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Some Blunt Zodiac Truths | Taurus

Taureans can make you the happiest or make you want to pull your hair out. They nag, a lot. They’re passive aggressive when you know they need to just open up and say what they feel. They wait to the boiling fury within has reached it’s max and them boom. They can be stubborn…as hell. I mean really, it’s a combination platter of annoyances. They’re good people thought and that’s all that matters. But damn. 

Giant Days #8 (November 2015)

This is a great comic for one-liners and tight set-ups and punchlines. It’s a solid story told in a funny way, sure. 

But don’t forget the art.

The drawing and the color are just as integral to the light but solid feeling the book has with each new issue. There’s a real appreciation for the relationship between panels, the flexibility of images, the importance of palette to continuity, and on and on.

This kind of thing might show up most in the character design, the way subtle exaggeration actually makes them look more like real people. Esther’s mouth and the distance between her eyes and her eyebrows are both pretty cartoonish, but they support the triumphant mood communicated by her speech.

Also, great hair on her host.

From Popolo 2002/10

- As we talk, I’d like to hear about your first impression of each other… -

S: I met Matsujun maybe at Playzone rehearsal. I think it was Aoyama Theatre. I thought someone who looks like an insect came. Because he was thin and had big eyes.

M: Don’t say things like insect… As for me, when I saw Sho-kun I thought, “There’s a cute kid with a large forehead.” (laughs) That time, there are some  Air Force (sneaker) soles that had enamel, Sho-kun was wearing North Carolina color.

S: (laughs) Those shoes, I still have them. The other day when I was planning to wear them, they were too small so I couldn’t wear them (laughs). Around that time, during the sneaker boom, Air Max, Air Zoom Flight, and the likes were really booming.

M: After I appeared in Ai Love Junior, we came to interact a lot, huh.

S: There were times when we went back together, but from that time we got close and were together everyday, huh.

M: From around that time, I hung out with older kids. Going to Shibuya everyday…

S: Going to the game center everyday (laughs). Everyday up to the point of {making me wonder}, “Is it okay like this?” By the way, this guy once said, “I’m not going to high school.” I’m sure it was inside a taxi we rode from Dougenzaka. I still remember it even now. I said, “You have to go to high school.”

M: If I had to say, I wanted him to give me a push and say, “It’s fine even if you don’t go.” (laughs) Well, now I’m glad it happened.

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Boom. Butterfly Effect.
Today is the one year anniversary of the dreadful tragedy that took place on Mount Prescott when half-sisters Kristine Prescott and Rachel Amber left the safety of their father's lodge and headed out into the storm. They have not been found.

Here it is.


I’ll say what I said in my Lazy Note: These characters will not be taking on the personalities of the Until Dawn characters. I’m going to make then as in character as I can. Also, I’m tweaking the story a bit to match the characters. You’ll see when you read it. :)

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy!


This is not in the movie: this is stuff that we talked about, backstory about how she ended up with no arm and that she was discarded. She couldn’t breed, and that was all that she was good for. She was stolen from this place, this green place that she’s trying to go back to. But she was stolen from that place and kind of embedded in this world for one thing, and when she couldn’t deliver on that one thing, she was discarded—and she didn’t die. And instead… she hid out with those war pups in the world of mechanics, and they almost forgot she was a woman because she grew up like them. So there was no threat. It was like, “If you become us, then you’re not a threat.”
—  Charlize Theron on Furiosa’s origins (x)

pourquoi il faut tous aller voir MAD MAX: FURY ROAD au CINEMA
-c'est le genre de film dont il faut absolument profiter avec une grande image et avec du son très fort
-pour une fois qu'Hollywood produit un film 100% action à la fois haletant, épique, beau, intelligent, féministe et humaniste il faut leur montrer que c'est ça qu'on veut
-pour qu'il explose le box office et que les masculinistes (mdr) qui appellent à son boycott (mdr) retournent se bouffer le zobe (indice: c'est bien parti pour)