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Wolfie and Felix in action. In pastels. PLUS. Capheus.

Look I don’t know what possessed Max Riemelt - out of ALL the possible versions how he could have played this scene - to choose THE version where he tenderly caresses Felix’ face and presses kisses to his cheek and stares at him like he is the sun and the moon and every single star in the sky BUT I SURE AS HELL WON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ????? 

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You did headcanons for how Mike, Jean, and Armin would react if their S/O died. Those were great! What about if their s/o went missing and then showed up a few weeks later alive? Can we add Moblit in to this? Guy needs more love! Thanks and hope I did this right.


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Mike has been in the Survey Corps for a long time to know that once someone is considered missing beyond the wall, they’re as good as dead… that’s why he gave up hope. It was a cursed expedition, more so than usual. Somehow, the gas supply they brought leaked and there wasn’t enough for everyone. Then a horde of titan went after his s/o’s part of the formation - horses and soldiers alike dropped dead… and Mike lost sight of them.

It was difficult, the week after. Mike never thought it could be this hard…. but then they came back! His s/o…

“Impossible..” Mike whispered, as he slowly walk towards them and envelop them in a hug. And then, right there, Mike learned it doesn’t hurt to hope a little.


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Jean doesn’t like change. His life changed after that expedition - his mornings, no longer being able to wake up beside his s/o, is horrible. No more flirty teasing, no more cuddles… no more (Y/N). Jean knew it wasn’t smart to fall in love with a fellow Survey Corps soldier in the first place, but he just can’t help it.

Jean changed. Everyone saw it. And just when they decided to do something about it, another change occurred - what was known to be impossible was proven false. Someone declared missing beyond the wall actually came back!

Jean lost any care for the world - all he wanted was to feel his s/o safe in his arms once more. “I’ve missed you…” He whispered, as he kissed their hair. And trust me, Jean wasn’t planning to let go.

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Max Riemelt and Max Mauff rehearsing a scene in Naples.

And BONUS Max Riemelt pic.  Just because.