max bernstein


Hardy put his own stamp on Max, in performance, speech, and wardrobe. Costume designer Jenny Beavan relates, “Tom came in with a huge amount of his own ideas. We got together masses of stuff and put together this look that he then loses immediately” -because it’s stripped off him by the War Boys- “but the idea is that he will regain it from people around the movie. He’s wearing army stuff. There is the iconic jacket and trousers, obviously remade twenty-fold, to fit all the stunts, with and without padding, leg braces, knee pads and whatever.”

ABOVE: Comparison of early concept art with Max’s final look for the film. Storyboard artist Peter Pound rediscovered and adapted the iconic jacket: “We actually found [the] leather jacket in the Kennedy Miller Mitchell building during 1998. There were renovations being done on the building and the storyboard artists were down in the basement, where they stored a lot of their old props. I found the Mad Max jacket on the dirt with green mold growing on it. I couldn’t believe it… We managed to save it and that was the one that they used as a base or a pattern to make the new jacket, which Tom Hardy wore. So it still has the football shoulder pad and various other details on it.”

The Art of Mad Max Fury Road, Abbie Bernstein