshole. My hot-as-fuck-asshole. He had told me to maybe not go on this mission, but I had to. It sounded easy. Just retrieve a shipment stolen from Amity. Of course my old faction couldn’t defend themselves. But these things never really happened. The Factionless were just getting cocky. It was a rare opportunity. But yet, I still find myself in this shithole. With a knife in my leg, a possible broken left wrist, a few broken ribs, and a bad cut on my forehead. Alone. In a fucking alley. Fuck my group. Bastards left me here. If I make it out of here alive, they are going to regret making it out alive themselves. Thank God for the walking talkies I had just been given for this mission. Only issue was that the Factionless broke mine when I was attacked. I lean my head against the wall and sigh. Eventually someone would find me, right? Yeah, a Factionless, you idiot. The pain is starting to kick in, too. Fuck. I grab the walkie talkie next to me and click it on. “This is Sky, over.” No answer, just static. “Fuck!” I throw the walkie talkie across the alley and run my bloody right hand through my hair. I grab the knife in the holster on my leg and manage to stab it through a wooden box on top of a pile of boxes to my right. I use the knife to support me when I stand. I moan in pain, but manage to steadily stand. I pull out the knife of the box and take one step. “Aw, shit.” I groan. I put the knife back in the holster and grab the only gun I have left. Six rounds. “Better count for something.” I mumble. I walk with the gun in my right hand, my left elbow as support against the alley wall. Step. “Fuck.” Step. “Fuck.” Step. “Mother fucking bitch.” Now I get why my dad didn’t like me joining Dauntless. My “potty mouth”. I scoff, “I could have turned out worse.” When I eventually reach the end of the alley, I lean against the wall and take deep breaths. I listen for any noise of more Factionless. But there’s nothing. I look down at my leg. Knife still lodged in there. That doesn’t look creepy at all. I would pull it out, but I don’t have anything to wrap around my leg to stop the bleeding. So for now, Betsy, the knife, has to stay. I can’t believe I named a knife. Out of everything I think about the while I sit alone injured in an alley. A name for a fucking knife. I exhale and decide to start making the trip back to Dauntless. It wouldn’t be that bad. Dauntless is only half a mile away. They don’t train you for this shit during initiation. I slowly but surely start walking. I know where I am. Just need to stay behind as much buildings as possible. The only problem with that was they were mostly run down. So much for cover. The walk seems like an eternity. Every sound would make my muscles tense, and my senses spike. Come on Sky, you’re Dauntless, act like it. I wonder if anyone thought I was dead. I wonder what those bastards of soldiers told Max and the others. I wonder what Eric thinks. I wonder if he even knows. Fuck if I wasn’t going to make it out of this shit for him. I want to live to see the day when that hot-as-fuck-asshole gets on his knees and asks me to marry him. If that day ever comes, Sky. Don’t get your hopes up. I mean, he does know I would say yes, right? Well if I don’t get out of this, he will never know. The sun is barely setting when I manage to make it to Dauntless. The stairs were a bitch, though. When I walk down the halls towards the infirmary, some people are also walking around and when they see me, they widen their eyes and quickly walk away. Fuckers. Don’t even offer to help. Probably initiates. Dauntless born would never act that way with their leaders. When I reach the infirmary, I see a nurse at the front desk. “Where the fuck is Maggie?” I yell. The nurse looks at me with wide eyes and stutters, “She is busy with another patient right now but…can I help you?” “Are you a nurse?” “Yeah..” she says warily. “Well then you can FUCKING HELP ME!” I yell. “Right this way.” She squeaks. She leads me slowly down the rows of beds until I reach an area in the back of the infirmary and she has me lay down on the bed. She closes the curtain behind her. I guess this is a private area for more serious situations. Or maybe for the leaders. “How bad is your pain?” “You’re asking me to fucking rate a knife in my leg from 1-10 like a little kid?” She hesitantly nods. “Fucking 10.” I growl. I take off my jacket, leaving me only in my black tangtop. “I’ll go get Maggie for you.” She scurries out, but then I tell her to come back. “Hey! Tell Max that I’m here!” She nods and all but runs out. Maggie, my friend who is a nurse, hurries in. “Oh my fucking God, Sky. What the hell happened out there?” She hurries to hook me to an IV and starts to clean and bandage the cut on my forehead. “Nice to see you, too.” I mumble. “What else hurts?” She says. “I’m pretty sure I have a few broken ribs and also I think I broke my left wrist.” I hold my wrist up and she examines it. “Yeah, its broken. Um, I’m pretty sure you’re going to need surgery for the knife. We might as well also bandage and try to mess around with that wrist of yours when you are knocked out. I won’t check out your ribs until you’re under anesthesia. Other than that, we will use medication for your ribs and the pain. I already had Angie page the surgeon at Erudite and he should be here soon. Sit tight.” “Okay. Hey, do you know about where Max is or any of the other leaders?” She shakes her head, “No. Max did hold a meeting with the whole faction earlier and he said that all leaders were to attend an emergency meeting at Erudite. He just said one leader had gone missing after a mission. Probably you?” I nod. “Did the rest of the group make it back?” “Yeah. Four took a head count and resulted in no one missing, except for you, of course.” I nod. “The group didn’t have any serious injuries for reason to stay here under further observation. Hang in there, Sky.” I smile, “Thanks. So that would mean that Eric is at-” “At Erudite, honey. I’m sure someone will tell him soon. Angie is trying to reach the surveillance room to see if anyone can contact any of the leaders there. From what I think, I am pretty sure Max held that emergency meeting to send a search and rescue team for you. I’m sure Eric is worried about you. But don’t worry, as soon as he knows you’re here alive, he will do whatever it takes to get here.” I scoff, “Yeah.” “And also beat whoever he has to in order to get here.” I smack her lightly on her forearm and laugh. “Yeah.” I mumble. She smiles and takes a syringe, injecting me on my forearm. “This is just for the pain. Lay back and the doctor should be here in about twenty minutes. Don’t worry, I’m going to take very good care of you, honey. If you need anything, just yell. I’ll be attending to my other patients. You okay?” “Yeah sure, go ahead.” She leaves and I lay back slowly on the bed. What I would do to be with Eric right now. God, I really love that asshole. Don’t let me die now. A few minutes pass while I listen to the chatter of the nurses. The curtains open and I see Four. “Hey, number boy.” I smile. He exhales and hugs me lightly. “I thought you were dead.” “Well, almost. It’s your fault I almost died. You didn’t do a very good job at training those soldiers. Bastards left me in an alley.” “Yeah, I heard. I’m really sorry-” “Oh, don’t be ridiculous. I was just kidding. It could have been worse.” His gaze wanders down to my leg. “Oh, her. That’s my friend, Betsy. We’ve been through some shit together.” “Why haven’t they pulled it out?” “I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. Maggie says it’s better to do it in surgery. Probably because she thinks it might have messed up some nerves or whatever. I don’t want to go through more pain for the day.” “Doesn’t the knife in your leg hurt?” “It did. The pain medicine they gave me a few minutes ago is really kicking in. I’m on top of the world right now.” “Nice to know. I should probably tell you about Eric, huh?” “Yes, you should. I would accept being Factionless if it meant getting to see his face when they told him I went missing.” He frowns, “That’s not funny, Sky.” “I know, I know. I’m just kidding. Gosh can’t anyone take a joke?” “Sky, you almost died today.” “Yeah, yeah. Wait, why aren’t you at Erudite?” “I’m not a leader. They didn’t need me there anyways. Max just left me in charge while I work in the control room.” “Ah, okay. Have you been able to contact anyone there yet?” “Yes. Max was able to be contacted. All of the leaders should be on their way back here. Don’t worry about Eric.” “It’s just that-” The curtain opens and Maggie comes in. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had… company.” She warily stares at Four. “Is the surgeon here yet?” “Oh. That. Yes, he just arrived. I’ve been instructed to prep you for surgery. Would you mind stepping out?” “Yeah-uh- I’ll come by later, Sky.” “Okay. Try to find out when Eric arrives so they can tell me.” “Alright.” He stands and gives one last look towards Maggie, before leaving. “Alright, here is some anesthesia, which should take effect in about ten minutes. Since the surgery isn’t that serious, we could do it here. New medication allows for more surgeries to be done in non-sterile environments. Cool, huh?” She looks over at me after injecting me.“ “You slept with Four, didn’t you?” “What?” She frowns. “I’ve known you for quite a long time, Maggie. Four too. Did you sleep with him?” That’s when the surgeon comes in. “Hello miss…?” “Sky. Just Sky.” “Okay, Sky. This is a simple procedure. If it becomes more complicated, I will have you transported to Erudite. But for now, you seem stable. Any pain?” “Nope. I’m high as fuck.” “He smiles, "Alright then. We shall begin.” Maggie places a mask over my face while I start to feel drowsy. “How are you feeling?” “Sleepy.” “Okay, good.” “I still want to know when this is over if you banged Four.” She smiles. “Fine then. I guess that’s the least I could do for you after you’ve been through all this.” I smirk at her before completely blacking out. I wake up with the mask off, a hospital gown, and Betsy out of my leg. I also have a cast on my wrist and my ribs feel better. My hands are clean and I don’t see blood anywhere. The curtain opens and I see Angie. “I’ll go tell Maggie you’re awake.” “Thanks.” I mumble. She leaves and I pull up my gown. There is a big bandage where the knife was. “I knew you would do that. Always wanting to see some nasty things.” “Yup. You know me all too well. How did it go? Did you see my intestines?” “No, silly. Just your leg. The knife was lodged in pretty good, but when we pulled it out, there was no severe damage to any arteries or blood vessels. The cast on your wrist should stay on for a month. With weekly check ups for your ribs and leg. And your wrist.” She places a little bottle on the table next to the bed, “Take one of these when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at nighttime. That bottle lasts you three weeks. If you are still having pain, come back and I’ll have the doctor prescribe you more. Got it?” “Yeah, okay.” “Also, the doctor gave you a month off work. After that month is up, no physical work for two weeks. Try office work or something. No working out or running or climbing a bunch of stairs at once. If you are still having trouble, come back and he will give you another note for an extra two weeks. Got it?” “Shit, you’re worse than my mom ever was. And that’s saying a lot.” “I’m just glad you’re alive honey.” She kisses my cheek and smiles. “Oh, and Four said Eric is here. He just arrived about five minutes ago with Max and the other leaders. Who would you like to see first?” “Eric or Max. Either is fine.” “Okay, I’ll let them in when they arrive.” “Hey, are you going to tell me about you and Four?” She smirks, “Maybe when you’re feeling better.” She leaves. “Maggie! That’s not fair! You at least owe me that!” I whine. I sigh and lay back again. I’ll have to get her alone another time. Or maybe I would interrogate Four. “Where is Sky?” “In the back. First bed. Don’t startle her or anything.” I hear loud footsteps until the curtains open. Eric appears with Max behind him. My breath catches in my throat and my eyes tear up. “Ta-da! I’m alive!” I yell, waving my hands up in the air. Eric quickly walks over to me and engulfs me on a tight hug. I wrap my hands around his neck while his neck lays on my shoulder. “Fuck, babe. You scared the shit out of me.” His deep voice sends shivers down my spine. “Oh come on, I’m not that special.” I laugh. A lone tear escapes my eyes. Eric pulls away and wipes it away with his thumb. He smiles and kisses my forehead. Max comes over and also hugs me. “You did good, soldier.” “Well the actual soldiers, not that much. But I guess I did good.” He pulls away and sits on a chair to my left, while I scoot over and Eric sits next to me on the bed. He holds my hand, running his thumb on the back of my hand. “What happened out there?” Max asks. “A dumbass soldier accidentally let off a shot and a big ass group of Factionless came after us. The whole group left me in an alley after I fought off a few Factionless. There were too many, though. I didn’t have any backup either. But I eventually made my way over here. With a knife in my leg. But what the hell, it could have been worse.” Eric smirks and shakes his head. Max frowns. “You are one tough lady.” “Correction: I am one tough Dauntless.” He smirks, nodding. Maggie comes in and checks my vitals or whatever. “Hello Eric. Max.” They nod at her. “You’re not gonna tell me?” I mumble. “Nope. You need your rest.” “Oh come on! Isn’t that what best friends do? Confess their secrets? Trust each other?” “Yes.” “Well then tell me!” “Yes.” “Yes what?” She smirks. “You-” she covers my mouth. “Yes.” She whispers before heading out. “Maggie I’m going to need all the details!” “Almost died and yet you still manage to gossip?” Eric asks. “Oh, wait until I can use this against him.” “Against who?” “Stop being nosy, Eric.” He rolls his eyes before kissing the side of my head. “So what was the emergency meeting at Erudite for?” I ask Max. “To send a search and rescue team for you. I needed to know you were…dead… for sure. Or alive. The other leaders also had to be there to discuss the Factionless problem.” “But then I came back, alive.” “Good thing for that, too.” “How did the surgery go?” Eric asks. “It went good. The knife didn’t damage anything in my leg. Just have to take one month off of work and when I go back I have to go two weeks without anything physical.” “I’ll be making sure of that.” “You’re not my mom, Eric.” “Take as much time off as you need, Sky. You have been through more things than any leader or soldier here. Now, I have to excuse myself. But being the head leader here has its responsibilities. I’ll come by to check up on you, later.” “Bye, Max.” “Take it easy, Sky.” He leaves. “Feeling any pain?” Eric asks. “No, I’m fine.” He nuzzles his nose on my neck. “You’re moving in with me after you get out of here.” “No, I’m not.” “Yes you are.” “Why?” “I need to keep an eye on you. Make sure you’re taking your medicine.” “Ugh, okay mom.” He suddenly bites my neck. “Careful, Sky.” “Awe, am I worrying Big Bad Eric?” He pulls back to look at me in the eyes. “I almost lost you today.” “Everyone keeps saying that.” “Because its true. I wasn’t there to protect you.” “I don’t need you to protect me.” “I know you don’t.” “Then?” “I love you.” “Well, those are the things about love. You can’t stand to lose the other person. I can’t either, Eric. But all that matters is we are here for each other. I love you, too. With all my heart. The only reason I pushed myself out of that shithole is because I thought of you. You would never be able to break out of your shell to be with anyone else if I died. And I didn’t want to leave you alone. I at least wanted to try to…. to make it out alive. For you. Because I love you. That’s all that matters.” He smiles and hugs me closer to his side. “You and your heartfelt speeches.” “You love them Big Boy.” “You know what else I love?” “What?” He suddenly leans down and captures my lips in a hard kiss. I moan, laying my hand on his cheek. His hand grips my waist gently. His tongue dances with mine, exploring my mouth. He finally pulls away and kisses my forehead. “Stupid bandage.” He mumbles. I laugh. He ends up laying with me on the bed and cuddling with me for once. He is gentle with my wounds. “I love you, Sky.” “Wow, that’s twice in a day. I think you just set a new record.” “Don’t try me.” I laugh, “I love you, too.” We both fall asleep in each other’s arms. The End. Gif not mine so credit to the original owner :)

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some self indulgent comfort fic

Ugh. This wasn’t the first time, but it didn’t make it any less uncomfortable. The shooting pains in his gut made him cringe as he shifted carefully into a sitting position. Preston groaned softly from the discomfort and he could only hope he didn’t make a mess of the sheets during the night. He had to be quiet if he didn’t want anyone to wake up; it was still only two AM.

He knew he had to get up so he could get into his bags and get what he needed but the stabbing in his abdomen held him back. The boy struggled to stand as a wave of cramps rushed through him,  causing him to keel over with a small grunt of frustration at his own incompetence. Opting to crawl over to the area where he kept his luggage rather than walk as initially planned seemed like the best option for now, he decided.

He pulled out a clean pair of pants and underwear from his clothing bag, and then some hygiene products from the bag specifically for the issue at hand. God, this never got any easier to deal with. Forcing himself to stand up and began the painful trek to the bathrooms was quite the chore. Preston wasn’t sure how other people experienced their monthly cycle but he was certain it wasn’t nearly as awful for them; he was at least eighty percent sure that most people didn’t get such searing cramps and that this probably wasn’t normal nor healthy.

He made it to the restrooms somehow, and upon entry immediately doubled over in shock from how intense the pain had gotten within such a short time frame. A small, pained whine escaped him and he slowly got back up so that he could deal with the situation at hand. Preston cleaned himself up and changed into the fresh bottoms, now with the addition of a pad in his underwear.

Sighing, the boy mentally prepared himself to have to go back to his tent. He was surprised he didn’t wake Harrison on the way out, now hopefully he could be so lucky to have that same good fortune going back in. As he exited the stall, dirty clothes bunched up in his arms, he just so happened to run into Max.

“Uhh, you okay there Preston? You look a little shaken.” Max doesn’t sound too happy, but when does he ever? There’s a small hint of concern in his tone but it’s mostly hidden by the naturally grumpy tone of his voice.

“Ahaha, I’m doing just fine! Nothing to worry about here! Just had to, you know, go to the bathroom!” Even Preston could hear the nervousness in his own voice.

Max quirked a brow. “You sure? You don’t sound too good. You can’t fool me, Preston.”

He was confused. Normally Max wouldn’t be so insistent unless he genuinely cared or he was just being nosey, but this didn’t seem like his normal self. “I’m a little sick is all, Max. Don’t worry about it, please,” Preston practically begged. He didn’t need anyone else knowing about this, and he knew that Max wasn’t stupid. He probably knows already, he’s likely just trying to pry it out of him.

The other boy didn’t look even the slightest bit convinced, just a little ticked off and slightly worried.. “Look, if it’s anything like what I’m dealing with right now, I get it and if you don’t wanna talk about it, fine. But you’re clearly not fuckin’ okay and if ya need it, I’ve got some stuff that’ll help back at my tent. I’m pretty sure I know what your problem is. Periods sure are shitty, huh?”

“So you know, hha…” Preston let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding and another knife-like feeling twisted in his gut.

Max rolled his eyes. “Well, duh. Now I know who’s cycle I’m linked with, so there’s that. Look, you know where my tent is? Go there ‘n I’ll meet back up with ya when I’m finished dealing with my own issue. I’ve got shit stashed that’ll help.” He walked over to the stalls and turned back towards Preston briefly. “Don’t fuckin’ get into anything though, for the love of God. Just… Wait for me alright?”

Preston nodded sheepishly and went to hurry to Max’s tent, but not before dropping his dirtied clothes off at his own first. He didn’t enter, just waited until he saw Max emerge from the bathrooms and begin walking towards him. He went past Preston and into the tent, gesturing for the taller boy to follow.
“I’ve got some like, chocolate and shit? I don’t know if you’re wanting any of that but here’s a Snickers if you want it.” He tossed a candy bar at Preston, who gladly accepted.

“Uhh, thanks, Max. Why’re you even helping me? As far as I knew, you didn’t even like me before?” He unwrapped the bar, biting into it after finishing his sentence.

“I get what you’re going through. Do not look too deep into this, Preston! I jus’ don’t want you to feel shitty because I know how it feels to feel shitty.” He pulled a sock, full of rice and tied up, out of his bag and handed it to Preston. “Pop this in the microwave if you’ve got one in your tent like I do. I brought it as an extra, don’t worry 'bout returning it until Summer’s over or whatever.”

Preston smiled a little at the shorter boy, finishing up the Snickers he had been eating whole Max spoke. “Thank you, Max. I do appreciate it.”

“Whatever, dude. Just go chill out back at your tent, get some rest, do whatever it is you do at-” he checked the time. “Three in the goddamn morning.”

And so Preston did. Although still in pain from the cramping, he managed to reach his tent and do as Max told him to with the rice sock. The pain definitely alleviated thanks to the heat pack and while he didn’t get the best of sleep, at least he got some.

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Your last post just reminded me about yet another thing that massively bothered me from the books. CC makes a big deal about Max hero worshipping Jace, even going so far as to have him die holding the toy Jace gave him if memory serves. Jace barely mentions him in return and it honestly makes the addition of Max feel like an after thought - a character put in to a) reinforce that Jace is so amazing that even Max prefers him to his own brother (also undermining Alec yet again (sigh)) ....

Max is also one pretty irrelevant character that only serves his purpose once he dies – and it shows. When it comes to Max it is glaringly obvious that Clare meant him to die from the beginning (as she herself said), but what she failed to realize that she’d have to give more layers and substance for it to matter. I don’t believe anyone with similar mindset to mine regarding these books felt bad for Max – it is the tragedy of a child dying, not Max precisely.

What made Max’s death more a failure than it already was that, well, first he never had a relationship with Alec, and Alec is never seen mourning Max until way, way later in Born to Endless Night when he talks about him, and at that point it doesn’t matter anymore. Max is there for the sole worship of Jace, and for Jace to later one-up his own previous angst levels when he has nightmares about stabbing Clary.

But even then, Max emerged in relation to Jace, or later in CoHF, Isabelle. God forbid her writing any actual emotion for anyone else than Jace’s angst that is so, so artificially based that it doesn’t make you relate to him – it makes you want to kill him just so it would stop. Clare wants so badly for the readers to feel bad for Jace that she forgets that, oh right, there are these other characters too.

I’ve started to have this inkling that Clare has something, some sort of bias against Alec or doesn’t just care because why else is neglecting his character so continuous if she allegedly loves him so much?

Monkey Suit

Group/Member: EXO/Chanyeol

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 1196

Summary: . I like you Chanyeol, especially when you wear those mustard stained shorts and those awful t-shirts.  

Requested: yes! Anonymous requested: “ can i get an exo chanyeol fic where he doesn’t take anything seriously but when he sees a girl he likes he changes for her but then shes like no don’t change i hope that makes sense, thank you!!”

Author’s Note: i live for chanyeol fics tbh

-Admin Mel

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An NCR Personas ATM? Yeah, it runs Doom.

Most ATMs nowadays use Windows Embedded, so a little industriousness, a copy of DOSbox, a frankly scary amount of hacking (whether that means “a lot of hacking” or “not nearly enough hacking” is left to the reader…), and an I-PAC keyboard encoder result in these guys pumping rockets into the Spider Mastermind instead of checking their balance. Further work has added functionality to the side buttons for weapon swapping!

Frankly, I just wonder how they got their hands on the damn thing in the first place…

Thanks to Max for using the emergency red phone to bring this to my attention!

Books For The TMI Characters

Isabelle: It’s Not Your Fault, Coping With The Death Of A Loved One

Max: Emergency First Aid, Head Wound Edition

Jace: I’m Adopted! An Explanatory Picture Book and Meditation For Beginners (scorched)

Meliorn: Emergency First Aid, Chest Wound Edition

Clary: True Stories of Forbidden Love and True Stories of Patricide

Alec: How To Stand Up For Yourself (well worn)

Sebastian: Making Friends And Starting Conversations

Jocelyn: Getting Back Into The Game, Your Love Life After Divorce and True Stories of Postpartum Depression

Luke: Getting Back Into The Game, Your Love Life After A Failed Parabatai Bond

Maryse: Your Guide To An Amicable Divorce

Robert: How To Understand Your Kids

Valentine: How To Make Your Kids Understand You

Simon: Band Management For Dummies

Magnus: Grieving, An Experts Guide Third Edition and Leadership With Dazzle

All The Blackthorns: How To Overthrow The Government

anonymous asked:

David!!!!!! *Max storms into the counselor cabin, slamming open the door that was surely locked last night but oddly isn't now* HELP THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!! -Max-from-Camp Campbell-speaks

*David jumped shoving an old photo album in his drawer before slamming it shut* MAX good golly what’s wrong??

Text from Nathan - It’s a good thing you saw Rachel’s present one last time. I’ll make sure she never gets it in time for her birthday 

Chloe‘puts down phone’ Holy Bologona Max. Nathan’s going to ruin Rachel’s surprise birthday bash !

Max- Yeah ! She’ll be back the day after the tornado ! We better hurry !




Chloe ‘running’  Hurry Max ! We have to find the place we buried it before Nathan shows up !

Max - That party pooper ! We still have to make it back before curfew !

‘Chloe and Max find the super secret Birthday hole’ 

Chloe - Ok Max, Hold the flashlight and be ready to rewind if someone finds us, ok ?

Max- gotcha ;D

Mr Jefferson - ‘emerges from shadows poking Max in the neck with his finger to get her attention’ Hi Max . It’s me, your completely respectable photography teacher Mr Jefferson. Shouldn’t you be doing your homework that I assigned today ?

Max‘instinctively takes out her spiral notebook and pencil’ Chloe ! Watch out ….

Chloe‘turns quickly’ What the……

Mr Jefferson ‘points at Chloe’ Shouldn’t you be in bed ? 

Chloe ‘falls to ground’ Noooooooo , I’m not tired

‘Mr Jefferson walks back to Max, light shining on face’ 

Mr. Jefferson - Let’s get you two back to your rooms before curfew. You wouldn’t want to worry your parents

Max- Yes. Curfew is important