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After his previous attempt to wipe out the campers, the shattering of his religious beliefs, and a painful recovery in the hospital, Daniel is sentenced to house arrest at Camp Campbell. Or, as he slowly begins to believe, Hell itself.

But maybe within the depths of Hell, Daniel can find a friend. A friend with a fishbowl helmet and a unique look on the stars above.

(Also I absolutely took inspiration from this lovely fanart, at least in the setting)

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It was so quiet.

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anonymous asked:

U-um.... If you don't mind writing a lemony PriceField fic where Max wears a really cute outfit on a date with Chloe and does little things to tease Chloe all night (brushing her breasts against her, bending over, etc.) and so when they finally get back to Chloe's she loses control. >///<


“Hey Chloe, look!” Max said, leaning towards Chloe as she pointed at some fish or whatever. Dates at the aquarium were filled with shit like fish. “Uh huh.” Chloe responded, her eyes drifting instead to the soft mounds smushed against her arm. Soft. So soft. Very soft. Creamy. Soft and creamy ice cream on Max’s… Chloe shook her head back and forth, pushing away the incredibly kinky thoughts before her brain melted.

For some reason Max was wearing a dress. Stockings. Flats. Cardigan. So quintessentially hip. It was so completely and dramatically different from her regular style that when Chloe saw her, her heart beat so hard she could feel the blood pumping in her veins. Ever since, Chloe had been absolutely distracted, bumping either into people or the exhibits whenever Max so much as faced her way.

Soft. Creamy…

“Chloe?” Max asked, suddenly in her face, eyes wide and innocent and obviously oblivious to Chloe’s plight.

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