max brady

Reasons why you should go see Mad Max: Fury Road

-women as main characters in an action film
-lots. of. badass. women
-women (and men) with disabilities
-creepy people everywhere
-a guy whose sole purpose in life is to play some badass metal guitar (aka my dream job if I wasn’t a nurse)
-it’s seriously awesome
-it was action-packed and over-the-top without being too ridiculous
-it was fucking art in an explosion of over-the-top thrilling chaos
-it’s Mad Max


My buddy Casey’s hype trailer, “Mad Brady: Fury Road” is the last bit of Patsporn you need to watch

Tomorrow I hope we are all saying, “Oh what a lovely day!”

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Max & Chelsea - December 2008 - New Year’s Eve Kiss

“Happy New Year.”

The beginning of their reunion… This made me so happy, because I never thought it would happen.

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