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Reasons why you should go see Mad Max: Fury Road

-women as main characters in an action film
-lots. of. badass. women
-women (and men) with disabilities
-creepy people everywhere
-a guy whose sole purpose in life is to play some badass metal guitar (aka my dream job if I wasn’t a nurse)
-it’s seriously awesome
-it was action-packed and over-the-top without being too ridiculous
-it was fucking art in an explosion of over-the-top thrilling chaos
-it’s Mad Max

‘Mad Max’ Sequel not for sure!

 Okay guys, I’ve seen people talking about how a sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road is already for sure happening. This is a misunderstanding. Yes, George Miller has a script and title already written but the sequel has not been greenlit per se. Mad Max still needs to make at least $300+ million but preferablely $400 million so they have an actually net gain minus budget and marketing. So if you haven’t seen it or have some friends who haven’t seen it yet, convince them to go this month to see it. The longer a movie is out, the smaller amount of money that goes back to the producers, distributors, etc. and the more that goes back to the specific theater. If you want the sequel, there’s still some work to be done. Mad Max: Fury Road currently sits at $281 million, it hasn’t even made back it’s budget yet but it’s close. This movie deserves a sequel like nobody’s business so bug those last few friends and family members alright?


My buddy Casey’s hype trailer, “Mad Brady: Fury Road” is the last bit of Patsporn you need to watch

Tomorrow I hope we are all saying, “Oh what a lovely day!”

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Max & Chelsea - December 2008 - New Year’s Eve Kiss

“Happy New Year.”

The beginning of their reunion… This made me so happy, because I never thought it would happen.

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